Gabrovo – Continuous snowfall for 35 hours

Oops. Now it has risen to 44 hours. More than 90 settlements without power.

The situation in Gabrovo Municipality seems to deteriorate with every passing hour after more than 35 hours of continuous snowfall. That’s what Tanya Hristova, the Mayor of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, told the FOCUS News Agency.

She specified that heavy snowfall is cutting power in more and more settlements as their number by the moment is over 90. Three living districts in Gabrovo are also without electricity.

Teams from the power company have been working to eliminate the damages, said Hristova, but the continuing snowfall dynamically changes the situation.

“Situation is very complicated due to fallen trees which are over 100 in number along the republican roads and secondary roads in the district. This is something that additionally hampers snow removal,” she said.

Gabrovo, a city in central northern Bulgaria, lies at the foot of the central Balkan Mountains.

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Here, a few hours later, the same mayor Tanya Hristova speaks about 44 hours of continuous heavy snowfall:

Gabrovo. ”After heavy snowfall of 44 hours the situation on the territory of Gabrovo Municipality remains complicated, the state of emergency is still in force,” said Gabrovo Mayor Tanya Hristova, speaking for Radio FOCUS – Veliko Tarnovo.
She went on to say electricity supply was still cut to 50 of the settlements in the municipality and 3 of Gabrovo’s residential districts. Tanya Hristova thinks the good news now is that the snowfall has stopped.

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    • Doubt it – they are used to it and used the climate to defeat 2 of the most powerful invading armies the world had seen at the respective times – Napoleon and Hitler’s Nazis.

      Anyone who thinks man prevails over climate ought to take another look at how that belief played out for those 2 !

  1. That’s global warming for you. Longer, earlier, colder, snowier winters. The models predict it, you know. They predict everything except the lotteries and horse races.

  2. Bad timing that the National Snow and Ice website is down. We can’t see all this snow in the northern hemisphere.

  3. Is this normal? Has it happened before? If so what was that winter like? I know what’s fairly normal here in the States but am clueless to Bulgaria’s climate / weather.

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