France declares ‘Farming Disaster’ after record cold – Blizzard in Belgium

The emergency support comes after freezing weather caused significant damage to crops.

Farmers across France will receive government support after the agriculture minister acknowledged the damage the cold had wreaked on crops; with the cold set to continue across the country.

Minister of Agriculture Julien Denormandie confirmed a state of “calamité agricole” – or farming disaster – yesterday (April 8), to acknowledge the damage that many farmers had suffered to their crops as a result of the freezing weather.

He told FranceInfo: “[We confirm] the implementation of what we call the calamité agricole scheme

Mr Denormandie also said, “Unfortunately, we are expecting new freezes in the next few days to which we will be paying great attention… The situation is already very difficult.”

Cold air literally invaded Western Europe and caused frosts in France, which are extremely unfavorable and destructive to buds and flower buds. Fruit and vegetable producers were not prepared for such a drop in temperature.

In 2017, this happened in France, and farmers lost more than 15% of the harvest.

And in Belgium, residents of many cities, including Brussels, have witnessed a real blizzard. In some areas, more than 20 cm of snow fell.

Meanwhile winter has returned to the Balkans

The arctic air, having subdued Western Europe, spread further southeast. On the night of April 9 in the mountains of Bulgaria and Romania the temperature dropped to -17°C.×543.jpg

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20 thoughts on “France declares ‘Farming Disaster’ after record cold – Blizzard in Belgium”

  1. This is hilarious. All the Global
    Warming freaks in a flat spin. They have been warned of the low sunspot activity for years & now act surprised.
    The whole of Europe needs to suffer some real shortages to shake the governments to there very roots. When the public react to their devious agenda maybe they’ll change. If not now they’ll have to Ben the food riots start.
    Particularly the French……..they love a good long violent riot or 2.

    • Sorry, this is not funny! As a farmer myself, I appreciate how farmers…in all countries……have to gamble with the elements.
      This time, its the wine and fruit growers of France who are suffering huge financial losses as their crops have been hit by late April frosts.
      Americans should realise that it is the Gulf Stream that keeps Europe warm and relatively frost-free in winter and Spring.
      We have very cold winds from the Arctic in April, hence very low temperatures, for the time of year, in western Europe.
      So the wine growers of France have had very damaging frosts in April.
      They have my sympathy !

  2. Evil Dr. Strangelove Just Declared that the “Un-vaccinated Are Threat To Humanity”!
    Several dozen heads of the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and various other globalist bodies have declared that the “Great Reset” needs to include the establishment of a global “pandemic” treaty to ensure that all humans are “vaccinated” in accordance with government edicts.

    … in accordance with government edicts… and Ice Age Eugenics Mandates… Papers, Please.

    Not only did IBM conspire with Hitler, now they’re making vaccine passports!

    • yeah theyd LIKE to enforce it..
      but I do doubt nations will go long with it
      bidet would and so would the ponce in Canada. Putin wont Xi wont and if scomo in Aus suggested it..there’d be opposition

      • The UK, France and Germany would. Johnson played along with a token infection and a couple of days in I.C.U. Bolsonaro seems to be the only state leader standing firm, but the Brazilian media and medical fraternity are uniting against him.

  3. Reiner Fuellmich on suing the WHO for “crimes against humanity“
    Here’s the takeaway.
    We’re in an invisible war for our sovereignty.
    Rich and powerful people are using biowarfare to control us.
    Lockdowns, masks, social distancing, etc, have nothing to do with a virus.
    COVID-19 – if it even exists – is as mild as flu.
    Flawed PCR tests are the foundation of this fake pandemic.
    The vaccine should be avoided.
    Stop complying as much as possible.
    Tell others to stop complying as much as possible.
    Ignore the mainstream media.
    Don’t give up.
    Reiner is an amazing man.
    He will be remembered – for all the right reasons – in history books in the future.

  4. It is about seven months away, but it would be a shame if similar weather arrived during the Glasgow COP26 in November. Our climate conference globetrotters have selected a northern latitude city at approximately 56 degrees. Quite a change from their usual sunnier locales. Hope the weather does not impact their sightseeing trips too much. Of course, if it did it would be blamed on AGW. Guaranteed.

    • It’s not something that happens often in November in the UK. I’m sure it has sometime in history, but I can’t remember it too often. Much more likely to get SW gales and horizontal rain.

      Umbrellas are an optional extra in Glasgow because when it rains hard, in general the wind is strong enough to turn the umbrella inside out….

    • Glasgow in November. They will definitely need jumpers,coats and wellingtons. Lets face it the weeggies will nave moved to sleeved shirts by then.

    • yeah and greebles is having a hissy fit n might not go
      oh pleeease stfu stay away and give us a break

    • Couldn’t agree more. The ultimate irony of Glasgow and Edinburgh airports being closed due to snow and all routes from other airports impassable due to snowdrifts.

      There is still a good chance it will be cancelled again if there are still travel restrictions although you would almost expect COP goers to be given special privileges – they are trying to save the world after all.

    • Agree with Rhys. Glasgow is in SW Scotland [relatively]. So gales and rain are normal for November, not settled, frosty weather.
      The Gulf Stream keeps the west of the UK fairly frost-free, unless there is a blast from the Arctic or a High over Sweden , bringing in easterlies from Siberia.
      November is early for that. WINDY AND WET IS MOST LIKELY IN GLASGOW IN NOVEMBER .

  5. I wonder how much longer it will take for the world to begin realizing that we are entering a GSM, And the beginning of the next glaciation phase of this current ice age(Pleistocene) we are living within?

  6. so the early spring crops are getting a hammering there
    meanwhile down sth weve gone from high 20s low 30s late warmth to 16c today and down to 3c or so for tonight;-/ our autumns been slow warm n far too dry so far

  7. Send the farming bill over to Greta. In any case, for them anything “extreme” can always be blamed on AGW; it’s the perfect unscientific way out.

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