France – Worst wine grape harvest since 1945

“Mainly attributable to the severe spring frost.” Wine harvest in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Hungary also in trouble.


“At harvests everywhere, in places where we thought there would be a little less, there’s a lot less,”said Jérôme Despey, head of a governmental wine advisory board.

This year’s harvest will be the smallest since 1945, said Despey. He expects a 40% drop in output in the prime wine-growing region of Bordeaux, the country’s largest.

This year’s drop in production is “mainly attributable to the severe spring frost that affected all the wine-growing regions to varying degrees at a sensitive time for the vine”, the agriculture ministry said.

This comes after last year’s devastating harvest,  one of the poorest in 30 years., which was “mostly due to the springtime frost” that hit the Champagne, Bourgogne (Burgundy) and Loire Valley regions, and the lack of rain further south near the Mediterranean.

Devastating freezes two years in a row. Let’s hope this is not the beginning of a trend.

Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Hungary also experienced frost this year, which could diminish harvests by 30% – even up to 60% in some areas.

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  1. “Devastating freezes two years in a row. Let’s hope this is not the beginning of a trend.”

    Sadly, solar physicists and climate realists have some bad news for vineyards in traditionally temperate regions.
    Hint: better buy some snowshoes.

  2. Unfortunately for the Guardian, the hard left champion of AGW and anti-Hydrocarbon production in the UK and the reporter of socialist truth in the UK.
    The pause in the rise in temperatures over the last 20 years ( a trend) is changing into a significant decline (another trend), at present hidden from the mainstream view by the doctored sleight of hand false colure temperature maps NOAA produces from their heavily sanitised data sets which bare no reality, or users on the ground own empirical evidence.
    You only have to look at the fraud practise by the Australian BOM in doctoring their weather stations not to record temperatures below -10C. In data terms this is the same as removing the Medieval Warm period from the Data records and produces a steep Hockey stick graph much loved by the Warmist to soak even more money from the Government purse and tax payers.

  3. In at least one portion (Upton) of (flat) Suffolk County Long Island NY, the temp went down to 48.2 degrees F at 4:24 AM Today… Upton, LI, NY is home to the Meteorological Services at Brookhaven National Laboratory.. .. Meanwhile the local news/weather (Channel 12) claims lows in the low ’60’s F for Suffolk County, LI, NY; i.e., about a 15 degree difference…. Granted, there’s micro-climate variations: but not that much! … It was Cold early this AM in Suffolk County, NY! … Are some of the common Weather outlets spreading purposeful fibs about the actual Temps so as to please Climate Alarmists?

    • In kenthurst australia on nth edge of sydney thye say the overnight low is 6C. It was 0.5C oat my place at 6-20 am.

      Yesterday it was -0.5C at the same time. Most morningings its 2-4 C.

      At least 10mornings ( 6-30 to 7-30) in winter when i look at the thermometer are -1C to -3 C. I have seen -4c .

      Plus i would be missing many. Maybe twice per year the weather says something less than zero, maybe -1c or 2C.

      They lie all the time

  4. So now the Champagne Socialists at the Grauniad get worried about the possibilities that the climate is showing a cooling trend.

    Ah! Well, jolly hockey sticks chaps and chapesses when the stiff upper lip is frozen solid the rest of us may get a rest from your incessant nonsense.

  5. I have something very odd and supposedly rare happening to my potato plants. They are flowering and making little green tomatoes.
    Yes tomatoes.
    Potatoes and Tomatoes are part of the same family along with peppers, and eggplants. The Nightshade or Solanaceous family.
    I’ve been growing potatoes for about 7 years now and have never had them bloom and fruit.
    According to the University of Michigan, this only happens during unusually cold springs and summers.
    Guess my potato plants haven’t heard of global warming.

    PS the little tomatoes they produce are toxic. Inedible. Don’t eat them.

    PSS the seeds inside the potato/tomatoes will produce edible tubers but they will not look like the parent plant. Looking forward to planting them and seeing what I get.

