Freak cold in the Andes kills hundreds – “Experts see the fingerprints of global warming”

I’d like to think that I’m making a difference in debunking the global warming scare. But then I see an incredible article like this.

Entitled “In the Andes, freak cold extracts a brutal toll,” the article came out just two days ago on

The writer, Emily Kirkland, who is studying Economics and Latin American Studies at Brown University,  spent the summer of 2011 researching Peru’s efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

“Over the past three years,” writes Kirkland, “bitter cold spells and frosts have made life in El Higueron – and throughout most of the Peruvian Andes – increasingly difficult. As paradoxical as it seems, scientists suspect global warming is to blame.”

“In 2008 and 2009, frigid temperatures descended on Peru in March and April, almost three months before the start of the Southern Hemisphere winter,” Kirkland continues. “The unseasonable cold not only killed livestock but contributed to the deaths of almost 250 children across the country.”

“The winter of 2010 proved even worse. After temperatures plunged to 46-year lows, the government declared a state of emergency in 16 of the county’s 24 regions. In some areas, temperatures reached 24 degrees Celsius below zero, or 13 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. More than 400 people died, most of them children.”

Kirkland does a good job of quoting residents, government officials, and development workers who say that frosts and cold waves across the area – from the town of Yungay in the central Andes to the southern Cusco region to the northern province of Piura – have grown more extreme.

But incredibly, in the face of all of these facts, in spite of all of this talk about brutal cold, Kirkland comes to the conclusion that global warming is the culprit.

Six-hundred and fifty people dead from the cold – and she blames global warming!

Looks like I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

See entire article:
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27 thoughts on “Freak cold in the Andes kills hundreds – “Experts see the fingerprints of global warming””

  1. Talk about ideological blindness!

    The so called “climate expert” will still blame global warming when 3 km of ice will cover north america!

  2. Robert, some are lost causes. Don’t knock yourself out to try to convince them. That reasoning part of their brain died long ago. A liberal by any other name, well, you know.

  3. Robert
    The sad thing is that this the only web site I have come across. That really takes a in depth look at the global warming scam.
    Your web site has made a difference for me.

    • for heavier discussions try wattsupwiththat some really in depth data and discussions and brilliant pages for enso solar etc.
      and for a cutting humour on it-
      real science steven goddard, sarcasm and heaps of interesting bits especially lately OLD weather reports worldwide showing every single thing the church of gore and co call unprecedented actually has a lot of precedent..
      Like Robert…in spite of the blank faces and but but the TV says…
      we ALL need to keep reiterating the FACTS! the temps are not rising the seas arent either. we are fighting huge media and Faux science and financial interests that seek to prosper mightily from AGW fantasies, it takes time and persistance to counter their agit prop but, it CAN be done. I’ve lost count of the folks I send here and elsewhere to go and DO your research and then…get back to me:-)
      strangely they tend to shut up re warming after a good read.

      • I do not see how people,can buy into “Global Warming” the writing has been on the wall for the past 4 years the planet has been getting cooler! They pin down key “Isolated events” for example: the United States Abnormal Warmth,”even though the rest of the planet is below normal”.

  4. Robert,
    It’s like talking to a post, don’t waste your time. Years ago I was in a discussion with an individual about ice being gone from the Artic. I told them to go to such and such website and look at the satelite to verify that ice was still there. I was told that they did not have to do that, because they knew there was no ice anylonger in the Artic. You just can’t win.

  5. Robert, it’s tough to reason with people who states that (P) implies (no P), in Spain I know a lot of them.

  6. For many, I think the problem is that they are looking for an answer to the perceived problem (cold) and the only thing they “know” or hear about is “Global Warming”. Because the media never reports on anything called Global Cooling, Ice Age, etc, whenever anything out of the ordinary occurs, they automaticly attribute it to Global Warming – this has become somewhat of a mantra.

    Yes, this makes them lost causes to a certain extent, but I’m sure if any of the media started reporting Global Cooling, the connections would be made in more than a few minds. Right now, I’ll bet there are a lot of people who simply find it hard to swallow the idea that Global Warming could be causing such cold – even as supposedly short-lived “cold snaps”….

  7. What Ms. Kirkland and TDO(The Daily Climate) apparently do not understand is that the cold comes from above. That is to say that globally, the areas of high elevations such as the Andes, the Himilayas, the Rockies, the Alps, Kilimanjaro, etc., is where the -ahem- ‘climate change’ first becomes evident. A cooler Earth atmosphere means a steeper temperature gradient with altitude.

    It’s preposterous to make the attempt to blame the fiction of anthropogenic global warming for the unprecedented higher elevation cooling and subsequent glaciation that has been occurring for almost the last entire decade… GLOBALLY!

