Gas prices double in many European countries after explosion


See videos – An explosion at the Baumgarten Gas Plant, Austria’s main gas pipeline hub, has seriously restricted supplies to a host of European countries including Germany, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and the UK.

Italy, the most affected, had to declare a state of emergency. With a sudden and serious supply shortage, and market prices in Rome more than doubled.

The blast reportedly took place at a pumping station along a gas line.

The fire was burning so hot that cars started melting in the parking lot.

The explosion left one person dead, 18 injured.

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13 thoughts on “Gas prices double in many European countries after explosion

  1. It is SO EASY for “terrorists” to bring down Europe.

    A few attacks like this, during this coming ICE AGE, and Europe will be crushed and have to surrender to the new “population” and “religion”…….

    Europe developed with a culture that revered trust, peace, etc. It has been invaded by a culture that appreciates war, terror and subjugation………..

  2. How ironic. Europe has got rid of all its coal power stations all in the name of global warming and now they will probably freeze to death. We see now the real reason behind the smoke. The sale of American gas to Europe instead of cheaper Russian Gas. Will future generations wonder looking at the ruins of our civilisation ‘ what happened to them?’

  3. Well if Europe needs Gas, we are producing a bunch off it in Pennsylvania. That is if Putin’s Environmentalists, i. e. the Democrats will Let us.

    • Europe’s dependence on Russian gas aggravated by the stupid “anti-fracking” campaign. So that’s why “Russia Today” also plays the anti-fracking card!

  4. France gave up and shut down most if not all of their Nuclear poser plants? I read that somewhere. If so, they surrendered the cleanest and cheapest energy source. Typical French.

    The Germans have, or want, to shut down their coal plants? Don’t they have massive amounts of coal? In 2 World Wars, Germany killed off around 8 million men. They killed off their best and are left with losers and the stupid.

    Both of these nations will become Islamic Hells in one more generation. Who really won, or lost, World War 2?

    It is what Germany deserves. They killed all their Jews an replaced them with Muslims from Turkey. Now thy got a fresh infusion from Syria. I wo’t lose any sleep over that!

  6. Don’t worry Europe has all those windmills and solar panels to keep them warm and the lights on. Good luck with that!

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