France Declares Emergency as Freak Cold Wipes Out €2 Billion Worth of Wine Crop


Trying to save French wine crop – Credit Official du Gouvernement – France

16 April 2021 – An estimated €2 billion-worth (almost 2.4 billion US dollars) of production has been lost to a freak “cold snap” killed them off. That came after the industry lost €1 billion in exports last year due to COVID-19. (I hate it when the media labels such an historic and devastating freeze a “cold snap.”)

French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie hyper

bolically described the crisis as “probably the greatest agricultural catastrophe of the beginning of the 21st century” this week, and the government declared an “agricultural emergency”.

An early bout of warm weather encouraged vines and fruit trees to blossom early, only for a sudden cold snap to nip them in the bud. The Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône and Loire Valleys and Provence have all been affected.

The damage has been estimated at €2 billion (£1.7 billion) in projected lost sales this year — on top of €1 billion in exports lost last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the industry estimated to be worth around €14 billion annually — and employing some 600,000 people, the economic damage could be significant.

Destroys a full one-third of wine crop

Last week President Emmanuel Macron tweeted his support for farmers trying to save their crops by lighting fires and or placing torches between rows of vines.

“To you, farmers who, throughout France, have fought relentlessly, night after night, to protect the fruits of your labour, I want to tell you our full support in this fight. Hold on tight ! We are by your side and will remain so,” Macron wrote.

À vous, agriculteurs qui, partout en France, avez lutté sans relâche, nuit après nuit, pour protéger les fruits de votre travail, je veux vous dire notre soutien plein et entier dans ce combat. Tenez bon ! Nous sommes à vos côtés et le resterons.

I posted about this earlier here:

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“Do you want to tell them they cant use electricity or fossil fuels to heat air?” asks  Laurel.

22 thoughts on “France Declares Emergency as Freak Cold Wipes Out €2 Billion Worth of Wine Crop”

  1. In that case, don’t whine – drink some wine!
    (at least while it lasts)
    With today’s depressing times everywhere, that’s probably the best thing to do until the magnetic reversal hits!

  2. Why do folks even worry about $billions of anything anymore when $trillions can be, and are, generated daily in a snap with the soft press of a few computer buttons by central planning – really, how quaint are mere billions now.

    From Billions to Trillions
    How a transformative approach to collaboration and finance supports citizens, governments, corporations, and civil society to share the burdens and the benefits of solving wicked problems… in a snap.
    What could be not only more urgent, but more rewarding, than solving the greatest challenges [incl. the French wine shortages] of the 21st century?
    Wealth of world’s billionaires rose $5 trillion amid pandemic
    Finally, among the notable people who appeared on the 2020 billionaires list but did not make the cut in 2021 is reality TV star and makeup entrepreneur Kylie Jenner. Her sister Kim Kardashian, however, made the billionaires list for the first time this year. The economy must be booming.


    You Might be A Domestic Terrorist (DT) if . . . .

  3. Wait a minute

    These French farmers Burned wood, oil, bunker fuel, kerosene ? Why did they not use the cheap and effective Wind or Solar power?

    Mon deux

    I certainly hope France joins the Paris Climate Accords to stop all this climate change. All climate change must be stopped.

  4. I wonder if they know that farmers lighting fires and torches releases CO2. Hypocrites. It appears that they said screw the Paris climate accord when it came to their econmic interests.

  5. This has nothing to do with global warming or the rebrand climate change . Menkind is nor responsible for these abberations of mother nature . The cooling of our atmosphere has nothing to do with carbondioxide a trace-gas necessary for plant growth : It is sun that is the reason of our existence and the iniator of our climate . The rockefeller-theory of antropogenetic warming is false and a fraud to maintain the power and the wealth of the banking elite stealing day in and day out the fruit of the work of their fellow-humans here on earth . This will not go on forever no matter how much cheating we are facing like the covid-scare nowadays .

  6. I assume that all those lights are electric lights, not carbon based fuel heaters. But wait, why do you need heaters for the global warming?

    Seriously, there would be a extreme food crisis for the coming Ice age. Like with the grapes, food production is lower in colder temperatures. People don’t like to be hungry.

  7. in Aus we use diesel powered smallish wind turbines at night to keep the air moving to mitigate frost settling
    theyre only used in times of need so hopefully dont wipe out too many owls
    maybe the odd bat?

  8. “Freak”? Only for this short epoch/era. For most of earth’s history, it was warm. Their definition of “freak” is the freak in this conversation.

  9. Robert, just saw a headline – “Burgundy Farmers Planting Different Wine Varieties to Deal with Climate Change”. Mon dieux!

  10. I live in the Gers department near to the famous town of Condom. We have lots of prune, apricot and other fruit trees in our garden. All of the prune and apricot trees flowered early and already had fruit on them. We had temperatures down to -4c and theses temperatures have destroyed all the crop on all the trees. The fig tree leaves were coming out and the frost has burnt all the leaves. The cherry trees were flowering at the time of the frosts and we are not sure whether we will get a crop.

  11. Same thing happened here in S.E. Texas. This I fear is the new normal with global cooling setting in. Time to get a good wood burning stove.

  12. As regards counter-freeze efforts:
    Some locals here read that you could cover plants and put a drop-light to warm the air underneath.
    They used LED’s!
    Because incandecents are bad for the environment!
    Frozen dead plants have they. 😉

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