Food Security in a Post-Covid World

“An environmentalist wish (or demand) list – with little basis in science, practical experience or real world impacts.”
– Paul Driessen

(Tyranny, is what I call it. The man-made-global-warming lies and the Covid-19 lies are both promulgated by would-be tyrannical rulers, in my opinion. )

“I know this is short notice,” writes Driessen,  “but I just learned about this debate a couple hours ago. It promises to be an important, informative and entertaining review of yet another in a long line of EU initiatives designed to impose hard green environmentalist policies on the entire world. You and lot of folks may want to tune in, if they find out about the program in time.


Food Security in a Post-Covid World

European Conservatives and Reformists Party hosts another ‘Europe Debates’ webinar

Paul Driessen

US-EU trade talks are already stalled over agriculture issues. And yet the European Union’s new “Farm to Fork” strategy doesn’t just double down on the EU’s contentious agricultural regulations. It promises to use access to European markets to compel the United States and other countries to adopt EU-style organic farming, precautionary and other regulations if they want to remain trading partners with Europe.

“Farm to Fork” (or F2F) is being billed as “the heart of the European Green Deal.” Like recent energy, climate and other initiatives, it is largely an environmentalist wish (or demand) list – with little basis in science, practical experience or real world impacts. It sets out three primary objectives, which the EU intends to implement fully by 2030, barely nine years from now:

* Bring “at least 25% of EU agricultural land under organic farming” – from its current 7.5%

* Reduce “overall use and risk of chemical pesticides by 50% – forcing greater use of “natural” chemicals

* Reduce the use of manmade chemical fertilizers “by at least 20%” – again forcing “natural” substitutes

F2F is being billed as a continental and global agricultural transformation that will ensure a “just transition” to a “more robust and resilient food system,” guarantee “affordable food for citizens,” and simultaneously improve human health, protect biodiversity, and promote environmental sustainability.

It will almost certainly end up doing just the opposite. Which is why the European Conservatives and Reformists Party is hosting a ‘Europe Debates’ webinar on the topic this Wednesday, July 29.

The problems with “organic” farming are well documented, though largely ignored by environmentalists, policy makers, regulators, journalists and academics.

Organic agriculture requires far more land and much more human labor than modern mechanized farming with manmade fertilizers and crop-protecting chemicals, to get the same crop yields. Many of the “natural” fertilizers and other chemicals that organic farmers employ are equally or more dangerous to bees, other insects, birds, fish and terrestrial animals than modern manmade alternatives.

A less resilient food system

Low-yield organic agriculture raises food prices for consumers, particularly harming poor families and countries, many of which have been especially hard hit by the Covid pandemic. It makes EU farmers increasingly uncompetitive in world markets. It creates a less resilient food system that is increasingly vulnerable to plant diseases, invasive species, floods, droughts and insects. As a result, it inevitably undermines the climate, “sustainability,” biodiversity and nutrition goals it promises to achieve.

Finally, Farm to Fork will also likely exacerbate the EU’s growing trade frictions with other nations. Even before F2F, agriculture issues were already imperiling US-EU bilateral trade agreements. Meanwhile the US and some 35 other nations had formally complained to the World Trade Organization that current EU regulations on agricultural imports clearly violate internationally accepted norms, because they are not based in science. And now F2F promises to impose similar productivity-destroying regulations on even its poorest trading partners: African countries. In fact, the European Commission (EC) itself has admitted:

“It is also clear that we cannot make a change unless we take the rest of the world with us.… Efforts to tighten sustainability requirements in the EU food system should be accompanied by policies that help raise standards globally, in order to avoid the externalisation and export of unsustainable practices.”

Now the European Conservatives and Reformists Party (ECRP) is offering an opportunity to learn more.

This Wednesday, July 29, US Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and new European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski will appear together in a webinar hosted by the ECRP.

The event is free and open to the public. It will be the first high-level discussion of these agriculture and trade issues between the US and EU since Farm to Fork was released. Other debate participants include:

* Anna Fotyga, Member of European Parliament, Poland & Acting President of the ECR Party

* Hermann Tertsch, Member of European Parliament, Spain

* Jon Entine, Founder and executive director of the Genetic Literacy Project

* Richard Milsom, Executive Director, ECR Party

Please tune in: Wednesday * July 29 * 10 am ET / 4pm CET

Go here for more information and here to register.

