France – Heavy snowfall leaves one dead and 330,000 homes without electricity

All over French TV News today. Road and rail traffic is blocked or severely disrupted in several departments.

Neige dans le Sud-Est: 330.000 foyers privés d’électricité ce vendredi matin.

15 Nov 2019. A 63-year-old driver died in the Isère after the fall of a tree. The sexagenarian was trying to move a fallen tree under the weight of the snow around 7 pm, with the help of others, when a second tree fell on them. A 27-year-old man was also injured and hospitalized in Bourgoin-Jallieu.

330,000 homes without electricity

The “particularly heavy snow” and falling trees caused power cuts, depriving some 330,000 households of power in the Drôme, Isère, Rhône and Ardèche, the power company Enedis announced this morning.

“It’s an exceptional situation because it’s very concentrated in the same area, that’s why we have a lot of damage to our power lines, there are trees torn off, branches weighed down by the snow that come to create short circuits, and the phenomenon of sticky snow that comes to agglomerate on the electrical cables,” said Robin Devogelaere, director of communication for Enedis. It is not yet determined when repairs will be completed because “operations are expected to be complicated.”

Two power lines were cut. The first incident occurred Thursday in Tournon-sur-Rhône (Ardeche) when under the weight of the snow a power line of 20 000 volts fell. A second cable fell in the evening in Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban on 25 houses, whose occupants were evacuated by firefighters.

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12 thoughts on “France – Heavy snowfall leaves one dead and 330,000 homes without electricity”

  1. France is soooo stupid.

    IF they would only turn to Wind and Solar Panels, they would not have any problems.

    A solar panel for each house and a Wind Turbine for each Rue, they would not need Power Lines.

  2. Within the next 5 years people will be wishing that they never ever see another snowflake or
    lump of ice.

  3. Centurion-

    You put your finger right on it. After hosting the Alarmists in Paris, you’d think that all of France would have shut down those nasty fossil fuel burning electric plants.

    I wonder what they’re using for heat in Sweden right now?

  4. it will just be grand people will snuggle by the fire and enjoy the wonderful snow and all its joy and happiness they’ll sing songs have hot chocolate or hot toddies it may be frightful outside but it’s so delightful inside

    • Yesterday the power went off. Our cell phones batteries were depleted. So last night I had a candlelight diner with my wife and my kids. Hmmm, they seem to be pretty good people. :-))

  5. Bill-
    Do you think it will be as delightful when the snow piles up to the rooftops and stays on the ground 6-9 months?

  6. The series of Low presure systems diving South East into the med. over this last 10 days have brought a tidal storm surge flood to Venice, lower than the 1966 surge.
    On Friday the Low which dumped signifcant amounts of rain fall ended up in France heading for Italy and dump massive amount of wet snow at low levels and power on the tops.
    Each major venice flood is during the NH Winter Solar Minimum Period, with Blocking High pressure systems feeding Low pressure system around it Southerly quarter.
    This peer reviewed document discusses the impact of the LIA on Italy, and I think supports the link between GSM and extreems of weather of both Hot, Cold drought and flood.

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