Forget climate change – It was a BAD DEAL – Video

Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior, defends President Trump’s decision to exit Paris accord.

12 thoughts on “Forget climate change – It was a BAD DEAL – Video”

  1. Nuts..hey really still believe it..theyll just dream up more taxes as Dreisen says in the previous article. Only exiting as its a “Bad Deal”.

  2. The media are global cooling deniers as are the establishment – globalist oligarchy and their followers. They don’t and won’t accept or understand the truth. That is why they are unfit to rule.

    • I don’t believe anyone is “fit to rule” !

      “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

      This should be the founding charter of the UN as well – it isn’t !!

      • “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

        I have some very bad news for you Rosco but the idea quoted above is exactly what the enemy finds useful to establish and maintain their rule. They love it in fact because they have the money to do as they please and buy anything and anybody.
        They see themselves as being exclusively,” the people”.
        The only people that matter and are fit to rule. Everyone else is only fit to vote for the elites or their puppets and pay taxes to them. Everyone else are unless they are well paid or rich effectively slaves or nobodies. That is the way it really is Rosco. Democracy or a republic is merely a support mechanism to enrich and protect a diabolical oligarchy of the rich and well connected and nothing more.

  3. The only thing that changes is the US will not be sending a couple of Billion Dollars to the UN to redistribute to other Nations with corrupt governments. Not one particle of CO2 will be placed in the air over the next ten years because of it.

  4. The Paris agreement is about “tomorrow’s” money. If the US wants to make a big statement on this do what Trump also promised and stop funding ALL the UN climate schemes now and especially save the money wasted supporting the UNFCC !

    Announce to the world how much the US contributes to this and state plainly no more. I’m certain the US gives more to the UN than anyone else !

    Would the hypocrites dare complain then ? They’d be morally bound to fill the gap with money they don’t have either.

    Can anyone really see that contribution being funded by anyone else ?

    I’ll bet you that would gut it !

    Do it !

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  6. Anyway, isn’t the UNFCC illegal (!) in the eyes of Congress, because they have ‘Palestine’, which has been defined as a terrorist organisation, as a member? So, no special stuff needed to pull out COMPLETELY!

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