(The European Conservatives and Reformists Party is a conservative Eurosceptic European political party primarily focused on reforming the European Union on the basis of “Eurorealism,” as opposed to totally rejecting the EU. Its more than 40 political parties are united by center-right values, under the Reykjavik Declaration, and dedicated to individual liberty, national sovereignty, parliamentary democracy, private property, limited government, free trade, family values and the devolution of power away from a centralized EU and EC) .

Quite clearly, humanity’s brief encounter with food uncertainty in the early days of COVID was a stark reminder that even the most advanced, technologically capable nations on Earth cannot take the safety and security of their food supply for granted. Poor countries are still dealing with Covid-related food uncertainty. Among the other topics the panelists will be discussing are the following.

What lessons have we or should we have learned from the Covid crisis? From past experience with organic agriculture, pesticide and fertilizer policies and practices?

What policies could give our vast and complex food supply system the strength and resilience it needs to withstand whatever shocks and dislocations may hit us in the future?

How will the US respond to these EU demands and threats under the Farm to Fork initiative?

Inside the EU, who will bear the costs involved and how can the EU and EU nations assure equity, given the vast regional disparities across the EU?

How will F2F impact the global competitiveness of European farmers?

Does growing political opposition to the EU’s agreements with Latin America and Canada signal a reassessment of its broader trade strategy?

Will the EU take an evidence-based scientific approach to the climate, sustainability, biodiversity and safety shortcomings of organic agriculture?

How does the EU demand that impoverished African countries adopt European ideas – on organic farming, agro-ecology, the precautionary principle, pesticides, fertilizers and sufficient affordable energy, for instance – reflect EU ideals on justice, human rights and self-determination?

This week’s debate promises to be an invigorating and informative program.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books and articles on energy, environment, climate and human rights issues.

24 thoughts on “Food Security in a Post-Covid World”

  1. The charity business is getting a rude awakening now in Canada.
    In Canada, the Prime Minister is being caught giving almost a billion dollars to a charity scam where the two founders are pocketing 38 million from this and the charity is having a difficult time trying to explain it’s purpose. The Prime Minister and Finance Minister have family members receiving jobs or paid speaking engagements.
    Conflict of Interest would be the pure definition of what they are doing.
    Brings to question how many of these charity scams out there
    The charity also has many different companies and affiliations attach to the board of directors.
    This board of directors can be replaced at any time by the founding brothers as well. It is in their charter.

  2. –It would be valuable to me personally to see the documentation that organic is not practical.
    –Organic is of course as “mechanized” as nonorganic.
    –It isn’t clear to me why if Europe were to choose to be 25% organic that this means Europe would have to take the rest of the world along with it.
    –I was a farm child on a small farm. We used chemical fertilizers sometimes, but were otherwise organic. Animals received no hormones or antibiotics, as I believe was the rule in that sort of decentralized farming.
    –There is much that is seriously wrong with our food. Most people know about glyphosphate and other toxins and hormones.
    –Fewer are aware that much of the cancer and heart disease, obesity and diabetes flows directly from our having changed the nature of our own human fat! In part this has been caused by the fraud of the cholesterol scare with its insistence on vegetable oils.

    –Even less understood is that the pork and chicken we eat has similarly unhealthy body fat due to their diet of corn and soybeans. (Ungulates like cows are actually able to change the type of fat in corn and soybeans back into healthful fat.) Dr. David Diamond re the error of avoiding cholesterol, LDL, etc Dr. Michael Eades re obesity and the degradation of the dietary fat in pork, poultry & eggs due to the feeding of corn & soybeans.

    • Quote”–Fewer are aware that much of the cancer and heart disease, obesity and diabetes flows directly from our having changed the nature of our own human fat!”

      Let’s put this in order. Obesity is in most cases the cause of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Obesity is caused by processed food, cheap food, lazy people, EBT. Organic food is healthier, no question about it, but big pharma NEEDS sick people (useful idiots). Roundup is the brand name of a systemic, broad-spectrum glyphosate-based herbicide originally produced by Monsanto, which Bayer acquired in 2018. Follow the money.
      If you and I want to eat healthier is up to us, not the Government.
      Are you sure that produces we buy are really organic?
      We have to start growing our own food. We have to chose what and how much we eat. Yeah, but that means work, dirty hands, no time for TV. How can you live without knowing what the Kardashians did last night?

