Forget spring! Norway bracing for half a meter of snow

Up to 50 cm (almost two feet) in places.

Norway – 11 MAR 2019 – “Forget spring! Winter is back. Tomorrow comes the snow.”

Now a half meter of snow over southern Norway, announced Håvard Thorset, meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Much of this will come in the middle of rush hour traffic. The worst will be the southern Norway and the capital.

Eastern Norway and Oslo will get some snow in the afternoon rush hour on Tuesday. The worst is expected Tuesday into Wednesday.

There can be around 20 cm of snow in the capital, says Thorset. It will cause major traffic problems.

It is expected to reach 50 cm (almost 2 ft) of snow during Tuesday in parts of southern Norway. This will lead to difficult driving conditions.

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5 thoughts on “Forget spring! Norway bracing for half a meter of snow”

  1. the news in Australia never gives reports on snow anywhere in the world lucky we now have the web they cannot give us a snow job

  2. Thorset is overegging it! 20cm (8 inches) of snow is nothing to write home about here but the 50 cm (18 inches) will be restricted to the mountains – again nothing to write home about.

    We’re still driving on studded tyres on the West Coast at sea level and will do so until Easter. So a bit of snow isn’t that threatening.

  3. I put the question: where is it still winter? Not in the netherlands, it was rather moderate. Now it is autumnlike. The USA likes winter, especially blizzards and snow, again it will happen

  4. Same happening on the Scottish mountains (images can be found through links at at ), after a poor winter for snow.

    Similar things happened in winter 1988/9, and the best snow I found for winter hiking that year on the mountains was in mid May, then in June, snow fell down to 1500ft over the Cairngorms.

    We shall see what happens this year, but nothing remotely extraordinary has happened yet.

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