French wine output lowest since 1957 – Italy wine output even lower

“The drop in production will be mainly on account of the hard spring frost,” the French Agriculture Ministry said. 

Wine volume in France will fall 19% to this year, to about 4.9 billion bottles (36.9 million hectolitres ), the ministry forecasts.

That’s the lowest production in 60 years, since 1957, when a spring freeze also destroyed flower buds.

The situation is far worse in some parts of France. In the Bordeaux region, which was hardest hit by frost in late April, production is falling 39% to 3.55 million hectolitres.

For Italy, the numbers are confusing.

According to, Italy’s vineyards suffered less damage from frost and drought, and yet, the same article says that the country’s wine volume is forecast to fall 24% to 47.2 million hectolitres.

That looks to me like more damage, not less.

Either way, it would be hard to say that global warming is the culprit.

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6 thoughts on “French wine output lowest since 1957 – Italy wine output even lower”

  1. Global cooling. It’s on. It’s going to be brutal. Buy stocks in anything that produces heat, insulates, etc.

  2. I am not sure how well received my comment will be but I am a firm believer in chemtrails and geoengineering. Those jet trails that fan out then lead to a milky haze leaving the sky white instead of blue, while all the time harming the ozone layer and letting in more harmful UV light so the sun feels burning on the back of your neck is no laughing matter.
    Fact. Freak weather is getting worse.
    Fact. Terrorism is getting worse.
    Fact. Everything is going up in price, and exponentially so, while wages stay static. When minimum wage was 1st introduced I was on twice that. Now most shop and office jobs pay minimum wage which is £7.50/hr.
    Some freak and selfish nasties have taken control of the economy, the media, Facebook and nearly all of our lives and they get us to incorrectly believe that some extremist Muslims, right wing conservative Christian gun advocates and a fuddy duddy with a freak haircut in Korea are to blame. Not so. A million times not so.
    Pardon my rants but you cannot fight an enemy until you know who the enemy is.

  3. 4.9 BILLION bottles?
    thats an obscene amount of booze!
    dunno what it sells for in euros but even at 10 a bottle thats a massive sum of money..and i bet its far more than that really.
    guess you can tell Im not a plonk drinker;-)

  4. Warming isn’t the culprit, but meridional weather systems are.
    These European wine growing regions were caught on the cold side of a static High, flowing cold North Easterly air from Polar Regions with UK vintners getting caught as well.
    The Meridonial Northerly Jet trapped between the High over Europe and a Low to the South of Iceland blasted warmish, wet air from the Atlantic into the Norwegian Sea and on into the Arctic.
    You may see several repeats each spring over the next few years while the NAO is operating and the Grand Solar Minimum continues.
    I may have to remove the three grape vines I have in my Garden North of Birmingham, the climate allows then to grow vines but not set or keep fruit. Perhaps the grape (tree) line is sinking back to the South Coast.
    During the Medieval Warm Period grapes could be grown in the central belt of Scotland, during the MIA the grape (Tree) line sank to the English South East Coast. In the latter parts of Modern Solar Warm period which ended in 2008 and the pause which followed it, the Grape Tree line got to middle of the UK with a line though Birmingham in sheltered south facing fields and farms.
    Significant amount of money have been invested in these ventures, I hope, against hope that they are not frosted out of existence.

  5. Just two hard frosts in April damaged my fruit trees and even damaged trees such as oaks. Made worse by the warmer spell preceeding it no doubt. Local wine producers said that they had lost 75% of their blossom but hoped for a second round to offset some of the loss.

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