      • Adoni, I agree with you that an increased availability of organic food should not come from govt mandates; it ought to result from the market created by consumer desires.

        But there cannot be an informed market where there is monopolistic control of the media by a few billionaire families whose fell intent is to create a New World Tyranny. Global warming; covid-required lockdown; saturated fat & cholesterol are unhealthful– all are fraudulent campaigns in the service of producing that tyranny.

        By far the most destructive element in our diet is the switch from millennia of eating saturated fat to eating the polyunsaturated vegetable oils that didn’t even exist until 70 years ago.

        Ancel Keyes, a Rockefeller protege and the Rockefeller-founded American Heart Association propagated an immense fraud in the media and in the medical schools. An enormous number of studies, from 70 years ago until the present continue to demonstrate again and again that saturated fat, cholesterol, and even LDL are healthful. It is the polyunsaturates which are causal for obesity and cancer and often increased heart disease!

        Just like global warming and the exaggerated danger of covid, the cholesterol hypothesis NEVER had any evidence to support it. Nina Teicholz will tell you of some of the many studies that contradict the use of polyunsaturates.

        • How do you propose to get rid of the elite?
          How can we change the MSM?
          In the meantime I’ll have my grass fed beef and veggies sauteed in mutton tallow.

          • Adoni, I don’t know how to get rid of the gangsters or to decentralize the media. What I am able to do is to help disseminate the truth, and I do so aggressively. I have been awake since 1963, and have never stopped asking myself– How many awake people do we need and to do what?

            It used to be that the awakened people were concentrated in the blue-collar area. Now even many educated people have overcome the propaganda contained in their education to join the ranks of the awakened.

            I was away from the internet for about a year, ending in December of 2019. There was an incredible growth in the number and sophistication of the awakened during that year.

  3. “Tyranny, is what I call it. The man-made-global-warming lies and the Covid-19 lies are both promulgated by would-be tyrannical rulers, in my opinion.”

    Robert, I couldn’t agree more. Until about two years ago I used to find conspiracy theories simply amusing. Not any more. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that the quadruple frauds of ‘man-made warming’ (AGW), Covid, BLM and uncontrolled third-world immigration are happening simultaneously by mere chance. All four are manufactured, in my opinion.

    For example in my own field, Earth Science, see how easily AGW is demolished in just 500 words …



  4. No doubt in my mind that the policies that the left promotes are all intended to kill as many people as possible. They cant outright murder people the way Stalin did, so they find other ways.

  5. personally it sounds fine to me, reducing the massive chem n poisons dumps to soils is a good thing.
    organic does NOT require more land, just more personal involvement more often on smaller areas
    ie it sure doesnt fit big aggro agris wet dreams of bugger all people huge machiney n other outlays
    massive monocultures are the best reason for massive pest nweed outbreaks, smaller fields and diverse planting buggers bugs;-)
    quite a few aussies ouof work after covid are showing some brains and looking to move and get farm work
    all good;-)

  6. Sorry! In this case I agree with the EU’s goals for food production. I’ve done enough research to realize that there is a direct correlation between big food and the rampant increase in modern illnesses and associated medical costs! The use of GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, the instant or packaged diet, and the drive-thru, have made people sick! In fact, I dare to say people are killing themselves by what they eat! It is part of my logic for why COVID hysteria is hypocritical … people are killing themselves daily with their poor lifestyle and food choices! It why almost 60% of the U.S. has some chronic health problem! And, it is why our healthcare system will bankrupt us. It is as plain as day to me … you eat crap, you get diabetes, heart disease, and you are on expensive med’s the rest of your life!

    • Then why are people living longer than ever before. i suspect the reason more people have chronic health problems is not the food they eat but sedentary modern lifestyles and much more medical testing that finds more medical problems that were always there. Because people are living longer they get the chance to develop more heath problems as their bodies age. Medical science has progressed to the point that we can manage heath issues like diabetes, cancer, heart problems, etc. but in most instances we can not cure them yet. Thus more people you know have heath conditions. In the past people simply died young and there was no chance to manage their conditions. Being able to manage heath conditions is a good thing.
      I will agree that fertilizers, pesticides and livestock feed and drugs should be tested to insure they are safe and not contaminating the food supply but for the most part Organic Farming is a solution to a non problem.

