Freezing cold and snow ravage northwestern Tunisia

Dozens of roads closed due to snowfall.
25 Jan. 2019 — Freezing cold ravaged 24 provinces of Tunisia in the last two days with 31 roads blocked by snowfall and rains, the National Guard spokesman said on Friday.

In the northwest of the country, dozens of roads were closed, said Houssem Jbabli.

Heavy snowfall interrupted traffic in the northwestern provinces of Jendouba, Kef, Beja and Siliana, where authorities decided to close all schools and universities, he added.

In the province of Kasserine, primary schools and colleges in some towns suspended classes because of the cold and snow since Tuesday evening.

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6 thoughts on “Freezing cold and snow ravage northwestern Tunisia”

  1. Will there be a shortage of food crops, is the question. Politicians and adherents in west-EU can only think in terms of life is manageable and shortage in food crops, due to bad weather conditions, is something which happens elsewhere in the universe like venus, moon. Even misconceptions like upwarming causes coldness, is quite common. As if the earth is like a refrigerator, Protesting against present climate-management is also stimulated by media and even entrepenuers seems to be in a shock: making bread in a different way can help to cooldown the earth.

  2. To my fellow friends of Robert: Please click on all his stories (and ads), even if you already know about the story. This will up his ad revenue, which he richly deserves.

  3. When Tunisia is frozen you can understand the hysteria about polar bears and how people who love the tropics are petrified of warming. All makes perfect sense.

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