Freeze could extend all the way to the U.S. Gulf Coast

“Cold, dry Arctic air descends south behind Nor’easter,” Tweets Ryan Maue. “Threat of freezes to the Gulf Coast.”

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“Guess I’ll be covering my blueberry bushes,” saysMom2. “Fortunately though, most of the apples and pears haven’t budded out just yet. We had a warmer than normal Jan and Feb that didn’t give them enough chill hours to really pop with warm weather.”

5 thoughts on “Freeze could extend all the way to the U.S. Gulf Coast”

  1. My understanding is blueberry bushes thrive in colder weather (tho I don’t know where she is living or if blossoms have come out yet). Think Maine …home of the (most delicious) wild blueberry!!

    On the other hand, I’d be concerned about whether this is going to affect Florida citrus crops. Right now the colder weather and snow is predicted SOUTH of me… which is very odd and unusual here.

    • Believe it or not, there are a lot of blueberry varieties for the deep south. University of Florida ag has developed a bunch of them that are low chill hour. We’ve been growing blueberries for nearly 40 years in my family. Delicious too. I freeze, dehydrate and make jam out of about 50 gallons we pick every year.

      My blueberries have bloomed and mostly set little blueberries now. A freeze would be disastrous unless I covered them. Good link about blueberries for the deep south.

      • I knew there were some blueberries you could grow in the South and Southwest… but didn’t know there were that many. Thanks for the info. Hope yours survived the cold spell! We are getting freezing temps still at night (in southern VA)… so I planted peas, lettuce, carrots and brocolli raab yesterday in hopes of a spring crop.

        However, I got spoiled as a kid… wild blueberries are so much better tasting I don’t much care for the cultivated ones… I will spend a lot more to buy frozen wild blueberries than the fresh cultivated ones for that reason. In part because the cultivated ones are so big they always looked to me like the insides were larva or something gross (not that they do… it’s just a thing a kid would come up with).

        If you ever happen to be in Maine in the summer (around 4th of July) please do not pass up the opportunity to get some wild ones.

        • I had wild blueberries as part of a restaurant dessert once when I was in the NE. Incredible flavor. Sadly it’s too warm for the real wild blueberries of the NE to be happy down here. I’d like to grow gooseberries and cranberries too. So sad we can’t grow those either.

          Projected low for Wed night has varied from 38F to 34F to 38F back to 35F now. I’ll have to probably cover them, just to be sure.

  2. Sunny and mild here on the left coast. Wearing shorts and sandals. Washed the car. Going to the beach now.
    Take care.

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