Fossil fuels are the greatest gift mankind, and the planet, ever could have hoped for

“Anyone who thinks a coal plant is a bigger environmental risk than a Tesla battery pack is a person who knows less than nothing.”
– Dutch

Fossil fuels are the greatest gift mankind, and the planet, ever could have hoped for


I’d consider myself a greenie. We need to love and nurture this planet.

But what has been a greater boon to the environment than cheap fossil fuel energy that has fueled the innovation to clean smokestacks, make LEV cars, LED lights, etc?

It is only thanks to an excess of cheap energy that we have been able to direct that energy towards making our energy consumption cleaner and more efficient. It’s a catch 22, but true nonetheless. I don’t share (others) fear of nuclear. There are still very remote areas close to populated areas where, with a bit of good planning, we could do nuclear correctly and exploit its many benefits.

In my home state of North Carolina we’ve had far more environmental issues with our coal plants than with our nuclear plants. But until never comes, and we run out of coal oil and gas, we’d be wise to stick with the tried and true and just keep doing it better. Anyone who thinks a coal plant is a bigger environmental risk than a Tesla battery pack is a person who knows less than nothing.

Fossil fuels are the greatest gift mankind, and the planet, ever could have hoped for.

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  1. Electric is the future.
    HeII its quickly becoming the present.

    Fossil fuel generated electricity will power the planet for at least the next century.
    Simple, efficient, easily distributed, well understood, reliable tech.
    Like quartz watches replacing mechanical ones.

  2. Oh my goodness, YAY FOSSIL FUELS. North America is teeming with oil, coal, natural gas, and hydroelectric resources. States even have gas reserves for military use. The United States is so blessed to have so many resources available. No more doing homework by candlelight.

    Why are we importing rare-earth-minerals from China and Africa? For the batteries in electric cars; for batteries in cell phones. I am wary that a few countries can monopolize rare-earth-minerals.

    Along the same vein, Russia monopolizes natural gas in Eurasia. ‘Do what we say or your heating fuel gets turned off.’

  3. Fact: No coal, no steel, because processing ore requires coal. Fact: No oil, no asphalt. No oil, no shingles for your homes. No oil, no plastic. Over 1000 products that we use in everyday life are made from oil by-products, including the jellied capsule you take filled with medication. All your media and telecommunication equipment is made from oil. All the appliances in your kitchen contain plastics made of oil by-products, and a thousand more. Go ahead try getting rid of oil. Ok lets go all wind and solar, lets be like California with rolling blackouts. All electric cars nice Idea, but If you don’t have coal, natural gas, hydro, nuclear plants, what will you use to charge 300 million cars? Solar and wind? Coal, oil, natural gas, hydro, nuclear are cheap forms of energy. The others not so much.

    • computers largely made of plastic; phones the same; and if you have an electric car that’s full of plastic the same as a fossil fuel car. So roughly… go look at some movie about life 100+ years ago. It wasn’t as fun as it looks either.

      One thing I remember is my dad (born in 1917) telling me that in the winter, in Massachusetts, they would have ice about 2 inches thick on the interior walls all winter long. Not sure what type of fuel they were using at the time.

  4. Where will the electricity come from to power all the electric cars?
    In the UK , Boris Johnson says that WIND POWER will power every UK home in about 15 years ! Well, check ! The wind energy graph for 2020 resembles that of a yo-yo ! UK wind energy averages only 6000MW but is as low as 95MW ! There is only 77000MW in the National Grid…..but most comes from fossil fuel power stations and nuclear.
    In a cold winter, UK domestic and commercial needs will total 60000MW. There are 40 million vehicles in the UK. If they were all electric……as proposed in a carbon-free UK….it would require a continuous 200,000 MW for 8 hours to charge them , just to travel 145 miles each ! That electricity, does not…….and cannot ever exist in the UK National Grid !
    The TRUTH is on !

    • That’s the con trick that you see there.

      Wind powers “X” number of homes. – During the day when no ones home.

      But can’t power industry or commercial buildings or electric public transport etc etc etc

  5. I have been seeing headlines that claim renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuel energy.

    This can’t end well.

    • It’s only “allegedly” cheaper because of the onerous regulations and taxes and environmental blockages put in the way of fossil fuel companies.

      Take the subsidies off renewables and then look at the pricing comparison.

    • Finally. You and I must be the only people in the world who think of this.

      Think of the BILLIONS of gallons, if not barrels of Oil, used each month, or maybe each day? How could there be that many”fossils”.? Really? The amount of oil burned is so vast, and we have been burning it for 100 years, is not possible to be from Dinosaurs, Algae or Trees.

      Also, I have never had ANYBODY explain to me why we drill under the Ocean Floor (not the Continental Shelf), up to 5 miles BENEATH this floor, and there is oil? How did the Dinosaurs get there? How did the Trees get there?

