France – Worst wine harvest since 1945

BBC says global wine production will hit a 50 year low this year – blames ‘extreme weather’ for the drastic decline.


The BBC today reported that global wine production will hit a 50 year low this year,” says reader Ptolemy2. “The reason given is ‘extreme weather’ but they don’t say what kind of extreme weather. That’s because the reason is spring cold and late frosts this year. They are downplaying that politically incorrect cold weather story.”

Here are estimates of the drops in wine production by country:

•  Italian production will fall 23% to 39.3 million hectolitres.

•  French production will drop 19% to 36.7 million hectolitres … its worst harvest since 1945.

•  Spanish production will be 15% lower at 33.5 million hectolitres.

•  A hectolitre is 100 litres, equivalent to about 133 standard 750mL bottles.

The BBC may blame ‘extreme weather,’ but back in August the French agriculture minister presented a more honest picture, saying that the losses were “mainly attributable to the severe spring frost.”

Bitter cold struck twice within a week in April, ravaging fragile shoots and buds.

Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Hungary also experienced hard frosts this year, and were worried that wine harvests could fall by 30%, even up to 60% in some areas.

I think Ptolomy2 is seeing clearly. I also worry that people will be blind-sided by the coming cold and snow.

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  1. Is there such a thing as wine futures? Between California burning up and France freezing, that two buck Chuck might just cost a bit more come Christmas.

  2. A wine seller I know confirmed those facts a couple of days ago. He talked about a production loss of 30% in Italy. Wine price could double in may 2018.

    • what I was thinking too;-)
      means we oughta stock up ourselves or pay crazy prices/miss out.
      i dont drink more than a bottle a yr but some mates will be seriously concerned;-)

  3. Great. Now we can see the next catch-phrase that is going to be used against us by our Leaders:

    “Extreme Weather”

    Global Warming is so 90’s. ………it didn’t work……..Climate Change isn’t scary enough, at least for this time of year with Halloween coming up………but EXTREME WEATHER screams pain and destitution.

    Man Made Extreme Weather……..perfect.

  4. Also, in a few short weeks (or less!) Three quarters of the north pacific is now cooler than average, after being mostly warmer than average??? Those few storms and lack of sunspots possibly cooled things down quick!

    • Remember last year around this time that the North Pacific was much cooler than normal, in part because of the above normal NH snow cover across Siberia and eastern Asia? Well this year it’s looking much the same—western parts of Russia are far above normal for snow cover extent:
      Parts of south central Canada and the far northern Great Plains/Great Lakes will be getting hit with snow beginning tonight as well, which—despite the chance it won’t last all that long given the time of year—will still increase the planet’s surface albedo for as long as it lasts, something the AGW crowd should applaud as it means less heat to be retained by our increasing CO2 emissions.

  5. Actually, the entire Eastern Pacific looks cooler or colder than average now, and that’s a dramatic change or departure since a few, or maybe a couple weeks ago. By the looks of it, just eyeballing it, I’d say 2/3 cooler than average. Not sure if La Nina helped turn it over or what, I wouldn’t think that could account for all of it. It’s a major change, especially in the northern hemisphere, and I almost wonder if it’s possible or this source is accurate. Certainly appears official, sort of the meteorologists news source.

    • Not sure if La Niña is going to be relevant this winter or not. The graph for the Niño 3.4 region is already showing a return to normal (read: zero anomaly) across its entirety as evidenced by the link through this website at—the “official” graph is on a monthly, not weekly, basis and as such is already two weeks behind the curve, so to speak.

      What’s more remarkable is the lower anomalies in the SE Pacific, off the coast of South America, and in the far western Pacific surrounding the Indonesian archipelago. Those are some of the warmest waters on the planet. Granted, they’re not as deep as in other parts of the great oceans but the SST’s measure the surface temperature, which belies deeper trends to a point.

  6. The Grape vine is one of the few fruiting plants domesticated by man that is heavily climate change intolerant, the potato is another.
    It will grow in cooler climates but not fruit as well, as in the warmer temperate climates such as central southern Europe.
    My garden in the English midland is currently at its Northern edge. If AGW had been based on real, proven science instead of a politisized ologists fraud we should have expected grapes to be harvested in the Central belt of Scotland within 10 to 15 years. Unfortunately as with all good Ponzy Schemes, they unravel, and we will be lucky to be able to grow grapes on the South Coast of the UK within 30 years as the climate effects of the Modern GSM develops.
    You can liken the grapes growing range to the tree line between Northern Forests and the polar tundra, and the permafrost underneath it.
    For example the 88E drill into Alaska South of Prudoe bay has to content with 150 meters of permafrost, the brief Polar Summer only manages to unfreeze the first 1m hence its boggy nature.
    That underground glacia will take a significant amount of AGW Glowbull to melt it.

  7. Within 5 years the Northern Hemisphere will be screaming for just a bit of Global Warming, which will just not reappear for about 35 years. It’s going to be a long hard winter & let’s hope you’ve still got a few thermal power stations left.
    If you can still afford wine Australia South Africa & some South American countries produce a couple of good drops!

  8. Hit us in the south-east of England where most wine is produced. A local I spoke said he lost 75% of blossom but said there could be a second one but not as good as the first. What caused this were TWO – yes just 2 – heavy frosts in mid April. Damaged other plants, even oak trees showed leaf damage.

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