Free Speech Shut Down

Tech giants effectively disenfranchising more than 72 million conservatives.

Parler, the alternative social media platform favored by conservatives, now finds its internet access shut down as Twitter, Amazon, Apple and Google have all booted it from their platforms in a span of a little more than 24 hours.

Amazon will remove Parler from its cloud hosting service, Amazon Web Services, tonight at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

The decision will shut down Parler’s website and app until it can find a new hosting provider.

“Yeah, we were number one until the fake news rage mob at Twitter and your anti-competitive friends went after us,” Parler’s CEO John Matze said to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

They’re shutting down the President of the United States!

It is truly scary to me that these tech giants have such power over me.

They are shutting down my access to my President. That is unconscionable.

Meanwhile, President Trump is scrambling to find new media options.

21 thoughts on “Free Speech Shut Down”

  1. Now you know why the people that own or manage these tech companies have been run out of 109 countries and smaller jurisdictions over the centuries.
    This time they have gone too far.

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  3. This is the Bolshevik Revolution 2.0, and if you ever read Gulag Archipelago it got really bad the first time – millions sent the ice house gulags where they died horrible deaths.

    Amerika is now a Communist nation. Sad

  4. They are simply following the directives of their CCP stockholders. China has purchased large segments of US media and entertainment over the past several years which is something that we should never have allowed to happen. Just like Communist China now in the USA no opposing opinions are allowed that contradict the official Communist narrative.

  5. A great many universities have the same MO. Big Brother is making great strides in this nations. There are far too many AINOs–Americans-in-name-only–in our country. Keep your powder dry! They’re coming after us.

  6. Do Bloggers Dream of Electric Straightjackets?
    “Remember the Days of Many Opinions,
    All Freely Expressed by the Minions,
    Protected by a Bill and Constitution,
    Guarding Freedom from Persecution,
    Trashed, to Save us from Terrorism,
    Ethernet OverGods Stopped All Schism,
    These Truth Gods Wrecked then Fitted,
    Reality into What is Now Permitted,
    Perception Management is the Solution
    Nudging Captives to Proper Conclusion,
    No Entering Vaults of Histories Hidden
    Gaining Light from Topics Forbidden,
    Those Who Still Seek, Definitely Damned,
    Detected, Defamed then Socially Banned.”

    Jan. 10, 2021
    “Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt
    (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

  7. The Tech giants effectively disenfranchising more than 72 million US conservatives is just the tip of the Iceberg.
    The Tech MSM censorship extends to the whole democratic, or was, Countries which elect representatives via free and fair elections. Over 1 third of the world population has been disenfranchised, with the other third already under Communist control.

  8. Hi Robert. Many thanks for trying to show us the truth about the weather – the “main stream media” (I use the term in the loosest sense) are complete failing to cover all the extraordinary amount of snow & ice that they said “would be a thing of the past by 2010”.

    If you think the Coronavirus shutdowns are bad, the Socialists are now openly talking about “Climate Emergency Shutdowns” (I fully expect the “main stream media” to start using the term shortly) which will go on and on and on. And be much much much worse than any Coronavirus restrictions.

  9. The ‘cancel culture’ i.e. the communist idea of social exclusion is now hitting the cyber world head on. Apple, Amazon, Google (aka Alphabet), Facebook, and Twitter appear to have joined together in an illegal cabal to silence the conservative voice, and control the market on information.
    Hopefully countries outside of the English speaking west get the message on this and start to set-up their own home grow replacements for all these wannabe globalist.

  10. You can’t have a communist one world government as long as there is free speech. Soon the internet will only consist of porn and government propaganda.

  11. Read and weep…

    Republican decency and desire to always play by the rules has been masterfully played by the left. The protest on the 6th was the largest civil rights protest in American History. The truth is that half of the country is outraged over stolen elections and the bleak future a one-party rule offers to America.
    People are angry because the way this election was run and was allowed to stand means we will never have fair elections in this country ever again. That is the real big issue here. One million of us came to protest and for each one in DC, another five stayed home and rooted. Yet, the propaganda machines of mass media have drilled the word “riot/violence/treason” into the heads of the unsuspecting many so well that the moderate Republicans, “the good Germans” that they turned out to be have blacked out at the word “violence” and stopped thinking at that point. A few handy labels were thrown around, insurrection, riots, treason…. After all, who wants to be a part of the radical traitors group?
    Well done, fake news.
    Our uniter in chief Biden lost no time calling Trump supporters “domestic terrorists.” Yes, go back and listen to his words. Trump supporters are domestic terrorists now. All 75 million of them.
    If you repeat a lie a hundred times it becomes a reality. Patriots arguably broke a door and two windows and roamed the People’s house. This is the least damage we saw for any protest this year. The deaths were not from the patriots’ hands.
    Sadly, this summer we had infinitely more damage and deaths from non-stop protests by BLM and Antifa, widely celebrated by the left. Yet, the damage on the 6th was blown out of proportion with one purpose only- to obfuscate the real issue of the civil rights violations of 75 million people who believed in playing by the rules.

