Freeze warnings for both Tucson and Phoenix

Freeze warnings for both Tucson and Phoenix

Actually looks like the entire state will be freezing all the way to the Mexican border. Dropping to 25F (-3.9C) in Tucson. Much, much colder in northern parts of the state

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link


4 thoughts on “Freeze warnings for both Tucson and Phoenix”

  1. It wasn’t quite two months ago that Houston, TX had snow. Today, all of north Texas has snow/sleet & below freezing temps. About 5* to 10 *F lower than the daily average. 2018 was the second wettest rain fall in the DFW region since 1900. I want some Global Warming.

  2. and at the same time Meet the Press is telling us that it’s the hottest period in Earth’s history because of our SUV’s. Anyone who disagrees with them is instantly fired LOL

  3. might help at the border I see they got teargassed trying a rush over the holiday period, throw extreme cold/snow in and it might deter more

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