Freezing in Tokyo – Coldest in 48 years

Rare and heavy snow sparks chaos in Japanese capital.

Tokyo’s ambulance service has experienced its busiest day in more than 80 years, officials said

“We think the combination of influenza, heavy snow and cold weather contributed to the record high number,” said a spokesman for the Tokyo fire department, which runs the ambulance service.

The mercury in Tokyo dropped to -4C (25F), the coldest in 48 years, according to Japan’s Meteorological Agency.

A rare heavy blanket of snow in Tokyo on Tuesday left thousands of travelers stranded and scores injured.

Japan’s weather agency recorded as much as 23 cm (9.2 inches) of snow in parts of Tokyo.

On the same day, the temperatures in Hokkaido, well accustomed to cold winters, dropped to -31.3 °C (-24.3 °F). Some parts of Hokkaido registered record lows.

And the government warned the glacial conditions would continue.

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