Geography of the Ice Age – Fantastic video

Climate change is normal. In fact, the climate has been in flux for our entire evolutionary history.

We have witnessed two glaciations as a species and have experienced the Eemian Interglacial when conditions were similar to today (probably even warmer).

During the last glacial, about 25 percent of the world’s landmass was covered by ice. Today, only about 11 percent is covered by ice.

Where did all of the water come from to create that ice? From the oceans. During the last glacial, ocean levels stood about 130 meters (more than 426 ft) lower than today.

Talk about lower sea levels!

At about 6:55 in, look at the map and notice how most of eastern Italy was connected to Croatia. The Adriatic Sea didn’t even exist.

At about 8:35 in, notice the huge land bridge between Alaska and Asia. (I talk about this land bridge in Not by Fire but by Ice.) And contrary to what a lot people might believe, notice that most of Alaska was not glaciated.

At about 9:34 in, notice that the Philippines, Indonesia, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Malaysia, Singapore, all were connected to each other and to the mainland.

Thanks to Winston Smith for this fantastic video

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  1. Excellent show, thanks for posting !

    I’ve personally had a mini example of how quickly land mass can change due to weather. In 2006 I moved to a 500-acre farm just 6 miles from Smithfield, VA. The farm was located on a small peninsular not far from the James River that was only connected to the main part of town by two things – a dam controlling Lake Tormentor that had a 2 lane road built on top of the dam and a strip of land about 25 feet long x the wide of a single lane of dirt road. The dirt road had a swamp about 6 inches from one side of that road and the lake about 6 inches on the other side.

    Three days after I moved there we had a bad storm with a major storm surge on the James. Because someone had blocked some of the drainage on the James River with rocks … too much water too fast flowed into the lake which then flooded enough to break the dam in half. So for the next few days I went from living on a peninsular to living on an island, because the dirt road was flooded about 4 feet too. That road had swiftly flowing water so way too scary to drive on until the water retreated… if the flow took hold of your car you’d end up in the lake. The dam itself had one lane sort of “intact” but too dangerous with the damage to try crossing over, even on foot.

    All I could think about at the time was how lucky I was that the landlord owned a boat because if we all ran out of food he could get into town for supplies. Me and my car were on the “island” side so no way to get to my new job unless the dam road could get fixed quickly (which fortunately they were able to do).

    Put that into a hugely expanded event and there you have what could happen with major climate changes and changes to land forms. I wonder how many of those people who migrated over the Bering strait land bridge thought they were just going for a temporary visit to better hunting grounds… only to get stuck, with no way to get back to their families on the other side unless they had boats and knew how to navigate. Kind of sobering!

  2. Ya, good geo vid ! I think it was too cold to snow in Alaska back then. Maybe.
    Plenty of snow down under this winter, a quick glance on shows twelve feet of new snow forecast for the Andes in the next ten days. Also a few feet for OZ , NZ and Taz a foot. S Africa a bit and it’s a balmy -94F at the S pole.,2020-08-05-15,-47.007,-73.529,9,2020-08-05-15,-81.818,64.951,4

    Eat that, Joe Biden.

  3. This is an interesting video, but it was a bad move on my part to go to see other videos. The one on how ice ages states that we have changed the climate and caused warming, and shows a graph that would make Mikie Mann blush with envy at the way the the medieval warm period was suppressed compared to today’s temperatures. That’s when I killed the video, but it appears he was heading in the direction of saying global warming was going to cause an ice age.

    • Same, same… the rest of the vids had an agenda to promote globalist CO2 warming propaganda – the Electroverse, GSMs, cosmic rays, tectonics and volcanism in conjunction with ice age glaciation cycles are not things the masses need to worry their petty little heads about.

  4. Interesting analysis of ice age conditions. However many conclusions are speculative at best due to catastrophic episodes eg. Meteor impacts, solar and galactic perturbations. I’m of the opinion that ice ages were the normal and more conducive to flourishing human advancement. That the past 15 or so thousand years are an aberration and as Velikovsky terms it ‘Ages in Chaos’ ! That this will not end anytime soon also is also speculative. But there can be hope that ‘cooler’ heads will prevail and that all that arable land recovered so a new golden age can emerge Phoenix like from the ashes.
    And that Musk doesn’t nuke Mars again! ¶%^)

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