Frozen wind turbines (nearly half of them) hamper Texas power output

Nearly half of Texas’ installed wind power generation capacity has been offline because of frozen wind turbines in West Texas, according to Texas grid operators.

Wind farms across the state generate up to a combined 25,100 megawatts of energy. But unusually moist winter conditions in West Texas brought on by the weekend’s freezing rain and historically low temperatures have iced many of those wind turbines to a halt.

As of Sunday morning, those iced turbines comprise 12,000 megawatts of Texas’ installed wind generation capacity, although those West Texas turbines don’t typically spin to their full generation capacity this time of year.

Millions of electricity customers across Texas suffered blackouts, partly due to the problems with the turbines, as the Washington Post reported:

Millions of households in Texas are suffering rolling power blackouts for the first time in a decade as an unprecedented Arctic freeze wrought chaos in U.S. energy markets.

The largest cities from Houston to San Antonio were without power for spells of up to an hour at a time as supplies in the U.S.’s second largest state fluctuated wildly.

The power crunch is being compounded by a lack of wind generation to help ease the load with output more than halving to 4.2 gigawatts from earlier. Wind turbines may freeze in bitterly cold weather, reducing efficiency and the blades can ultimately stopping spinning.

Wind power has been the fastest-growing source of energy in Texas’ power grid. In 2015 winder power generation supplied 11% of Texas’ energy grid. Last year it supplied 23% and overtook coal as the system’s second-largest source of energy after natural gas.

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15 thoughts on “Frozen wind turbines (nearly half of them) hamper Texas power output”

  1. If the blades don’t keep turning the bearings can seize up . That’s why some windmills have to have a diesel engine to keep them moving. This could be end of many of these windmills. It could be catastrophic.

  2. The electric grid goes down …

    My Tesla won’t charge …

    My all electric house is freezing cold …

    My toast won’t toast …

    My computer won’t turn on …

    My solar panels are iced over …

    I think I won’t be voting for these fool green politicians.

    Damn, they got is all rigged, my vote doesn’t count.

    I’m screwed, I am moving to a conservative state and installing a wood stove and getting a diesel truck and large fuel storage tank.

    So now you know why Idaho was the fastest growing state in 2020.

  3. for the pissant power they “might”produce on a good day…what a waste of money n resources
    and lives from the cold if it keeps up
    if theyre frozen n wont turn at all?
    then the bearings are likely to be flattened and even when it thaws theyre going to require repairs
    cant make this sorta stuffup up

  4. Ever wonder if the NWO take over, the de-population agenda, etc., were all coordinated to occur right now … as we enter into the GSM, how our Green energy will fail us, our crops will freeze in the ground, and in other parts of the world, prolonged drought will be the culprit? And, the brainwashed sheep will buy whatever story is fed to them!

  5. By 2030 2 Billion electric vehicles each with 1 Ton of lithium Battery to charge, for every 300 miles of use.
    2 Billion tons of lithium will be needed @ todays price of £16,000 per ton.
    Then the 100s of Nuclear Power stations for “Winter” black up of useless RE systems and enable Transport to continue, Although I suspect the bean counters will now take a long cold look @ an energy source only available in Benign weathers,

  6. I’ve read that those West Texas turbunes power the pumps that supply thermal power stations with gas from the west texas oil fields….so when 10% renewable power supply goes down it takes the rest of the power supply with it.

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