      Coal is not the same as Oil and there is no Physical, Mechanical nor Chemical connection between the two.

      One never finds Coal 3 miles under the Ocean Floor…why not?

      Then, one more concept. Why is it that the deeper the well, the “sweeter” the oil? The more shallow, the dirtier? How can oil 8-10 miles down, beneath the Ocean Floor, be so pure? Where is the sludge of leaves, Dinosaur skin, etc.? Pure Hydrocarbon Chains, as if it came from Calcium Carbonate?

  6. Replacing dependable, consistent power that is available 24/7/365, with intermittent sources is beyond ridiculous. Smoke stack scrubbers have come a long way, removing 98% of particulate matter. So, there’s no real worry of pollution anymore. You would have to be young and naïve or an idiot to go along with this nonsense. So, what is it? What is causing this cranial, rectal inversion.

    • Their sphincters aren’t too tight [likely just the opposite]… the enemy knows full well the true physics of what they are doing… “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the [engineered] illusion of knowledge” [deception/psyops]

  7. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”! Lyrics from a Who song. That’s how I view the world of energy! While the GND and global warming nuts try to blame fossil fuels for all our environmental problems, not a one of them will discuss the potential environmental problems with solar and wind, not even a whisper! We know that wind generators use a disproportionate amount of energy to build, have limits lifespans, have disposal issues and cause similar destruction of wildlife, killing birds that the same ‘greenie’s’ would use as reasons to halt fossil fuel use. A study done by Univ. of Calif. Berkley of all places, indicated that those used solar panels are piling up all around the world with no efficient means to recycle the very toxic substances used in those panels, and that if stacked on end would greatly exceed the amount of nuclear waste in existence. They won’t tell you that if those solar panels are broken apart, we’d have toxic waste leaching into our soil and water all around the world! No, they won’t talk about any of the dangers, they just advocate how wonderful it is ….. these are true hypocrites and really do reflect those lyrics. Fossil fuels have their issues, but we’ve learned how to make them as clean as possible, and they are still relatively plentiful.

  8. What JNS said.
    I’d add that the Greenies do not take into consideration the massive pollution caused by the mining of rare earths needed to manufacture the magnets and other components of wind turbines. This mining is done using a lot of child labour in grossly unsafe working conditions. Solar panels are just as bad as well as taking up vast tracts of fertile land.

  9. The only Americans that will see little change to their lives are the Amish – if indeed they still maintain their simple lifestyles.

    Everyone else is in for a shock they couldn’t possibly conceive if they’re stupid enough to vote Biden and the DemoRats are stupid enough to follow through.

    I’ve come to believe COVID is a dress rehearsal for the real deprivation of liberties necessary to take away most of our energy supplies and sadly the populations have shown enough fear and suppression works easily with almost no backlash against the ludicrous actions taken in the name of suppressing a basically ordinary virus.

    Just a few days ago WHO said they estimate 780 million infections – 10% of the world – instead of the ~34 million reported. If true then COVID is no worse than most Flu outbreaks – the reported ~4% death rate with ~37 million infections becomes less than 0.2 % if the WHO estimate is right – AND they are the experts after all aren’t they ? ( I nearly fell out of my chair laughing as I typed that last sentence)

    The future is bleak if America goes fully stupid in November.

    Just look at the un-elected dictatorship that is the EU and imagine it worldwide.

  10. Angela Merkel (remember her?) has had to start a switch from solar and wind-powered electricity to a return to coal-fired generating plants, because the unreliability of wind/solar energy caused the deaths of an embarrassingly high number of German citizens.
    Now she’s got the coal mining vehicles chewing up the Black Forest (one of Europe’s oldest forests) to get coal out of the ground.
    She is not just inept, she is proving to be dumber than a box of bent screws.
    This is one winter I hope that the OFA forecast will be reasonably accurate: chilly, wet and some snow. We’ve been having at least one power outage per year for the past 5 years, covering several counties. One event happened at 1AM when I was backing up stuff on my desktop. Texted message out right away, but it took from 1AM (by my phone clock) to 4:30PM in WINTER to get the power back on. My house is well-insulated, and I can light the gas cooktop with matches, but that was perilous, period.
    And the most recent? Sept. 23, at 10:54AM, followed by a 2nd event at 7:44PM.
    It’s okay in summer. I don’t need the furnace then. But in autumn, going into winter? Don’t toy with me!!!!

  11. Australia sell 60% of the type of coal ( coking coal) you make steel from.

    Cleanest coal for power. japanese love buying it. We power china with our coal and gas from the Northwest shelf we sold for a crappy price.

    USA should buy coal from Australia and you a have trade imbalance with us. if you want to have trade balance with China then you need to think of nations like australia where its the other way.

  12. The only way electric vehicles are not going worthwhile is for someone to invent a gasoline fuel cell, otherwise they’re garbage.

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