Flu cases rise 67 per cent in one week

Winter flu plunges English hospitals into chaos.

Senior doctors said some Accident & Emergency (A&E) units were so overcrowded that they ran out of corridor space for patients.

On New Year’s Eve, patients were urged to only call 999 if their situation was “life-threatening” or extremely serious in a desperate bid to ease strain on overloaded paramedic crews.

NHS surveillance suggests flu cases have risen by 67 per cent in a week in England – meaning around 3.7 million people came down with such symptoms over the Christmas period.


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  1. —apparently, according to articles in the national papers on 1st Jan., the flu jab they have been using this winter is of no use to anyone over the age of 65.

    Now they tell us!!!

    • in truth EVERY flu jab is at best 30% effective in elder patients
      so now they plan a superjab of larger dosages for the over 60s
      the pnuemonia one is useful, especially for bedbound patients who are at risk of it from inactivity /illness
      the flu one is far more likely to cause harm from adverse event or simply not work.
      and if your’e a a nursing home or hospital patient refusals are pretty much a “not happening thing”

  2. January 1, 2018 Bangladesh: GAIBANDHA, A total of 5,000 cold affected people of four unions under Shaghata upazila in the district got blankets from the former president of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) in the last two days, reports BSS.
    Mahmud Hasan Ripon, former president of the BCL, distributed the blankets to the victims of Kamalerpara, Holdia, Jumarbari and Shaghata unions of the upazila as part of his social corporate responsibility.
    The beneficiaries of the unions expressed their gratefulness to former BCL leader for distributing blankets among them to help mitigate their sufferings caused by cold wave.

    Bangladesh, January 2, 2018: Country to experience cold waves in January. A cold wave and two mild cold waves may sweep over the country in January, according to monthly outlook of Bangladesh Meteorological Department.
    Besides, temperature may decrease below 8 degree Celsius in some parts of the country during the period.
    According to the Meteorological Department, night temperature may fall in the coming 48 hours, while parts of the Rangpur, Rajshahi and Khulna divisions may experience cold waves.
    North and central Bangladesh may experience a medium (6-8 degrees Celsius) or intense (4-6 degrees Celsius) cold wave this month and 2-3 light (8-10 degrees Celsius) or medium cold waves in other parts of the country this month, said the forecast.

  3. It always seems strange to me, that every winter the vast majority of those who are ill, are the ones who receive the winter flu injections. Having researched it quite a bit, it’s shocking none of the so called experts, seem to want to raise the issue. However, other more credible researchers, within the medical profession, are quite vocal about the consequences of receiving these injections. Only a few days ago, it was reported that the injections given, were in fact useless, against a new strain of flu, that had adapted? Well, not being qualified in any form of medicine, it was always my belief that once the human body was subjected to a viral infection, the human bodies own immune system then fought against the invasion, destroyed it, then learned from that experience, so it was well prepared for the next time such an infection appeared, then dealt with it very quickly. There lies the problem, for some who are more concerned in helping the individuals, who, through no fault of their own are ill, aged, pregnant, or suffering a long term condition, these are the ones who are falling extremely ill. The the only common factor is, the fact these are the people who are recommended by the medical profession to take the injections. But, the truth of the matter is these individuals, own immune system is being destroyed, by the injections, the bodies very own defence system has been left useless, and in many peoples opinion, more than likely, by design. Why? well there’s not a lot of money to be made, from healthy people, who have absolutely no need for Medical aid, other than of course, an emergency. Sad, but true. There’s a lot of money involved in the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring poor health, seems to be their prime directive..

    • While my personal instinct agrees, almost everyone I know who has the FLU jab seem to be ill all the time while people like myself and my wife (who has a suppressed immune system) and both have never had a FLU jab seem to never be ill.

      However, Science is about more than the small number of people we know, science relies on statistics where you need a dataset of a thousand or more people before you can make any meaningful claims about people with jabs being sick more than those who don’t have it, because random chance means we could simply be the minority case, so our experiences doesn’t prove anything and as someone who has studied statistics at university I know this to be very valid, due to random chance our personal experiences are invalid, you need to substantiate your claims with thousands of sample cases, yet you take your claim to quite the extreme without a single reference to fact, evidence or research but simply vague references to some people non of us know so can’t take seriously.

      So while my mind wants to agree, what you have said is completely baseless and unsubstantiated, its an irrational approach to creating opinions.