  8. The writer is studying “economics” and “Latin American Studies at Brown University.” This in and of itself should be sufficient information to accurately gauge from which direction her education has come. For those still in the dark, “Brown University” isn’t a Conservative Institution.

    So, what you have here is another Left Winger attempting to ride the Global Warming Horse win, place, or show…

    Emily Kirkland is a Left Wing Ideologue. And, as the saying goes… You can’t fix stupid!

  9. It’s not that the establishment is ignorant of the facts. The “global warming” spin is a deliberate and calculated lie by the hidden powers in control. The purpose is population control. Governments are never on the side of the people, but, as always, since there were governments from the beginning, only for the few who conquer and control everyone not belonging to their select group.

  10. You are making a difference!!! I share the word even if people know but dont understand. I run into more and more people that see and are awaking to what is going on. So be the beacon for them!!

    • IMO they’re not placing enough importance on the Sun, just because they don’t know the Sun well enough. But, I understand that an honest mistake is part of the true evolutionary acquisition of knowledge.

  11. The lady is right. It was stated at the outset of global warming. There will be wild fluctuations of weather. Not just extreme heat ( look at Texas and much of the country this past summer) but extrene cold as well (eastern Europe now). Here in the USA this has been the winter without a winter. What say you to that. Wake up people and doom sayers of this web-site. You are wrong and AL GORE IS RIGHT.
    Sorry. History will prove me right. Science works!

    • I don’t know what history you’re talking about, because the one that describes the lives of humans on Earth will be marked by a continuous cooling period from now on.
      How long, how deep we still don’t know, but the great “madness” of pseudo-science of the IPCC and others will not last for much longer.
      You’re right, “science works”, but pseudo-science doesn’t.

  12. Of course it is caused by global warming, which is being caused by all of those people in Eastern Europe burning fossil fuels to try and keep warm. Shame on them and for us here for stealing all of the warming and not letting them have any over there!

  13. You are making a difference. About a year ago I was involved in a heated argument with a co-worker concerning agw. I turned him on to your site. About a week later he actually came back and apologized.

  14. I am so happy that there are still a few folks out there who are not so easily lead around by the nose. The theorists who predict a mini-ice age caused by global warming claim this will be the result of melting Arctic ice cooling the Gulf Stream. There is currently no evidence of that happening and even if it were how can this possibly relate to the Andes??

    Far more credible is the evidence that the cold trend is due to the period of Solar Hibernation we are entering due to the dying out of sun spots.

    What is just incredible to me is the arrogance of politiciansions in thinking that our puny efforts can actually somehow control weather, and/or climate. This is just a ploy to control US.

    • I agree. Their models “make no sense” because virtually everything they predict does *not* happen and at some points they invoke “chaos theory” to explain how the very laws of physics must be bent to make their models work, like when accumulated “heating” causes widespread cooling/freezing.(!)
      I believe we’re all learning a big lesson here (warmists or not), that true Science cannot be made with our minds thinking about our pockets all the time.
      It’s a spiritual lesson.

  15. Oh, well, I`ve been living in Peru for over 6 years. I think that the above article is somehow exagerated! People in the High Andes die during the coldest, winter months mostly because they DO NOT have any heating in their shacks and they live just too high in the mountains! Yes, the temperature before down at over 14000 feet may fall briefly to -20 F, but it rises again to about 50 F during the day. If there is any stronger wind that acompanies the low temperature at night, that may cause a lot of problems.I live in Cusco at the elevarion of 3600 m / 11800 feet above sea level and I`ve never observed and temperature lower than 26F and for a very brief period of time.

  16. Hi to everyone! I just want to add up to my previous commet, that the deaths occuring in the Peruvian Andes are not due to freezing but as the result of pneumonia and that almost all the victims are young children. On the other hand I can see more snow on the higest peaks of the Andes on the east side of the mountain range.

  17. I believe the best approach is just to ignore the “warmists”, because to begin with their models don’t even make sense!:-).
    In true science the researcher is not expected to pay attention to myths, unless they contain some clue about *objectively observable facts*. Otherwise, they’re just myths and fruits of people’s imagination or fears, which bear no relation to reality whatsoever.
    I place the IPCC models and the “warmist” crowds in the latter category.
    We cannot change their minds and their behavior and their unfounded beliefs, but I’m certain Mother Nature will very soon.

  18. Typical college professor type dump down to follow the line of not thinking outside the box. Plus she is a Economist and a Socialist what does really know about the science of climate and about volcanoes. When a volcano erupts it put out more CO2 than a good size city. Doesn’t she understand that it is the middle of the summer in the Andes and things like aren’t suppose to be happening. I course she never was taught that at her Ivy League school.

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