New frontiers of theft – Arrested while stealing endives in a field

They had already taken over 350 plants

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“According to your idea of people fighting for food in the streets, in Italy started the first phase of it: robbery of vegetables from the fields.”

“In recent days the phenomenon of looting in agricultural fields cultivated in the Naples area is increasing exponentially. Two persons, Battista C. and John A., both 39ers, were arrested on a charge, in competition, the offense of aggravated theft of endives.”

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“This is a crisis,” says Italian newspaper. In recent days, looting in agricultural fields in the Naples area is increasing exponentially. Two men, both 39, were arrested on a charge of aggravated theft of endives.

Police on their way to work noticed the two offenders cutting the vegetable plants. who at first seemed like two laborers. Unfortunately for the two men, the police knew the legal owner of the agricultural land, and intervened to stop them despite their attempt to escape.

Inside the raider’s car hidden among the vegetation, officers discovered 512 plants of endive already placed in the boot, along with another 350 ready to be stowed, for a value of 250 euros.

The two had also trampled many sprouts, giving the owner a financial loss of around 300 euros. The two were arrested.

A similar scene played out two weeks ago in Palermo, when two thieves were caught after robbing a field of artichokes.

The spread of crime in rural areas – said Coldiretti – is now a chronic phenomenon, heavily affects the livability, safety and productivity of an area representative of precious varieties of approximately 40% of vegetable production bell, to a value of several million euros, and an entrepreneurial farm of about a thousand companies for about 6000 hectares affected. “

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7 thoughts on “New frontiers of theft – Arrested while stealing endives in a field

  1. I could not read the original article(s) since I don’t speak or read Italian but based on the summary above the suspects were not stealing because they were hungry. Two guys are not going to eat 862 Endive plants. The large quantity of produce that they were stealing suggests that they were planning to sell it. Certainly when times are tough crime increases but that is not nearly the same thing as people fighting in the streets over food.

  2. In Philippines, it is fairly frequent.
    That means Italy is now at the level of a third world country!
    Wow! Never thought this would happen.

  3. Italys got massicve unemployment rates, so this will continue.
    many people consider we rural dwellers with food supplies or land to produce, to maybe be better off when SHTF. however we immediately become targets for theft and worse, as beginning here, these guys just took salad greens, some will want money cars fuel etc, and it could turn nasty fast.

    ps whats happening in the rest of snowed under Europe lately Robert??? anyone?
    all the media seems to have gone dead quiet about it.

  4. Couple of dudes steal some endive and its the end of the world? Probably thought it was easier than shop lifting.
    Sorry no concern here. Just an unusual crime.

    Optimist: someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s a cha-cha. ~Robert Brault

  5. This is a common crime in rural Queensland ,which explains why some big mango growers hire security when the mangoes are ready for harvest .Around vegetable production areas(Gatton,Queenscliffe etc ) pilferage is common .

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