Freezing from Texas to Maine

“Early Wintry Conditions for much of the Eastern 2/3rds of the U.S,” warns the National Weather Service.
Hey! Guess what? Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21!

 “Significant” freeze warning for Mississippi all the way south to Hattiesburg.
Several hours below freezing down into the low 20s.
Significant damage to vulnerable unprotected vegetation.

Freeze warning for Alabama, including Birmingham
Protect pipes, sensitive plants and vegetation! Cold!
Freeze warnings for Louisiana, down to 22 degrees.
Freeze watch for northern Florida

Freeze warning for Georgia
Freezing temps and sleet all the way south to Austin and San Antonio

21 thoughts on “Freezing from Texas to Maine”

  1. So hey Robert, enjoying this warm Texas weather ?
    5 weeks early for winter. North Texas usually doesn’t see hard freezes until after Thanksgiving. Looks like Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.

  2. Where are the AGW Global warming protagonists? Probably having their backsides frozen off. They continue to argue that the early freeze is due to AGW. Many of them are scientists. Ignoramuses par excellence. Waiting for their next AGW research award.

  3. I remember in 1990 playing softball in Pasadena, Texas in a couple weekday evenings or nights where the temperatures were in the 40s F. probably high 40s F.

  4. “Hey! Guess what? Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21!”
    That’s nice but as far as I am concerned in Barrie ,Ontario winter started Nov. 6,2019 and will probably end on the May 24 long week end. Planting will be delayed, spring will be short and wet, summer will be cool and wet and fall will be right after labor day and be followed by winter before Halloween. The estimate may or may not be precise. Stay dry and warm if you can.

  5. Robert you’d better keep a low profile for a while. It is colder in Dallas TX then Seattle WA, so some people may say that you brought the cold with you! Those short tempered texans may organise a necktie party and you’ll be the main attraction.

  6. I live just east of San Antonio and I’ve never seen it get this cold during this time of year. (Granted I’ve only lived here for a little over 10 years) Below freezing temperatures in the middle of November. The worst part is, the people I work with are already indoctrinated and have been trying to tell me that humans are speeding up the natural weather cycles. I tried my hardest to explain that this is part of the natural cycle our planet goes through and I was met with very hateful looks. I’m beginning to lose hope in humanity all over again.

  7. Interesting this morning that temperatures in Toronto and Winnipeg were lower than those in northern towns such as Yellowknife and Iqaluit.

  8. Well, I grew up in MA and used to live in ME and some of my family live in NH. Freezing temps and snow are not unusual in northern New England are now unusual this time of the year. All the years I lived in MA the first snow flakes would be seen on Thanksgiving day… don’t know if they got any earlier this year or not.

    Robert, that doesn’t mean I’m discounting what your saying with respect to places further south…. it’s just not unusual for New England (and I assume also for upper state NY).

  9. trying to write before I’m totally awake (at least my eyeballs aren’t quite awake when I’m typing). The 2ND sentence should read:

    “Freezing temps and snow are not unusual in northern New England this time of the year. ”

    Thanks and sorry about that!

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  11. Yakutia sovereignly has the title of “pole of cold”
    – Meteonovosti-RU

    Russian Yakutia is a monopoly on the “pole of the cold.” There are at least a dozen of them. But Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon are rightfully considered the most famous. While Verkhoyansk holds the palm of the championship, with an absolute minimum temperature of -67.8°C, recorded in February 1892. Oymyakon is only 0.1°C behind, here the absolute minimum is – 67.7°C (February 1933).

    The phenomenon of Yakut colds was explained by atmospheric physicists from the Main Geophysical Observatory named after A.I. Voeikova and the Institute of permafrost SB RAS. The reason for the low absolute minima in Eastern Siberia is the cooling of the earth’s surface and lower layers of the atmosphere in concave relief forms.

    From November to March, a spur of the Siberian anticyclone extends over Central Yakutia and the Yano-Oymyakon plateau. The anticyclonal type of weather, calm, poor solar radiation conditions (the sky is constantly being covered by clouds) and the relief of the Oymyakon basin in the form of a bowl – all this contributes to the flow of cold air down its walls. As a result, a temperature inversion occurs here: air with height becomes not colder, but, on the contrary, warmer. And near the ground it is the coldest.

    A similar picture is observed in Verkhoyansk, only here the temperature inversion in winter occurs due to the dripping of cold air from the spurs of the Verkhoyansk ridge (2.5-3.5 km above sea level) to Verkhoyansk (137 m above sea level).

    Between the two “giants” a kind of rivalry was established for the right to own the title of the “true” pole of the cold of the Northern Hemisphere. Scientists seriously dealt with this issue 20 years ago, the peak of their scientific research fell on the second half of the zero years of our century.

    As a result, the following picture emerged: Oymyakon has not yet matured to take the title of the cold pole from Verkhoyansk, but the drift of the cold pole in the last hundred years from Verkhoyansk to Oymyakon is obvious.

    In the first ten days of November Verkhoyansk retained its leadership: the minimum air temperature here was -40°C on November 10, against -29°C November in Oymyakon.

    But the fact that winter has come to Yakutia seriously and for a long time is an indisputable fact

    November 12 in Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon light snow, the south wind is weak up to 2-5 m / s, the temperature at night is -27… -22°C, during the day -19 ..- 24°C.
    ‘It’s a short summary of the cold giants of Siberia.
    We could call it … ‘cold giant fight’.
    Now Greta could make a speech directly from there, what do you think?

  12. In the UK the meteorological winter starts on Dec. 1st, spring on Mar. 1st etc.
    It’s a “balmy” 7 deg. C at present 17.42 in Yorkshire waiting for more flooding rain.
    All good wishes for your upcoming Thanksgiving and survival of a chilly winter.

  13. I live in North Central Texas. The temperature on my front porch at 6 am was 18°, with a wind chill of -2. In Anchorage, Alaska the temperature was 30°. That temperature difference actually reflects the last ice age temperatures for the two areas. We reckon we may be in the right place for the impending minimum!

  14. Well, here in Oklahoma City, our record low was set in 1911, 14 degrees. We missed it by one degree last night, got down to 15, COLD! BRRRRRR!!!!!

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