Former French President Questions “Global Warming”

Sarkozy joins the ranks of the ‘climate deniers’! “Sparks storm over claims man ‘not sole cause’ of climate change” 

Nicolas Sarkozy - Courtesy Wikipedia
Nicolas Sarkozy – Courtesy Wikipedia

“Man alone is not responsible for climate change and the world has far bigger problems than “global warming,” says former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Climate has been changing for four billion years,” Sarkozy told business leaders at the Institut de l’enterprise on Wednesday. “You need to be as arrogant as men are to believe we changed the climate.”

Sarkozy  accused of “dragging France 15 years backwards” on climate for insisting that man is not “the sole cause” of global warming,’ says The Telegraph.

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“Another prominent one-time AGW proponent coming out with an apparent change of mind,” says Jay.

6 thoughts on “Former French President Questions “Global Warming””

  1. Unfortunately former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has other ideas as to what is or isn’t important other than global warming. It seems he is not satisfied with France and perhaps Europe being straight, white and christian.

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy Calls For WHITE GENOCIDE !!!

  2. yeah, when youre a bit free er from the controllers and the agenda
    funny how people can speak out
    same as so many wait to retire to do so IN science fields
    cos until then no job no tenure if you dare!

  3. It is good to see Sarkozy labeling the climate change crowd for what they are: arrogant.

    They claim that they can control the climate by giving our money to an Al Gore front, by electing certain politicians and by passing meaningless regulations. Arrogance and deceit are their stock in trade.

  4. Never trust a man who wants to return to the French presidency he will say anything, never trust a man who wears high heels, especially on anything to do with global warming.

  5. He’s about as reliable & desirable as diahorea and the results are about as equal as one can get.

    Can’t be trusted with anything & never believe a word coming from that “snarling little mouth”…..he’s a socialist!

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