France – Coldest start to fall since 1998

Further evidence that the Grand Solar Minimum is cutting the growing season short.

As revealed by the graph (below), France’s daily max temps began plummeting on Sept 23 to levels well-below the climatalogical average.

The graph shows that max-temps since the beginning of autumn (Sept 21) to October 9 have had an anomaly of -2C. According to, such a low average has not occurred for 22 years, since 1998’s anomaly of -2.1C.

Temperatures are still expected to be below seasonal norms this week, reports “For example, in Grenoble on Wednesday, it is expected [to be] 9C in the afternoon, almost 10C below the normal level of the season!”

As recently noted by La Chaîne Météo on Twitter, record-lows have been sweeping the country of late, with their tweet adding that heavy, early-season #neige (snow) will persist above 1,200m over the next few days (at least).

France is Suffering its Coldest Start to Fall Since 1998, with additional Arctic Blasts Forecast

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  1. Just want to say that all the field corn crops around here are ready for harvesting now, whereas last year at the same time, the field corn plants were still partly green and not ready. It seems to be like that everywhere now. Erratic swings in seasonal weather mean something is cooking. Keep track of it and look back at it next year.

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