    • Have to agree with this our human bodys are not intended to be over done with surgery fats and sweets junk food which is why moderation is the key and try to eat as much vegetables and fruits in the mix plus extrasizeing and moving around is important.simply put never over do anything.

      • Plus be sure the friutes and vegetables that we our eating is safe from certain cemacals and pesticides and are washed.

    Eugenics, engineered genetics, great policies for the ‘winners’ as long as it stays …NIMBY. [Real] Data is the New Oil.

    Tony Heller vid
    Planetary Savior – Bill Gates

    Nightmarish Technocratic Reengineering Of Our Lives Under The Guise Of COVID-19

    The Corporation

    [Real] Data is the New Oil: the Corbett Report

  8. In possible addition to the post-Covid (when?) Food problems – How many years of a somewhat acute and new ice age commences
    before Food for Earth’s 7.8 Billion Humans and other animals, etc.. becomes very problematic? 2?.. 3? .. .

    • The cheap and ubiquitous carbohydrate rich foods are the root cause of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It’s that simple. The promotion of low fat foods and useless statin drugs to lower cholesterol have done nothing to reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease. And type 2 diabetes has exploded Globally over three decades of Irresponsible dietary advice.

      • “useless statin drugs” – you say.
        They are not useless. They make a big profit to big pharma.
        Yes, statin drugs do lower the cholesterol level, BUT -like you said- “have done nothing to reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease.”

  9. OMG. We have been altering the food genome for over 5000 years. We can just do it faster now.

    Inorganic fertilizer is what the plant uptakes, not organic which has to break down to inorganic before it can be used.

    Pesticides and weed killing additives really don’t implant into the part we eat.

    The use of steroids and other chemicals in chickens, pigs, and cattle could be reduced. Face it, young girls 60 years ago had small breasts, today they are well endowed. There is a reason for this and it’s not just genetics. Plus young people were generally thinner 50-60 years ago.

  10. Actually, Driessen is absolutely wrong about ‘organic agriculture’ needing more land and human labour.

    It may require more human labour (and with a population of 6.5 billion, the earth needs plenty of work to keep people occupied), but done properly, the yields of organic horticulture can be absolutely stunning.

    I am doing an experiment this summer in the UK at 50N latitude seeing how much food I can grow on 1 square metre, growing four crops in succession. Radish and beetroot harvested gave me 17lb topped and tailed, 27lb including the leaves (which are edible). Spring onions are now growing and winter lettuce will follow. 33lb/sqm would equate to > 100 tonnes/ha, assuming 80% land usage.

    Key to high productivity in organic growing is not applying fertiliser, rather tending to the soil using high quality compost/manure.

    There are masses of inorganic farmers who do things just as badly as those organic practicioners being lambasted here.

    Go look at best practice in organic growing and you will soon see I am telling the truth.

    What is more, organic growth builds lasting fertility, whereas fertiliser does absolutely nothing long-term.

    • Thanks for your post, Rhys. Quite interesting. We always used pig manure on our garden in my childhood (Ohio), and always filled the freezer and canned some. I think that children who aren’t raised on a farm really miss something, and will always be grateful for it.

    • E U has a bigger problem with pharmaceuticals and herba-pestacide contamination of groundwater, it has been reported. Better to go hungry than eat poisen and you live longer!
      ( ・ั﹏・ั)
      If that’s your aim!

  11. “It won’t work unless we take the world with us.” Hmmmm. Less than a billion people believing they have the right to decide for the other 6+ billion how agriculture will be done. Personally, I hope the EU goers through with it, and then tries to find sources of food that will meet their requirements. I am sure the prices will be higher, and the the average European will pay through the nose like they do for gasoline, for their tomatoes and bananas. What food can’t be sold to the EU probably can be sold to China or to any other nation that has a need for “food stuffs.” Profits may go down, but if your costs go up to play in their markets, your profits go down as well. When government only drives up the cost of everything you need to survive, it is time to question your government.

    As for organics only being more labor intensive, that IS the primary cost in agriculture, isn’t it? A thousand acres of produce is going to require the same amount of water, etc., so no, organic is never going to be cheaper, and unless you are replacing the minerals in the ground that are being taken up by the plants, they won’t be healthier either.

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