    • The small tomato shaped object is in fact the potatoes seed pod.
      Remove them from the plant, otherwise you will have seed potatoes growing in next year’s crop rotation. _ More weeding!
      It’s also poisonous as is the leaves and stems of potatoes and tomatoes.

    • wow now thats amazing! pictures would be great to see.
      even more fascinating will be what grow from those seeds!
      i know they GM crossed a spud below n tomato above a few yrs ago but dont think they got much buyer appeal somehow.
      and they were expensive at around 15$au+per plant novelty value only really.
      we’ve had almost 2 months of frosts and soaked soil and i still have 2 tomato plants alive..theyre near house walls so have been [protected a bit. cape gooseberries were doing well all through the frosts but the supersaturated soils knocking them round a bit now.

      re the coling
      im laughing cos people here were gullible and worried re heat on winegrapes
      so they bought huge areas in tasmania which is ALWAYS a lot cooler than mainland aus
      well that might go pearshaped in a big way as it keeps cooling;-)

      • They aren’t GM crosses; they are seed plant micro grafts! then grown on under nursey conditions until ready for sale.
        Genetically the Tomato and Potato are from the same historic genetic parent and very similar in % terms, much the same, as many of the Great Apes including Humans, although the difference genetically is much larger 4%+.
        Grafting is the splicing of two similar plants together, such as Apples and to dwarf root stocks.
        Genetic modification is the long term breeding of plants or animals, or identifying the required Gene required and inserting it into the plant or animal in question. This can be to change or more importantly, correct the genetic outcome.
        Humans over time adapt to the climate they are living in over many generations, the example is the Scandinavia modifications during the last great Ice Advance and its retreat into this Interglacial, Human’s living on the edge of the Tundra evolved from dark haired, brown eyes Latin types into the Blond or Redhead, blue and green eye colour version they are to-day.
        One feature of that genetic change is the hair colour pigment change is sunset claused, after middle thirties, those blond and red hairs turn pure white over time, so I can say it’s taken me 40 years to get to this shocking white colour of hair LOL. All thanks to some of my Northern ancestors.

  6. This is to be expected with Globalist Warming, ya know.

    As Man Made Warming gets warmer, it will snow more, get colder, have no “summers”, crops will die.

    These are all expected results of a Warming Planet, and all the Globalist Man Made Warming “Computer Models”, since 1965, have proven this to occur.

    So relax. This is all normal effects of Globalist Warming.

  7. French Bordeaux is my absolute favorite vino but remember that it wasn’t only France that suffered the killing frosts this spring; Germany, Austria, Switzerland and others suffered a dramatic loss of their apple, pear, and other fruiting crops. I’m sure we’ll be seeing/hearing more stories of the losses they incurred once the harvest season gets underway in those locales.

  8. Oh dear. A bad harvest. A sorrow to drown. Never mind. I think I will help myself to another wee dram of whisky.

  9. Here in West Virginia, our response to last year’s cool, wet summer which blighted many of our vegetables, has been to build 12″ raised beds (16 ft x 5 feet) and they have worked extremely well for us, resulting in better drainage during torrential rainstorms, and fast heat-up of soil in Spring. Temperatures here have gone from record highs (97F) to torrential storms and record lows, and back to record high. This HAS been a great stressor on the fruit and vegetables, as growth is stopped as temps get higher than 85F, and then torrential rain causes tomatoes for example, to split and rot.

    Regarding Texas, due to the “extreme” climate back in the 16th Century (floods and drought that affected that area during the last Little Ice Age) many settled tribes saw crop failures, death and starvation, and reverted back to a hunter-gatherer existence, joining (and warring with) the bison-hunting tribes on the Great Plains to the North.

    Cattle farmers in Southern Texas Face a Disaster right now.


    About 1.2 million beef cows are in the 54 counties that have been declared disaster areas due to Hurricane Harvey, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The total is a “conservative estimate” and encompasses 27% of the state’s herd, according to Texas A&M University livestock economist David Anderson.

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