Four meters of snow in northern Sweden – More on the way

Sweden’s most northerly ski resort has just been inundated with an unexpected four meters (13 ft!) of snow, with even more in the forecast.

“It is more snow than average for sure,” said Magnus Ormestad from the Riksgränsen ski resort. “We’ve had lots of snowfall combined with storms over the last couple of days adding to the massive buildup and snowdrifts,”

Thirteen feet! That far deeper than a one-story house.

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“Do you think it will be four meters next year or six ?” asks Stephen

8 thoughts on “Four meters of snow in northern Sweden – More on the way”

  1. Next year it will probably not occur, as such events are rare, random and most certainly not annual.

  2. MetOffice expecting a cold Easter period with a Scandinavian beast from the east over the Northern higher elevations of the UK, Hill Snow.

    lets hope that the midland climates convention for the last 100 years which says snow after 21st March dosent last long.

    I need to get seeds in the garden for vegies, and unless the soil temp is above 5C they dont germinate.

  3. i see heyll spend 800k kronor moving a sand dune?
    might be better spent moving snow;-)

    or best option put some reservoirs in to keep the meltwaters if they really thought warming was real;-)

  4. I certainly hope the Swedish People have provided housing, fuel, food, electricity for their “refugees”, who have a right to housing, food, fuel, women, electricity…………………………………………..

  5. The real question is how far from the range of “normal” is this? Yes, it’s a lot of snow, and yes, it IS April, but I don’t know what normal for this area is, thus how to consider this. To put it another way, it is like taking a phrase or statement out of the context of what was being said. This really needs a better reference frame.

    As an example, “This Place, Somewhere, just got 18 inches of rain in 24 hours!” To most people anywhere, that sounds like a phenomenal rain storm. But for This Place, Somewhere, where they normally get 680 inches of rain a year, an 18 inch deluge happens about 8 times a year! So the headline is correct, but the “extreme event” hype falls on its face when the event is put in the proper reference frame.

  6. If it were normal in Sweden, why would it make news headlines? They are used to snow in that country, duh!

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