Forget so-called ‘global warming’

Natural (not human-caused) ‘global warming’ has ended.

Forget so-called ‘global warming’

Jimmy Walter

Natural (not human-caused) ‘global warming’ has ended. However, we do face two climate crises: The current Little Ice Age and the looming regular ice age, which may be worse than the previous one. A billion or maybe more people are likely to die during this little ice age since they are already living on the border of starvation.

Look at this graph and see that the height of this warm period is less than the other peaks of the last 450-thousand years. The previous warm periods lasted about the same time as this current one already has. No previous period spiked after the onset which this current one is way past.

We need to prepare, develop more fossil fuels like coal, albeit with high scrubbing, methane, and oil. We need to use and develop plants that will survive the coming lower temperatures, less rain, and be more productive.

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8 thoughts on “Forget so-called ‘global warming’”

  1. “We need to prepare, develop more fossil fuels like coal, albeit with high scrubbing, methane, and oil.”
    True enough, but remember that we have finite resources, and the ones that are left are getting harder and harder to get to. And during colder periods we will be burning more fuel than now.

    • why would you bother cleaning fossil fuels in an ice age? we need to generate all the green house gases that we can. leave your car running, the plants will thank you.

      • We are not talking “cleaning” CO2 as it is not a pollutant. Mercury, radiation, nitrous, sulphur are what most scrubber systems deal with (rightly so) because they are pollutants.

      • @Richard – All I’m pointing out is that we have a limited supply of these fuels, and we’ll be using a lot more of them during an ice age. We should think about conserving what we can.

  2. soft fruits growers will need to go to the tropical border areas and the pomefruit types might do ok but the salady veg wont, root veg will be the ones that will handle the cold the best as they did in ages past, and like terry pratchetts Klatch we might be aquiring a taste for cabbage;-) or kimchi;-)

  3. North Dakota has 400 years worth of lignite, at the 2000 usage rate. The vast amount of it is on Private lands. Also if you wanted to convert this to NG , this has been a ongoing Process for the last 25 years or so at Dakota Gasification , the CO2 is collected , sold and shipped via pipeline to the Canadian oil fields where injected for EOR.

  4. Haskaps & kale do well in cooler climates.

    The only good news is that going into an inter-glacial (the warming) is like a rocket. Coming out (cooling) is more like a downhill ski run.

    We do have time if we quit spending so much on CO2 as a pollutant and affiliated globull-warming nonsense.

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