Food prices soaring – World Bank

The World Bank has warned that world food prices, driven partly by rising fuel costs, are 36% above levels of a year ago.

The rising food prices are pushing millions of people into extreme poverty, the bank said.

Prices of basic commodities remain close to their 2008 peak, with the prices of wheat, maize and soya all rocketing. The only exception is rice, which has fallen slightly in price in the past year.

Among other measures, the World Bank is encouraging food-producing countries to divert production away from biofuels production when food prices exceed certain limits.

Other recommendations include targeting social assistance and nutritional programs to the poorest, better weather forecasting, more investments in agriculture, the adoption of new technologies – such as rice fortification to make it more nutritious, and efforts to address climate change. (Italics added)

Food price changes Q1 2010 to Q1 2011
Maize 74%
Wheat 69%
Palm oil 55%
Soybeans 36%
Beef 30%
Rice -2%

Source: World Bank Development Prospects Group

If they think humans are causing “climate change” (code word for human-caused), then they’re preparing for the wrong set of circumstances.

Don’t they realize that global temperatures are dropping?

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You recently posted some interesting news about how global temperature change is impacting the planting of crops in different parts of the world.

It’s time to start worrying. Maybe you need to horde food instead of hording money?

Unfortunately, many people are not seeing the facts, as the news media is misdirecting the general population.

Steve Foster
Fort Mill, SC

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  1. This spring we delivered seed corn to northern Montana, then went & got most of it, as farmers were unable to get in their fields soon enough. I heard there were planting problems across northern Montana & North Dakota, but haven’t heard anything about Canadian crops. Fiddlin’

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