Fordson Snow Machine handles drifts with ease – Video

Fordson Snow Machine handles drifts with ease – Video

I WANT one!

Cool video demonstrating the Fordson Snow Machine, a 1920′s screw-propelled vehicle.

Make sure to watch the part where the horse sinks into the snow but the Fordson floats across the snow with ease (at the 3-minute mark).



Thanks to Laurel for this link

“If it keeps getting colder there will be a new market,” says Laurel.

14 thoughts on “Fordson Snow Machine handles drifts with ease – Video

  1. What an amazing invention! A very real shame it never got mass produced. I would love on for our Canadian winters.

  2. It has been mass produced. Zil in Russia and lots of other folks. Just search screw drive on you tube. Tyco even makes a remote control toy version.

  3. WOW! Where are they today? I thought we were supposed to be getting smarter! Maybe the Oil companies bought up the Patents as the conspiracies go! LOL HAHA…
    But seriously this is a great invention. It Would not work with todays cars without serious changes.

  4. It looks like a good accessory for a “garden” tractor. It could probably be adapted for modern cars using the attachment points where wheels attach, but front wheel drive vehicles may have problems with the drive chains.

    I wonder if it floats on water?

    I want one.

  5. back int eh snowy late 40’s early 50’s my Pop in NE Oregon ran a dairy used Oliver Cletrac with high flotation tracks to get to town pulling a Bobsled.
    As the snow was too deep for the Percherons..

  6. Everyone keeps asking where they are today? Its called a ‘screw drive’. Type that into you tube and you will see lots of examples. Some of them float. They are still out there. Guess they’re just not that practical now that roads go everywhere and there are far more and better snow abatment techniques available.

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