      • lies damned lies
        its known that theres many ways to “massage” the numbers to gain the results the payer demands.
        more and more pharmas frauds are being exposed for what they are
        skillfully “adjusted” data sets
        hmm?? just like the agw MOB!

      • Hi, Peter. I note, You’ve studied statistics at university. Well, you should be head and shoulders above us mere mortals, when it comes analyzing, interpreting and organizing data, graphs for example? Now if you care to research the Governments own sites, concerning flu and respiratory viruses within the UK, for many decades back, you being a statistician, will be at ease interpreting the data. Now, obviously being on this site, you will be more than aware or the reliability and honesty of any graph, covered in any Scientific field. As your concern for a few numbers of ill people. Really? You only need to monitor news channels, certain newspapers, but of course, the medical profession who raised this issue many years ago concerning, flu jabs. There wasn’t a few people Peter, It was thousands of people, figures collected from not only the U.K, but the entire World! But, of course don’t take my word for it, do a bit of research for yourself. Many Top scientists and Doctors in the field, absolutely reject the “must have” jab. But, what do the know? They’ve only spent their entire careers and lives, genuinely trying to protect humanity. So confident are the Doctors of the jabs that 20% percent in the UK are refusing to administer it. But, as I said, if you choose, check the graphs, going back a decade or two. Now, compare the numbers, to that being reported by the professional in the field, those who are actually out there, dealing with real life issues. Not, sitting relying on data, that can be very quickly disproved by hard numbers, you know, the real world. But anyway, as you yourself said your personal instinct agrees” Trust me, Peter, your instinct, will be more reliable than any graph. As you explained in your opening, your wife has a suppressed immune system, but, has not had the jab? Curious, I thought with such a condition, She, would be one of the first to be immunized, or, could there be doubt there?

  4. Happy new year everyone.
    I used to rely on a hot toddy if unwell with serious cold but my resolution is to give up drink so I need to discover a new health idea. I’ve stocked up on easy peel oranges from Tesco’s. My sister takes garlic, the odourless variety of course. If anyone has any further good ideas please post.

      damn sorry not wanti8ng to yell i had caps lock on and dont touch type;-( too lazy to retype it
      Happy new yr

  5. intersting event this one. the flu outbreak hit as they started vaccinating
    then we find the virus supposedly? mutated while being brewed up, so it wasnt what theyd started with they reckon.
    i can tell you its an utter pig! i copped one bout and dont ever remember being so ill with even the worst flu prior days of neuralgia and stuck in bed thinking death seemed a nice option, really..
    i managed to get over it and then? within 2 weeks i copped it all over again! so much for a couple of months immunity.damned things still mutating i suspect
    2 rounds of antibiotics later for the pnuemonia and cough i couldnt throw off and i got better.
    and im not the only one who had the return event..i did think it was because im older and not so well but others did the same.
    keep hand sanitiser with you and USE IT, careful handling money etc and stay well clear of as many public places as you can, if you get it, its idiots with it insisting on going out and to work that spread it and make it so much worse.

    • The return event was very much a characteristic feature of that ‘flu here in Australia. It was horrible…the ‘bring me my coffin’ feeling. I felt absolute revulsion towards the notion of food and drink, especially alcohol. Water and aspirin only (can’t take paracetamol).

  6. Not being able to afford to heat their properties due to global warming taxes is no doubt helping elderly people no end. They are offered a flu jab before the season starts but it is admitted that the formulation is a guess on what they think the flu strain might be.

    • FLU and colds is nothing to do with cold and wet weather so I doubt it, colds and flu is the result of people sitting in rooms with windows and doors closed with the heating blasting, germs need warmth to be active and spread, where they grow exponentially, cold temps makes them inert and unable to spread, why do you think food lasts longer in fridge, coz the bacteria is inert from cold and can’t consume the food so quickly or spread as quickly where you would have more bacteria consuming the food, then if you put in freezer it lasts even longer as bacteria is even more inactive due to colder.

      Its complete nonsense to catch cold and flu from weather, the winter is associated to cold and flu due to the behavioural changes we make, such as mentioned above, closing windows so no fresh air in home and raising the temps with central heating allowing any bacteria released from coughs and sneezes to grow exponentially as the temps are perfect and then you have germs all over the home and everyone gets it

      • Peter most of the time to nearly all of the time colds and flu are caused by viruses not bacteria. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses. Sometimes bacterial infections like food poisoning will produce symptoms that mimic the cold or flu infections. Stuff like delirium, shock not being able to keep anything in, in both directions. Not a lot fun for a few days.

