“Freak September snowstorm” – Major power outages in Calgary

It IS still summer, for cryin’ out loud!

Thousands of Calgary homes and businesses are still without power after a freak September snowstorm blanketed the city, and officials are expecting some Calgarians will have no power overnight.

According to Enmax, 30,000 customers are currently without power.

More power outages are expected as snow-laden trees continue to fall around the city.

In the city’s northwest, fallen trees blocked sidewalks, roads, bike paths and parking lots.

Tree damage was exacerbated by the deciduous trees still decked out in green leaves and unable to carry the weight of snow piling onto the branches.





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7 thoughts on ““Freak September snowstorm” – Major power outages in Calgary”

  1. It IS still summer, for cryin’ out loud!
    It was during the recent Solar Modern Warm Period.
    The amount of energy being produced at the UV end of the spectrum by the Sun suggests its late autumn at high latitudes and at high altitudes.
    As the current Solar Cycle is the first in a series of cycles which emit very low outputs in energy terms even during Max periods, collectively are termed a Solar Minimum. During these periods both Hemispheres experience early starts and late ends to the Winter periods, the Winters are long and harsh and the extent and severity depends on the positioning and stability of the Polar jet streams to remain locked into to a single track over a regional area of the earth.
    The jet streams also meander much deeper over each Hemisphere bring cold air much closer to the Tropical areas, and as per last winter, warm air high into oceanic Arctic areas such as Alaska and the North West of North America. Looks like Winter is on a repeat rinse cycle only much worse

  2. We had a storm back in 2011…..it was a Halloween blizzard in Connecticut….Most of the deciduous trees still had their leaves and we got roughly 20 inches of snow….I can hear the trees snapping it sounded like shotgun rounds going off around me…Lost power for a week in sub freezing weather was not fun….I had a propane powered camping stove that worked for cooking but getting heat was a challenge in an apartment…. Good luck Calgary

  3. Either it will melt in a day or two when the chinook comes through or there is something going on that might be related to climate change and it has nothing to do with warming. Doctor Abdusamatov might be right after all.

  4. Snow DOES NOT STOP in Russia, too. “In Ergaki passed the first snowfall. In the mountains in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory snowed. Today, social networks began to appear photos taken in the mountains Ermakovskogo district, about recreation in Ergaki – there is already a lot of fallen snow. Local residents report that the snow does not stop, the road conditions due to snow deteriorated, and motorists should be careful when driving through the passes to Tuva and in the opposite direction.
    According to weather forecasts, such as the weather holds in the natural park all day tomorrow – the day the air warms up to +3 ° C, and in the morning and at night will be -1, -2 ° C. Night from Saturday to Sunday the temperature drops to -4 ° C, and then the region will begin to warm up.
    It is worth noting that the very first snow in the Krasnoyarsk Territory was recorded last week in Norilsk.”

  5. Here in the mid Atlantic every summer since 2008 has gotten cooler. In 2008 we started with 90 degrees in the beginning of June and it lasted till the beginning of Sept. The lows through out that period never got below 70+ degrees at night.

    Each year has been greeted with less 90 degree days (from about 90 days to less than 30) but the lows maintained around 70.

    This year, we saw very few 90 degree days and the lows got as far down as the low 50’s.

    The world here is certainly getting cooler.

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