Florida swimming pool freezes over – Video

4 Jan 2018 – Frozen swimming pool in Pensacola, Florida.

This is quite obviously caused by global warming.

6 thoughts on “Florida swimming pool freezes over – Video”

  1. Yes it IS obviously global warming! Didn’t you realize that CO2 is like an atomic heat pump? You know how heat pumps work, they extract heat from cold air outside to warm the house. Well that’s just what CO2 obviously is doing! It’s stealing the heat from the northern hemisphere to warm the arctic! And if you believe that, I got the deed to the Golden Gate bridge I would like to sell you at a very reasonable price!

  2. Well, this is northern Florida not the southern regions, and that is an above ground exposed ‘pool’…. with no insulation around it like one dug out into the ground. Though it does illustrate the point rather well of our ‘climate change’ don’t you think?

  3. Grand Solar Minimum, another words we are on our way to a mini Ice Age similar to late 1600s to mid 1700s. All bets are off. When AL Gore dies they will have to wait for ground to thaw to bury his pathetic CO2 ass. SOLAR ACTIVITY CONTROLS CLIMATE, NOT A TRACE GAS!!!!

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