Irish Airport covered in blanket of snow – Video

“Freak Weather,” says Irish News.

28 Apr 2016 – “Ireland West Airport Knock shared a video showing their runway totally covered beneath a blanket of thick snow, after it fell over the course of just one hour.”

“Airport staff looked to capitalise on the situation by offering skiing lessons on the runway.”

Thanks to Aubrey Smyth for this link

4 thoughts on “Irish Airport covered in blanket of snow – Video”

  1. On the morning of 27th April snow lay on the ground down to the 200 foot contour in Belfast. Snow fell on the same date in 2015. Rather late in the season of course but this kind of weather was more common before the 1990’s.

    • I’m 65 and have lived in the north of Ireland all my life. I can recall snow lying on the Belfast hills as early as the third week of October. I have photos of early morning snow lying in my garden in the middle of May. During the’ Little Ice Age’ in Ireland the winter of 1739/40 was noted for snow and frost well outside the winter period.

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