Frost to destroy large crops over Central Europe

“Historic Arctic front moving across Europe this weekend.”

“Winter is coming back in May!” exclaims reader. “It’s almost summer, but vast areas of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy are going to experience real winter conditions for the next few days (May 4th – 7th).”

“Frost is going to destroy large crops over Central Europe during the next days. I really feel for them as it is quite extreme. I’m not sure if this is record-breaking cold, but it might be.”

(I don’t know if it’s record-breaking either, but the word “historic” could be an indication.”)

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  2. It’s always intriguing to look at the stories of crop failures during the little ice age. It’s not a late spring and shortened growing season that wrecked crops, it was often a single late season frost or snow storm.
    Given the mechanization in farming, late spring weather that kills young crops could be quickly replanted and there would only be reduced yields. Even if a season’s crops are ruined, the ability to ship grains long distances would minimize impacts. Heck, if we can burn 40% of the corn crop as ethanol in gasoline, there is a lot of extra grain in the system.

  3. says its not common event but doesnt sound like theyre raving up the “unprecedented climate crisis ” meme at least

  4. It isn’t the absolute cold of mid-winter which causes worldwide famine, but early onset of winter in the Autumn, much longer period of winter and late wet, then frosty springs and return to winter like weather right in the middle of the spring burst of growth shrivelling the next season bounty and seed. 30 more years of this unpredictable shot term generational weather periods.
    The major problem for farming is the last 10 years we have enjoyed the climate heat bounty of a 80 year Solar Warm Period, that bounty has finished, and now we pay the piper.
    The other climate kicker is drought, cold drought where winter rains fail, monsoons fail and regional Summer s excessive the 1930s are a prime example of what happens when 4 solar cycles have a mild shut down of the Sun’s output SC11, 12, 13 and 14.
    We have much to learn about Sol our variable UV star and how it is moderated by Gravity interactions with the Solar System BarryCentre, but learn we will.

  5. “We have points in Iowa and Illinois that have been in flood stage for over 30 days, which hasn’t occurred since we started keeping records — and some of them go back 150 years,” said Patrick Burke a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland.

    At least four people have died in the flooding, which has closed hundreds of roads, stopped vessel traffic along parts of the Mississippi River and inundated multiple towns, including major flooding in Davenport, Iowa, and Rock Island, Illinois.

  6. Chicago Still Getting Snow
    By Martin Armstrong

    Chicago still just got 2.5 inches of snow cancelling numerous flights. Snowing this late in the season is concerning on our models. As I have warned, the winters will get longer and the summers shorter. This can cause severe reduction in the production of food in the years ahead. The snow over the weekend at Chicago O’Hare International Airport broke the record for the date of 0.2 of an inch set in 1950.

    “Much drier and unseasonably cooler air with gusty northwest winds will fill in from west to east today through tonight as the front continues eastward. Temperatures will only manage to hit the mid- to-upper 70s through the afternoon hours today, then dip into the low-to-mid 60s tonight into Monday morning for the overnight lows. Dewpoints are forecast to drop into the 50s through this time due to the drier air. ” For Hawaii this is a dramatic difference when this time of year we are 10 degrees warmer-

  8. Just noticed today the price of one big box of cereal here is now $5.50!!
    I’m not buying it anymore.
    Looks like food shortages are becoming more of a reality.

      • According to most NHS professionals life itself is unhealthy for humans. Much like the CAGW funding tarts, what in their view is bad for humans is a massive research grant and a job for life for those which shout the most.

  9. please keep your anti-muslim thoughts apart from the ‘heated debate’ about climate. Or do you have frozen thoughts about being a muslim?

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