Frost affects Moroccan banana producers badly

Frost has severely affected banana cultivation in the regions Gharb and Doukkala causing damage estimated at more than 85% for mature plantations and more than 60% for young plantations in production and direct financial losses, according to the Association of Banana Producers of Morocco (APROBA).

Other fruits, like avocados, suffered frost damage as well.

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    • 🙂
      I dont pick pumpkins or oranges till the first frosts. hardens the pumpkin for storage and sweetens the oranges.

      • Oh ? Just goes to show you I don’t know beans about pumpkins..! Although my family used to own an Orange Grove in S. Florida.

  1. Yes! We have no bananas! We have no bananas today! Well I know its bad for the growers there but they produce less than 1% of the total world’s crop. India produces the most at over 16,000,000 tons. Thats a lot of bananas! Now if that crop fails, we got issues.

  2. What is really interesting is the consolidation of the food supply under about 10 multinational corporations who pushed through the World Trade Organization Agreement on Agriculture (WTO AoA)

    The next step was to “Harmonize” all the Ag laws through out the world. The new USA “Food “Safety” Modernization Act of 2010″ explicity gives the WTO control of regulating US farming. If the original Commerce Clause one liner from HR875 is reinserted a few years from now it will give the WTO control of home gardens too. See:

    The next target is Water…..

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