Freezes in Russia ‘could destroy the crop’

In the south of Russia, spring is in full color. Gardens delight in white and pink. But alarming freezes could worsen or destroy the crop.

At night and in the morning of April 24, freezes persisted in the northern half of Volgograd and parts of the Astrakhan regions. In parts of the Rostov Region, Krasnodar Territory, and the republics of the North Caucasus the temperature dropped to -3.0°C. In the Stavropol Territory, it dropped to -1.0 …- 4.0°C.

The threat of freezing on Saturday still remains in the north of the Stavropol Territory, and from April 25-27 in the republics of the North Caucasus the temperature will drop in places to -1 ..- 5°C.
This whole week was cool and windy. In Moscow, wet snow and snow pellets were noted.

At the end of the week, the freezes returned. In Moscow, the temperature dropped to −2, in the region – to −6°C.

The average daily temperature will remain 2–4 degrees below the climatic norm. The temperature will be close to 0 at night, and during the day from +6 to +10°C.

Next week also will not become a springboard in the spring.

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  1. Thanks. About the CO2 nowadays I refer to The Greens are misusing the present situation to push through their agenda to reduce CO2 not evidence based as usual.

  2. It does not take a genius to know that all these frosts are not miraculously ‘just occurring’ at the same time as CoVid19 lock down.

    This is organised weather warfare as part of a global genocide campaign.

    It makes the nazis seem like pussy cats.

    • “Organized” cyclical GSM and predictable weather related food shortages coinciding with an organized ‘operationalized’ eugenics campaign… also you may find yourself “whipping a U-ie” on your last point before this is all over and you earn your angel wings.

      Celeste Solum back on 02/02/2020 (a palindrome date coincidentally) kinda laid it out for us already. Celeste Solum – “The World As You Knew It Is…

  3. Rhys…are you Welsh? “Rhys” is an original Welsh name .The English version of this is “Rees”. Where do you live ,please?
    Are you being sarcastic regarding the frosts and Covid-19 being part of a “global genocide campaign” ?
    If you are trying to be funny, it is in bad taste. Even youngish people in their 50s are dying of Covid-19?

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