France – Thousands of hectares of crops destroyed by hail

The violent hail storm that hit the Haut-Jura was unusual to say the least in the middle of July.

Twenty centimeters of hail

In a video posted on Facebook, Meteo Franc-comtoise reports that nearly 20 cm (8 inches) of hail fell late Friday afternoon, especially in the town of Morbier.

This follows the storm of hail that fell on a part of the Gironde on Sunday and Monday, destroying 2,000 hectares of vineyards and hundreds of hectares of market garden and cereal crops.

Thanks to Philippe in Alsace, France, for these links

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  1. I know I said it in a previous post, but I wish those of you with some influence can get the name “EDDY MINIMUM” changed to:

    GORE Minimum. We must never let that @$$ get away with it.

  2. A hectare is 100 m on a side.
    2000 hectares is 1 km x 20 km .
    That’s a square about 4.5 km on a side.

    While big, that’s still pretty small in terms of a country.

    It is about 7 square miles, or 7 sections, or 4480 acres, or 2.75 miles on a side… It would fit easily inside the borders of my little farm town of 3300 people. (Not including any of the surrounding farm land)… Many individual farms in the USA are larger than that.

    The big bit, IMHO, is the 8 inch depth in a summer storm…

      • A Hectare is about .4 acres (0.404686 but rhe precision in the article is only single digit thousand so only one significant digit)

        A section is a square mile is 640 acres.

        This was a very intense very hail heavy storm, but concentrated in a small area. They question is: How many of these per year are we going to get as it gets colder?…

        • The other way. One acre is .4 of a hectare. One hectare is about 2.4 acre so 2000 ha =about 5000 acres, or if you want almost 8 sq miles.
          1 hectare is 10 000sq meters and one acre is about 4200sq meters.

  3. I think it was 2013 we were in the Jura when an immense storm hit just after we arrived at our lodgings. The massive hail rattled down for an hour and our car was badly damaged all over. We thought our insurers would write it off but they didn’t and spent c. £3500 on the repair work and loan car for the five weeks it took. The chap who sorted the dents said it was the worst one he’d ever done and could do only so much at a time. Amazingly, the windscreen survived although many others didn’t. That car we shipped to Australia and we can still see the odd little dint in certain lights! The date of this storm was the 30th June, so almost July. The weather had been very hot and humid beforehand. The hail was perfect for the gin and tonics we made in our room as we watched the storm!

  4. Hi Robert
    Thanks for sharing the videos and writing a little comment.
    What do we really wait for, in the coming solar minimum? If the last minimum in 2008-2009 and the current period of low activity is an idea of the weather in the coming minimum, I rather guess we will have a greater occurence of extremes in weather and not obligatory bad and wet summers. For example wet and rainy spring as we had in 2017, followed by a hot and dry summer. This year we had wet and warm spring with thunderstorms and the summer begun dry and warm and is becoming hot. So warm or even hot and dry spells can clearly occur frequently during the season in periods of low solar activity, as I can see it when I read the chroniques written by our forefathers in the years 1800 to 1840. I suspect the advocates of AGW knew that and took advantage of that, focusing only of the warmth and not the cold spells. A weather of extremes yes, related to the change in the jet stream pattern, and bringing cold and dry or warm/hot and dry or warm and deluges of rain etc…depending on were you are located in the pattern and the nature/source of the zonal or longitudinal flux.

  5. I have been watching many YouTube videos about past episodes of Starvation, Disease, and Climate disasters (makes a wonderful Sunday).

    It appears the worse case was 535 AD. Then there is the event around 1200 AD and the “mild” Krakatoa 1883 eruption.

    My point is, with today’s highly stressed, high linked, “on time delivery” civilization, we can not afford anything like these 3 events.

    I am worried. Really. Just one half-way violent Volcano eruption (VEI-5 or up) and we are all toast. It will be a horrific blood-bath/starvation episode.

    These 3 events I have been studying all occurred with a “low” World population. Any of them will easily kill BILLIONS and not just the millions of the past.

    We are not the least bit physically, morally, psychologically or technologically ready for any of it.

    This coming GORE MINIMUM is going to be brutal.

    • Killing billions of people by other means is exactly what the powers that be want. But they need to do it indirectly using psychological warfare techniques, famine, plague, financial problems and moral depravity to get people doing and believing things that will lead to their untimely demise while the elites are seen as keeping their hands more or less clean for as long as it matters. From their point of view, 7.6 to 8 billion people is too many plus they might rebel. 500 million or less on the other hand is more manageable.

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