Freak snow storm in London

“Snow hell in APRIL'” reads the headline. “Freak storm sends Londoners into a frenzy.”

26 April 2016 – It’s turned into a white April for the capital – with many taking to Twitter to share snaps of the utterly bonkers weather.

Londoners jaws dropped as snowflakes began to fall this afternoon.

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11 thoughts on “Freak snow storm in London”

    • The wonderful Met Office is now saying that this kind of weather is completely normal for the end of April. Who do they think they’re fooling?

      • Dumbed down idiots are whom they are fooling. Air heads believe almost anything they hear/see on the MSM.

  1. Nice pic of Westminster Bridge. We had 2 bursts of snow in the City but I don’t think it settled like that. Back home yesterday evening there was a good snowstorm for 10 mins. This is just weather with a perfectly good explanation but since the Warmists lie about last year’s warmth being a sign of the flat temps rising again and not mentioning the big El Nino, why shouldn’t we say this is proof of global cooling. Looking forward to the rapidly growing La Nina.

    • The unseasonal cold weather that we’ve recently experienced in the UK and in Europe and other parts of the world (and is still continuing) is not just ‘weather’ imo, Gerry. It coincides with the fact that the tsi plummeted over the last week or so, and even if it’s very slowly climbing up again, it’s still low. Sunspots are getting fewer and weaker. As they say, ‘it’s the Sun stupid’!

    • Gerry, this just might get you back on track, and even get it together, geoengineered snow has never been weather.

      http: // www. geoengineeringwatch. org/geoengineering-watch-global-alert-news-april-30-2016/#comment-229950

  2. Geoengineering in plain plane sight
    And the sheople still can’t get it right,
    sprayed every night, sprayed every day
    the chemtrails paint such a delightful grey,
    no matter, it’ll soon be alright,
    whilst bending over, be sure to hold tight.

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