Freezing in norther Minnesota – In August

“These are record low temperatures for many areas that typically see average August lows around 50 degrees (10C) ,” reports Fox9.

Temperatures in northern Minnesota plunged to as low as 29°F (-1.67C) yesterday (Aug 24), according to the National Weather Service in Duluth.

Here are some of the readings:

13 NE Clear Lake: 29
Crane Lake Airport: 30
Embarrass: 30
5 E Seagull Lake: 30
5 NW Ash Lake: 32
Bruno: 32

See more low temps:

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19 thoughts on “Freezing in norther Minnesota – In August”

  1. Not a killing frost, of course, but a frost nonetheless. It used to be like this in the 1970’s when I was a kid (as northern Minnesota is near the same latitude as where I grew up in Wisconsin) as I recall some years when it was cold enough during our annual hometown fair that a jacket was a requirement if you wanted to be outside.

    We see from other news sources (links on ClimateDepot) that the current Solar Cycle 24 continues to be the weakest in 200 years and that the recent decadal warming could be explained by a natural sine-wave cycle. We also see that the PDO is nearing negative territory and the Niño 3.4 SST’s are running nearly 0,5°C below normal (click on the landscheidt solar link on this website). One has to wonder, are we set up for a return to a few decades of colder weather?

    I’ve grown cynical and believe that even if we do, the data manipulation by NCDC/NOAA will show an ever-increasing temperature trend. And ultimately, I’m at the point where I no longer care what happens because people are crazy and I want to get off this funhouse ride.

    • Actually 32F and below are killing freezes. 29F and 30F are definintely killing freezes. Any tender plants got killed. Tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash, etc. dead.

      Those temps ended the growing season in those areas for any vegetation that wasn’t covered or protected in some way.

      • Shoots at our place always get a cut off plastic soda bottle placed over them to increase heat plus the crinkles on the bottle base reflect the light different ways causing much decreased internodal length giving more fruit per plant.

    • If they do keep fiddling the figures they will eventually lose the trust of the majority of the people who will see that their claimed say 50F doesn’t match the deep snow outside their house. But then Donald may well have sorted them out before that happens.

  2. Woke up in SE WA State to 41*F, it’s currently 48*F…
    Just to be sure I checked my “Weather App”, AccuWeather said it was 42*F… Not freezing but pretty cold… Our summer didn’t really get hot here until July either.

  3. Here in northern New England this has been the coldest summer I can remember. It has been very similar to the summer of 1991 – where the effects of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption led to a very cold, rainy summer in New England. I can remember the night of July 4ht that year being in the mid – high 30’s.
    This year – outside of a few days in the low 80’s- the temps. haven’t warmed up. Mostly we have had chronic rain. however, when we do get a stretch of high pressure the sunshine seems weak. The blue skies overhead are perpetually opaque – due in large measure to a chronic stratospheric thin cloud layer..ever present and pervasive. In turn, it just doesn’t warm up. Ive seen this before..but never for a whole summer. It seems rather strange and a bit unnerving.

    • That “perpetually opaque” blue sky might be due to the high atmospheric smoke from Western forest fires; same thing with the persistent rains, as soot particles provide a foundation for the formation of cloud and rain particles.

      Of course, alarmists will argue that “local or even regional experiences are not representative of the whole planet.” Well, true enough—but since we don’t live on the oceans, it’s only the land areas that matter, and it’s the local conditions matter for the local people (or regional, by extension).

  4. I was out in the shop and had some music on the nite before these lows and the girl who gave the weather said , the lows tonite will be no higher thaaaan 50. She kinda paused a little, I don’t think she could quite figure why she couldn’t give a low temp. It’s unbelievable what the liars did to not say fa fa fa forty something in central ILL. in august. I still had 44 out in the yard. We should all , if possible ,get a thermometer in an open area away from your house an trees and start reporting the real low temps just before sunup. One guy told me his car told him it was 47, but cars are on warmer roads or driveways that soak up sun and are warm in the mornings, especially in summer, so don’t believe a car. And one new law- no more temp taking for the records in towns ! Maybe we could take em out on golf courses, those already cleared and open areas are everywhere.

    • NOAA already started a “climate reference network” 9 years ago where there won’t be development for 100 years, but won’t report the temps to the public because they don’t agree with the “cooked temps” they have been using to scare the chumps. The swamp stills needs more draining.

  5. The state of Arkansas recorded a record coldest average temperatures for entire state the month of June.
    Broke the last average low that was recorded 3 years ago.

    Makes one ponder if some cities or towns will buried here in the States this winter?

  6. I live in International Falls Minnesota….the other night was a little peculiar, AccuWeather had posted a 6 am temperature of 32 but The Weather Channel app had posted a temperature of 37….I didn’t see any frost outside so I figured the Weather Channel app was right…..after reading this I’m going to back track and say AccuWeather had the temperature right. What’s peculiar is that the Weather Channel app had actually gotten closer to the predicted low….they predicted 37 and AccuWeather predicted 43 for that night. Both were wrong by quite a bit….

    • Predictions are no substitute for empirical reality.
      The Warmist, carbon credit taxation machine prefers predictions based on fraudulent fairy tales which means more dosh for the World Bank and the UN, rather than empirical reality of people’s experiences on the ground, which mean no dosh for the World Bank and the UN fraud.
      Until NOAA is sanitised of the Green Climate terrorists which has taken it over, this climate fraudulent fairy tale pantomime will run and run and cost even more billions.

  7. In at least one portion (Upton) of (flat) Suffolk County Long Island NY, the temp went down to 48.2 degrees F at 4:24 AM Today… Upton, LI, NY is home to the Meteorological Services at Brookhaven National Laboratory.. .. Meanwhile the local news/weather (Channel 12) claims lows in the low ’60’s F for Suffolk County, LI, NY; i.e., about a 15 degree difference…. Granted, there’s micro-climate variations: but not that much! … It was Cold early this AM in Suffolk County, NY! … Are news-related weather reportages of alleged Temps spreading purposeful fibs?

  8. There’s a very good meteorologist[Tim Vasquez] down in Texas that remarked about the current pattern over the U.S. and Canada that it looks like an October-like pattern. October is two months away yet! Heh, so much for catastrophic AGW.

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