      • Actually, mortality from diseases does peak in the winter. This is presently true and where there is archaeological evidence it has been true for millennia. The cause is not the cold weather as you rightly assert, but the relative lack of fresh foods, and weak sun lead to nutritional deficits and a weakened immune system. That in turn can lead to less welcome outcomes.

      • Not so Peter. We don’t keep our house hot and we do keep ventilation going. I had to spend a couple of hours on a very cold morning at the beginning of September rounding up a trespassing steer and the following morning (well wrapped against the cold) while our sheep were being treated and I was really ill after that. In addition, I had been given the latest ‘flu ‘jab’.
        I am certain that if I hadn’t become so cold I would not have become so ill. I always try to observe hand hygeine and try to steer clear of those people who thoughtlessly share their various bugs around. I daresay I picked it up from one such person.

  7. I don’t know about England, but here in the US, I heard one quick sentence on news about the flu vaccine not being the same as strain that was going around. TV news here in US sucks more every day. Can’t even watch it much anymore. Same old redundant couple laimo topics obsessive drama over and over every hour, every day. Thank God for useful intellectual websites like this one.

  8. Get on YouTube and watch EVERYTHING you can about “High Dosage” Vitamin C……I know, I know….you think I’m nutty….BUT, check it out.

    If you really want to be shocked, read the Book “CURING THE INCURABLE” about Vit C and your FLU.

    8-10 GRAMS per day, spread out through the Day, will prevent a Flu. The problem is you all have not been taking HIGH ENOUGH dosages.

    Do your research and you will be shocked.

    • I do’t know about the flu… but I took Emergin-C (high dose Vit C) for the better part of the past 10 years … and in that time only had a cold once.

      Either that helped or it was my awful chronic post-nasal drip.. .the cure for the common cold?

    • throw zinc in as well, some research showed it to be useful and it was outside observer lookies not paid to find result stuff
      also tolerance TO vit C is variable
      i have a limit of 3,000IU a day or im in the loo
      and read the ingrediant list
      most sugar free versions UGH have aspartame or other muck in them
      NOT what you need to ingest at any time but especially when crook.

  9. As annoying as the flu might be it is child’s play next to the plague which recently emerged in Madagascar.

  10. Youtube is NOT research…

    The government does not deny that vitamin C helps, but vitmain C does not make you invincible to FLU and over dosing on vitamin C is harmful so why would you just listen to some crappy youtube videos and create yourself an imbalance, to much is as bad as too little, it has even be claimed the scientist that originally promoted vitamin C as the cure of all things also died by his life long use of vitamin C

    • no it doesnt make you invincible, but it does have useful propeties and many people are deficient on most vitamins and minerals Magnesium being the major, iodine another and a weak thyroid means the entire system is under stress.
      the fable that a healthy diet is eaten by most people is hilarious in its INaccuracy.
      unless you have a fairly high income, a very stable organised life and access to really fresh produce and time to cook at home from scratch..then nix the idea people do get anything at all near proper nutrition.

    • You really can’t “overdose” on Vit. C.

      The worst is Diarrhea, and that is your sign of your max dosage, since everybody is different. When you think you MIGHT be getting Diarrhea, then back off a little on what you take. That becomes you daily need/dosage.

      YouTube, if used correctly IS research. It is how I found out about this.

      There is NO known “overdose” and not a single death from Vit. C. IN fact, over the last 10 years, or so of data, there has been ONE death per year attrtibuted to ANY “nutritional supplement”.

      3 mammals can’t produce Vit C. The “fruit bat”, Guinea pig and US hominids. We have to get it from out diet, and we require 8 to 12 grams per day….or we get sick. That is a fact. I never believed this until certain things happened to me and I was disgusted with “modern medicine ” and began to read EVERYTHING I could about “nutrition”. Do your own research.

  11. Linus Pauling researched the effectiveness of Vitamin C on colds and the flu and determined it works but doses need to be higher than government recommendations.

    Scientists (government backed researchers) tried to replicate Linus Pauling’s work but concluded Vitamin C is ineffective against the common cold.

    Except that the government scientists used single molecule Vitamin C made from GMO corn and processed in the Roche facility which produces over 90% of America’s Vitamin C.

    Pauling used C extracted straight from fruit, so that the patient receives all the beneficial bioflavonoids around the C molecule.

    We live in the great white north and use Camu brand vitamin C. Works well and we rarely get sick.

