Fraud – Man-Made Climate Change & CO2 – Video

Fraud – Man-Made Climate Change & CO2 – Video

Meteorologist Chuck Weise describes the man-made global warming cover-up as a fraud; as fraudulent science.

The idea that there is a scientific consensus that CO2 is driving climate “is nonsense,” says Weise, who has a degree in atmospheric science. “It’s just not true.” Just look at the Oregon Petition Project, which was signed by more than 31,000 scientists. It contained these words:

 “There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will…cause catastrophic heating of the earth’s atmosphere.”

It is just not there in physics that CO2 could have such an effect on the climate, says Weise. The sun is driving the climate.

“In the realm of Real Science” where real evidence is required, Al Gore’s theory has completely collapsed,says Weise.

“We have some serious integrity issues in the scientific community.”

“These people pull underhanded dirty tricks in order to lie to the public about what the climate is doing.”

“CO2 is not related to what drives the climate.”



And when it comes to the doomsday talk of “unprecedented” global warming, Weise trashes that concept too.

There were “definitely” periods in the past that were warmer than today, says Weise. They include the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman warm period (during Christ’s time) and the Minoan warm period, about 1,500 or so B.C.

When you look at the above graph, it’s easy to see the downward trend in temperature over the past 1,500 years.

Rather than destroying our energy sources, “we need to look for new sources of energy,” says Weise. “This green stuff is a farce.”

Thanks to Lars Larsen for this video

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  1. Squirrel Nuts the facts.
    1. Young scientist writes paper on the decline of red squirrels.
    2. No one cares … no funding to complete research.
    3. Your scientist tearing slightly.
    4. Goes to BBQ meets old mate who listens to sad story.
    5. Old mate say change the title…read red squirrels cannot get nuts due to Climate Change.
    5. Every Academic and dodgy corporation offers funding!!!
    6. Get it?

  2. Using the same graph, in my presentation in 2009 I said the same thing:
    For further reading since then, two peer- reviewed papers to chew on: and
    Group-think pseudo-sceptic groups like CFACT and GWPF refuse to accept the scientific fact that there is no “greenhouse effect” in our atmosphere and their stated opinion that “the warming is not as bas as UN IPCC indicate” merely supports the false science that carbon dioxide “enhances the natural greenhouse effect”. As I state on my website: CO2 Cool You Fools: Get the facts, make the right decisions.

      • I should mention that using someone else’s work without citation or acknowledgement is regarded as plagiarism.

        To continue to use it without consent when the author has requested you remove it is dishonest and the actions of a person lacking in any moral fiber !

        Please remove my original work NOW !

  3. The graph from Carter 2007 is telling, the modern warm period has already peaked and cooling has commenced. Every warm period peaks and abruptly falls into a major cooling period after a 10 year lag period. As the Solar energy production, and the EUV with it falls away to solar minimum levels. The fall is further enhanced by the gravitational impacts of the AMP event, as the Sun completes its trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre and provides the gravitational triggers for the major volcanic events which every Grand Solar Minimum is accompanied with.

    The chart shows that the rise in temperature is consistent for each 172 year solar cycle. It also shows the reoccurring Gleissberg cycle, of 70 to 80 years as a series of pauses in the temperature trend. The 1890 to 1940 period can be seen before the warm period rise to max which ended in 2008.

  4. During the Roman warm period, Hannibal and his army cross the Alps on elephants!

    To understand the fraudulent science you must understand that most climate research is federally funded. The academic institutions put pressure on their professors to get research grants, because the institutions take 15-20% of the grant off the top as “overhead.” That’s why you hear that professors must “publish or perish”. But in order to get the grants their proposals have to show they intend to find global warming. Like “How the Red Squirrel is being Decimated by Global Warming.” If they then fail to come thru w the crooked conclusions, they won’t get another grant, and will be poorer & very unpopular w their administration.

    So the real power is w the federal funding– just another part of our govt which has been captured by the oligarchs.

    However a lot of the really terrible science fraud you hear is a misrepresentation of merely slightly fraudulent science. The media often put a headline on the story, which isn’t substantiated in the story itself.

    • Very good point about the university overhead angle, although it’s usually more than 50%. Same at the US National Lab system, as “fully burdened M&O overhead multiplier”.

    • Quote:
      Like “How the Red Squirrel is being Decimated by Global Warming.”
      For the last 300 years most wild country in the UK has been a hunting and fishing preserve, for deer, Grouse and other game birds as well as game fish such as Salmon and sea trout.
      Because Game birds are stupid imports, they can’t cope with predators, with Mink being one of them. So most Gamekeepers eradicated every predator they could find, including Pine Martins, and other larger predators, as well as Raptors.
      Recent research has shown that Grey squirrels outperform Reds, a because they are tree rats, and they contain a virus which is lethal to Reds.
      However, reintroduce Pine Martins, over time the Greys are eradicated and the Red recolonise areas they used to inhabit. The reason given by the researcher is that Grey are as stupid as game birds, and the Red are too intelligent for their own good.
      The UK is about to lose its specie of Water Voles not because of water pollution, but because the Green Socialist Animal rights nutter who have release thousands of mink all over the UK from fur farms.
      The same Green Nutters who are shoving AWG propaganda down our throats. So next time they shove a begging bowl under your nose in the street, think of Ratty a water vole, as you are next on their list for eradication.

  5. The video is bringing out all of my points .

    The weakening of the magnetic field if it continues will have to be dealt with because it is going to have climatic consequences.

    Again being largely ignored despite the evidence from the past which shows magnetic excursions if not out right reversals having an impact with the climate to one degree or another.

    When the solar/geo magnetic field are in tandem this is when the climatic impacts will be greatest.

    Any uptick in silica rich volcanic major eruptions is going to have a climatic impact.

    The DIFFERENCE with this low prolonged solar period of time is the magnetic field unlike during the Little Ice Age is much weaker now then it was then.

    Anyone that thinks changes in magnetic fields (solar/geo) are not going to have any impacts is foolish to say the least.

    Again threshold levels are in play and have to be reached in order to appreciate the effects it has.

    That is the problem everyone thinks all changes no matter how slight have to have some clear cut climatic impact not true. It needs a level of change in degree of magnitude ,duration of time to get that more of a direct climatic impact.

    Then you have the issue of solar flairs. As the magnetic field weakens the strength of a solar flair needed to do major damage to the electrical grid will decrease.

    Robert please keep us updated as to what the geo magnetic field is doing. We need to stay on top of this.

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