‘Once-in-a-generation’ snowfall in French Alps

Almost 8 feet of snow in 48 hours.

“Parts of the French Alps have been hit by the kind of snowfall that only comes once every 30 years,” said The Local on January 9.

Near the French-Italian border, in Haute Maurienne and Haute Tarentaise snow levels reached up to 80-90 cm (32-36 inches) in just 24 hours.

“We will have had 2.40 m (almost 8 ft) of snow in 48 hours,” said the mayor of Bonneval-sur-Arc Gabriel Blanc on BFMTV on Monday night.

The ski resorts of Tignes and Val d’Isere were in lockdown with the pistes closed until further notice.

The region remained on alert on Tuesday as it struggled to deal with the spell of snowfall that had an “unusually high intensity,” according to national weather agency Meteo France.

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  1. We are only a few long winters away from the discovery that the increase in the size of glaciers is due to rising CO2 levels.

    • Rising C02 causes Global Warming, after 30-50- years of Global Cooling, which results in the rising of the sea levels along with a lowering of the sea levels resulting in run away Global cooling/warming.

      C02 causes the weather, and climate to change. It can both increase and decrease rain, increase and decrease Hurricane frequency and strength, and causes an increase, and decrease, in the intensity of Tornadoes.

      C02 will also cause, directly, an increase/decrease in Earthquakes and Volcano eruptions throughout time.

      So, you can rest assured that whatever Climatic or Weather changes occur, you are confident that C02 is behind it. Also be confident that only Man Made C02 has this effect. C02 released by Nature can not do so since that C02 is natural and Organic….not the synthetic cancer causing C02 created only by Man.


      • Nope. The atmosphere cannot drive the oceans. It is the other way around. Do an experiment to see if a hot air in a jar can warm up a glass of water. The thermal mass of the water is vastly greater. And your kind yells physics to us!

        The trace evil ‘pollutant’ gas of humankind is irrelevant.
        The recent Californian fires were due to water on a usually arid region. Again ocean warmth. You have been instructed on this blog how.

        Also these extra normal occurrence hurricanes in the carribean were likely unreported several decades. I challenge anyone to go over past American papers to see if these storms did not exist.

        It was just that the big news was landfall storms that created havoc.


    All Alpine Ski Resorts only need to stockpile 120 DAYS of food, toilet paper, coal & wood, etc.

    Like they did 300 years ago.

    Next year, NOBODY will be able to live in any of these mountain towns. Sell out now and Get out.

    • Stop your pathetic scaremongering. Put your entire net worth as collateral and lose everything if this is weather not an ice age. Oh and you will not be buying from any idiots who decide to sell.

      Mr Felix, stop scammers like this in their tracks….

      • I don’t know who is more sad:

        Me, with my bad attempt at Sarcasm and bad humor……..or,….

        You, because you took this serious and the wrong way.

  3. Memory reset….we’ve been told there’ll be no more rain, our children will never see snow, the oceans will….errr, what was it again boil off or rise, can’t remember, Trump will never be President, pigs, knitting socks will fly!
    Guess the pigs win again…..for now anyway.

  4. And don’t we remember all those MSM reports last decade saying that the future of skiing in Europe was threatened by lack of snow. Ironic.

  5. And much more coming , from monday on , French alps , Swiss alps
    do think it will be a record snowfall …………………………. ?!

    • Well, it depends where the snow/rain altitude is in the next storm. The last one was quite high and rain fell at up to 2000m during the event, meaning final snow depths much compressed relative to measured snowfall (5 metres snowfall translating into 250cm final snow height).

      1999 is quite a high bar to break in parts of Switzerland.

      This time the winds will swing to NW quite quick, so distribution of snowfall may be diferent, including northern Swiss alps which totally missed last event….

      French resorts most likely to set new records….

  6. Well I think we need to ask the various experts who predict gloom and doom what they think now. It is very easy to extrapolate data and make it increase or decrease for ever – but any sane person knows that life is not like that. It goes both ways. Things are cyclical.

    It is not difficult to trip over the scaremongering material – so, me being lazy I pick the first two articles from my search…This lovely article predicts the demise of the North American ski industry.

    Or this charming OECD study

    Who wouldn’t want to conduct a two year study on the effects of climate change in the Alps?

  7. Quote:
    “Parts of the French Alps have been hit by the kind of snowfall that only comes once every 30 years,” said The Local on January 9.
    This event and many others like it over the next 30 years are not once in 30, 70 or 100 years events they are normal winter events that occur during a Grand Solar Minimum, particularly after the ten year change over from the previous benign Solar Warm Period which ended in 2008 and its abrupt entry into this Modern Grand Solar Minimum.
    Throughout this change over period other weather related once in a decadal year events have been taking place on a regional basis and worldwide basis during the SC23 Solar minimum period and the following 10 year period of SC24. These events are positioned by the Meridional Jet Streams pushing winter and tropical cyclone/storms where they don’t normally go, or parking them for a period of time dumping vast quantities of rain fall on localities such as the UK Lake District, California last week or Green land last year, or the European Alps over the last few days.
    This is just the start for this GSM, the same type of weather occurred during Dalton from 1790 to 1820, as it has during every other GSM since LALIA, and the other named GSMs since 585AD.

  8. Don’t see much news of all this snowfall and rescue efforts in the U.S. mainstream media. I wonder why?

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