  12. Living here in the UK, I have been sick and recuporating from pneumonia since November 1st. Caught the flu November 1st, and turned into pneumonia mid-November. I have been recuporating since with hospital visits 1st December and Christmas Day for evaluations. This year has been very, very bad for the flu outbreak.

  13. Another big point (huge actually) is they assume everyone who has “flu like symptoms” has the flu. This is faulty because there are a dozen of conditions that can give rise to that. They assume that in flu season it is flu.

    When they actually tested by taking a swab in one study it was a very small number that actually had influenza. Out of 13,000 in each group 380 of the unvaccinated and 250 of the vaccinated actually had it. I’ll try and find the study’s link.

  14. Well, I have been getting the flu shot every year for about 20 years now, and to date I have not had the flu even once in all that time. For which I am grateful…

    It was part of my job for many years to provide data on the number of deaths from flu & pneumonia. Which personally I think is sobering.

    …just saying!

    PS The one I get is not the “senior flu shot” despite being over 65 … I don’t do that one because a friend of mine got very sick after getting that one. The pharmacist calls the one I get the “quad” … or regular adult flu shot.

  15. It’s sound to take more vit c if you are starting to get a cold or flu. Under this circumstance the body actually tolerates MORE VIT C than usually. If you are taking too much you get diarrhea & know to cut back a bit.

    No one died from taking too much vit C, don’t be silly; it’s a water soluble vit, so bowel & kidney will eliminate excess.

  16. “Flu shots contain several suspect ingredients, including the carcinogen formaldehyde, and many contain mercury in the form of thimerosal.

    “Mercury is one of the most poisonous substances known to mankind,” Dr. Brownstein tells Newsmax Health. “It is a potent neurotoxin and is associated with a host of neurological and immune system problems. Mercury should never be injected into any living human being.”

    A study published by the National Institutes of Health stated: “Mercury is a highly toxic element; there is no known safe level of exposure. Ideally, neither children nor adults should have any mercury in their bodies because it provides no physiological benefit.” Yet, the FDA allows it to be put in flu shots given to pregnant women, children, and the elderly — all known to be most at risk for neurological damage, says Dr. Brownstein, editor of the newsletter Dr. David Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health, https://www.newsmax.com/health/headline/flu-shots-vaccine-thimerosal/2014/11/20/id/608614/

  17. “The Canadian press recently broke the story that new research confirms initial findings that the flu vaccine appeared to actually increase people’s risk of getting sick with H1N1, and cause more serious bouts of illness to boot.

    According to the Vancouver Sun:1

    “Researchers, led by Vancouver’s Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an influenza expert at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, noticed in the early weeks of the [2009 H1N1] pandemic that people who got a flu shot for the 2008-09 winter seemed to be more likely to get infected with the pandemic virus than people who hadn’t received a flu shot. Five studies done in several provinces showed the same unsettling results.”
    Much more on this link: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/09/18/flu-shot-increases-flu-illness.aspx

  18. Well done, GC, on researching VIT C. As you will know it is used on a daily basis , and is highly prized by world class athletes, because of the protection it provides, in helping to boost the immune system, and athletes who go through tremendous stress in their endeavors, can deplete their immune systems rapidly, hence, the necessity to supplement. Now, as you may have read, it is again being used as a treatment, in Cancer patients. Treatments, such as Chemo and radiation therapy, destroy the immune system and this is why patients go through such terrible periods in the time after treatment, but the introduction of massive intravenous Vit C, prevents the patient suffering such terrible after effects, because it boosts the natural immune system tremendously. As for dosage in healthy people, it is perfectly safe in taking up to 2000mg daily with absolutely no side effects, other than a sense of well being. This is the daily amount as recommended by the Mayo clinic as a maximum amount. However, if one were to take more than that, the worst you’d suffer is a bit of nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, flushing, headache and insomnia. Only the very large amounts, over an extended period may cause Kidney stones. For piece of mind the most up to date figures from the US F.D.A and the National poison Data , both by the way, who keep the most meticulous records, as identified by independent investigation. These two bodies identify the number of deaths from drugs/ supplements, each and every year. Deaths from ANY form of supplementation= ZERO. Death from prescription medicines= 128,000 per year.. But, to make matters worse, when the poison center investigated the number, it was found that a total of 443,900 death occurred as a direct result of using prescription medicines. Painkillers or analgesic being the biggest killer, followed by sedatives, then anti depressants. So G.C, I hope you continue, with you’re belief in natural supplementation, it’s the route to healthier, better all round individual…..

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