Flu Cure Discovered – Video

Flu Disappears Like Magic.
Tony Heller’s latest video would shock a few people if only people took the time to look instead of being spoon fed all the time.

Flu Disappears Like Magic

Tony points out that the flu disappeared worldwide during week sixteen of 2020.

In the United States, the flu was gone even earlier, in week fifteen.

So apparently, all flu-like symptoms are being reported as Covid-19.

“Just like carbon dioxide is the magic molecule which controls the climate,” says Tony, “Covid-19 is the magic virus which controls everything else.”


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  1. Hearing and reading about the symptoms, one has to conclude that covid19 is a special flu. Has there been research in the history of flu? I remember the same symptoms from my childhood. If covid 19 really differs from flu, then the communicate with each other: whose turn is it this year? That in the beginning people died unexpectedly doesn’t mean it was a new different virus, rather different from the flu.

    • What is probably the case is that we always mistook a lot of colds for the flu. Few people are ever tested for the flu so the stats about how pervasive it is and about who really died from it are guesswork. Summer flu cases may have always been bad colds.

  2. Which was first, the hen or the egg? Was the Covid-19 test available before the outbreak of Covid-19? if not, how did they identify the new virus from the word “go”?

    • Deon, they never did identify the new virus. That is why they still have no isolated, purified sample to calibrate the “test ” against. We read that it lives for hours on different surfaces, even up to 28 days, so say Australian researchers, on bank notes, but they can’t show us an example of an intact virus cell. They identified “symptoms” of the “virus,” and then claimed that symptom set identified cases. It was, is, and will continue to be as “psyop” to turn people against people and create a lemming society.

  3. yeah , funny that!
    last yr aussie flus were sabage march/april early start was the muslce pain serious cough n gunk but also reasonably normal in that 3 days of pain misery n rest and you were moving to recovery pneumonia followed but thats normal.
    oct version was way above that for pain fever that wouldnt break and coughed for days and pulled rib n gut muscles from it
    much longer to recover and pneumonia and repeat antibiotics.
    somehow Covid isnt sounding a whole lot worse
    the immune over reaction would be an issue for me as I temd to have that response to virus attacks
    but dexamethasone can sort that.

    meanwhile Craig Kellys STILL trying to get our moronic health minister to even READ any of the 40+ positive and published reportson HQ working to save lives
    like agw
    yes there IS a political and financial agenda at work
    as well as the utter refusal to ADMIT theyre WRONG!
    have wasted money ruined lives and businesses for a dud co2 scam or the over-hyped covid threat(like H1N 1 fear panic for little reason BUT it sold a shitload of vax and useless antivirals, that leading politicians had shares or interests IN)

  4. I’m not in the least bit surprised to see this!

    For several years I was actively involved in doing flu surveillance at work (for 3 years when I worked for Community Epidemiology with the County of San Diego). As such I am very familiar with the history of flu epidemics and how the data for flu is prepared, reported, and how that information gets displayed.

  5. Flu can’t just vanish or get cured just like that because what if you are suffering from a toxic body? Oh that’s easy. Your body will start to shed exosomes. It will look and feel like the flu, only no-one else catches it. Some might. We all tend to feed off each other on an emotional level. We all have very similar lifestyles and habits (especially with reference to Xmas overindulgence LOL). Then the flu looks like it is spreading from person to person. It might not be.
    Suppose you cured the flu but the price is, you have permanently damaged a person’s ability to shed exosomes? What if the patient got cancer much later because he is not detoxifying like his body was designed by God to do?
    I’d rather have the odd cold and flu and just live with it as best I can. A hot toddy should help LOL.

  6. Isn’t it funny how in this modern world truth is hidden so none of us ever fully knows the truth about anything? Hmm…not really because right has been turned into wrong and up is now down and visa versa. What a messed up world we live in. What a lost world! Somewhere along the line, however, something very BIG will give and when it does all hell will break loose on this planet and, I fear, very soon.

  7. Inside the CDC document CDC 2019 Novel
    Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel Effective 07/13/2020, on page 39, under Performance Characteristics, second paragraph, second sentence is this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019 nCoV are currently available…blah, blah, blah (we did this and this and that)…to mimic clinical specimen.” Is this a tacit admission by the CDC that the 2019 n-CoV SARS2 doesn’t exist as of 07/13/2020? A tacit admission that the RT-PCR tests where programmed “…to mimic clinical specimen.”? A tacit admission that “Since no quantified virus isolates…are currently available…” the CDC programmed the RT-PCR test with magic? Or, is this overt, in your face admission that the whole thing is a fraud and we will get away with the fraud, because few will read page 39, under Performance Characteristics, second paragraph, second sentence, of CDC 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel Effective 07/13/2020? Just wonderin’.

  8. All data as shown in the graph from Tony Heller is readily available here:

    It is statistically impossible for 2020’s global flu season to drop off to zero in week 12 when no previous year since GISRS records began in 1995 show a drop to zero in ANY given week, even in the face of H1N1, SARS, and MERS pandemic scares. Such an anomaly is incongruous with scientific principles of what we know about influenza (another coronavirus) and testing protocols by what should be reputable, principled, scientific medical professionals.

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