    Bolshevick’s tactics never change: deflect, delegitimize, and demonize in order to annihilate the political opposition. If we are domestic terrorists than any means necessary are ok, right? And the helpful idiots figured that if it is indeed domestic terrorists we are talking about, we want nothing to do with them. And their cause. To be fair, they got scared. And they rationalized their fear by clinging to some imaginary high moral ground to look good in their own eyes.

    Well, people never change. “First they came for others” is playing in front of your very eyes. I got a death threat overnight, my business has been vandalized by graffities, yet again. I cannot pick up a phone without hearing another message of hate. My crime? I am a domestic terrorist for having attended the Capitol rally. Gestapo of the left is ruthless and any means necessary are ok once you make your political opponent into a sub-human.

    I do not blame you for being afraid. It is scary. They go after your livelihood and now, life. Most of our representatives are afraid and that is why they did not stand up for us.
    You know, the older I get the more important it is for me to be at peace with myself than with others. I will stick to that for now. No matter the cost.

    This woman is an attorney in California. She was born in Russia but raised in Mass.

  12. The Nazis burned books, the technocrats burn social media accounts.
    “You will obey!” appears to be their chant, thankfully there are (for now) a few politically agnostic sites to post what others view as heresy.

    As reported here,
    This year the major social platforms – Facebook, Reddit, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube committed to removing coronavirus-related misinformation from their platforms.

    One of the biggest issues with modern social media is the prevalence of fake or inauthentic accounts.
    … It is no secret that social media has been overrun by both bots and fake accounts. In 2018, for example, Facebook closed 1.3 billion fake accounts and revealed that between 4 and 5 percent of its monthly users are fake. On Twitter, some reports estimate that potentially 40 percent of its accounts are fake.
    …The purpose of bot-driven campaigns is to create social disorder by spreading misinformation. This can increase public anxiety, frustration, and anger and weaken the social fabric.

    It is no secret that people on social media say much that the providers of these platforms do not like. Overrun with bots or is it just many, many people voicing comments that Facebook employees dislike? And by who’s judgement in Facebook are those 1.3 billion accounts closed, where is the evidence that they all were bot or fake accounts? Or is it just another one of Facebook’s AI program mindlessly invalidating accounts to Facebook’s immoral standards? And what is the evidence for this claim that bot-drive campaigns create social disorder?

    You will be judged by your social profile!

    After this virtual book burning, where even the President of the US accounts are blocked, there will probably be a virtual Kristallnacht when your hardware will be attacked or disabled.

    First they can for the ‘climate change deniers’ — and I did nothing.
    Then they came for the ‘anti-vaccers’ — and I did nothing.
    Then they came for COVID-19 deniers — and I did nothing.
    Then they came for the US President — and I did nothing.
    They then came for every server company, every comms companies, every social media and news platforms regardless of size — by then I was gagged, re-educated, and vaccinated.

    Soon Googling ‘Freedom of expression’ will result in a single response of ‘What a quaint idea!’

  13. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”
    Silently, democracy was replaced by party politics, perhaps Partyism ? BIG MONEY drove this changeover. I am 70 now and many years ago I became aware that “freedom”and democracy consisted of voting for one of two carefully selected candidates that were pre-selected and presented to us. much like a HUNGER GAMES scenario. We watched this transition but were numb to it like a frog being slowly boiled in water.
    The talk of armed insurrection is absolute absurdity. Even underground resistance would only result in chaos and a more rapid loss of freedoms. The puppet masters love chaos and division.
    The first rule is divide and conquer.
    The second rule is create False Flags ( actions by one group that appear to originate from another) This develops support and commitment.
    A slightly altered version of false flag is to allow bad situations to evolve. eg Pearl Harbor.
    Of course media plays a large role in all of this.
    I fear the time is past when good, honest people could regain their freedom. Independent candidates are subject to ridicule and derision. Any new party would be suspect, and rightfully so.
    Mediums that could have help foster independence, like Facebook et. al. are now in the hands of Partyism and the Puppet Masters.
    Goodnight and farewell.
    I only hope that I am excessively pessimistic.

  14. When you hit them in the pocketbook, they pay attention!

    There is only one non-violent way of fighting back at these media outlets; it’s called
    “Boycott their advertisers”! When 72 million of us (Half the country) overwhelm the advertisers E-mail service with “Boycott all your products until you stop advertising with these companies”, then Twitter, Facebook, and others have no choice but pay attention!
    Don’t forget that if they get away with banning Trump, Republicans, and many others, then “We” here on Iceagenow could become another victim of a complete site shutdown!

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