Geologist exposes climate change hoax – Video

“Climates have always changed,” says Professor Ian Plimer.

“Climate changes in the past have been greater and faster than anything we have experienced in our lifetime,” says Plimer.

“And sea levels have always changed. Not by the modest couple of millimeters that people are having conniptions   about … we’ve had sea level changes in the past of  1500 meters.”

That’s 4900 feet – almost a mile!

6 thoughts on “Geologist exposes climate change hoax – Video”

  1. You know I would have thought that the recent Canadian experience of a political party being found out for being a corrupt, elitists bunch of tossers, and then thrown out office at the next election – wholesale bar one MP, would have alerted the Anglo Saxon Political establishments worldwide that all was not well in the old politics, of keeping the electorate in the dark and covered in Bovine Extra just like mushrooms and having politically caused recessions to keep them in there place.
    It doesn’t work anymore, once you have lost control of the presses or the preses have closed because no one is buying the tripe being produced.
    The electorate instead reads the electronic worldwide news and accesses what is truth, and what is propaganda, and decides for its self, rather than agreeing with the editor or owner of the Press who happens to be in your elitist political pocket.
    The US is now going though that same process as other Anglo Saxon democracies where the people take charge of their political processes and tell the previous elite of both political parties, here is your P45, your sacked, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
    Our Sun has been waxing and waning for the last 4.5 billion years and the earth has warmed and cooled with it well before humans appeared, it will continue to do so until it swells into a red giant and consumes the terrestrial planets in another 4 billion years, it’s about time the Ologists paid attention to it.
    I say this to the AGW Ologists your next, prove you’re distributable so called gullible warming science, or find another career, and no more infecting the young with your false non science belief systems.

  2. Oh dear, the green elite have sabotaged this revealing lecture, it just stopped midway with the announcement that some kind of fault has occurred, no more lecture.
    Hope it’s only a temporary blockage, not a permanent one.

  3. And i wonder how japan was in the piri map of antartica .i assume continents shifteted and the polels melted and refroze butit is still the last ice age and really dont change the ice age that we are in now.

  4. An excellent presentation, IMO. The ulcer example is a very good point. It also ties in with your other story about the El Salvador eruption of 536 AD. He mentions a Krakatoa eruption in 535 AD. Sounds like a one/two punch to me.

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