Flying a drone into the erupting fissure – Video

Spectacular footage at Bardarbunga.

Earlier this week, a bunch of guys from DJI Global had a brilliant idea: let’s stick a camera on a drone and see what kind of footage we can capture above the most recent active volcanic eruption at Bardarbunga.

The resulting video is stunning, even if the camera melted in the process.

A companion piece to the first DJI Feat, which takes viewers on a journey close to the active lava eruptions of the Bardabunga volcanic system in remote Iceland. Footage was captured with DJI Phantom 2 quadcopters using Lightbridge for wireless, high-definition remote video.

Thanks to Ron de Haan and Kurt Strom for these videos

7 thoughts on “Flying a drone into the erupting fissure – Video

  1. The Lava looks a lot like the basaltic lava at Hawaii. Very hot and runny. Anyone know if SO2 emissions are higher than 60,000 tons per day yet?

  2. Amazing and a little ironic. Drones taking us to tour the mouth of hell instead of sending people there (not that I am against that). Incredible film and incredible technology. Thanks for the trip.

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