Geologist Exposes Climate Change Hoax – Video

Geologist Ian Plimer speaking to the British Parliament
– A must-watch video.

Ian Plimer,  twice winner of Australia’s highest scientific honor, the Eureka Prize, is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, and professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide. He has published more than 120 scientific papers, six books written for the general public and is one of the co-editors of Encyclopedia of Geology. He is a strong independent thinker (to put it mildly).

Thanks to Bill Cook for this video.

Professor Plimer’s books Heaven and Earth and How to Get Expelled from School are both available on this website (click below).

Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science

6 thoughts on “Geologist Exposes Climate Change Hoax – Video”

  1. Awesome video. And of course he is correct about the Aussies never beating the All Blacks 🙂

  2. I got Ian Plimers book into our library to counter the dross on the shelves;-)
    the warmist inclined librarian was not so overjoyed but i just kept nagging:-)
    now a true story re Prof Plimer and that Eureka awardx2
    the ABC run those awards for science
    they used to have him on radio and promoted his books etc
    Robin Williams the ABC scienceshow host n apparently controller of what is science in HIS opinion..had Ian on and he spoke against warming
    that tore it;-)
    hes never been allowed on since, his books and work are dissed, his name is never mentioned except with disdain.
    and their OWN science awards TO prof Plimer are also never mentioned..Hypocrites to the max
    the same disparagement is also meted out to others like mr Kininmonth who also had the temerity to pull R williams up and argue with his single minded close minded AGW worship.
    yet drivelling dweebs like Flannery and ove hugh and the devious mr 97%crook and turkey turney all get absolutely nauseating fawning over if they so much as twitch.
    complaints TO abc have proved futile over the years they have an agenda and are going down holding on to it. may they drown in embarrassment sometime very soon!

    • Laurel, thank you for your efforts in disseminating the truth. I wish the motive of ABC were error or stubborn-ness. Unfortunately, pretty much all the media is controlled by one of six mega companies, all controlled by the same oligarchs. If you’re interested, see on “The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families”.

      Also, did you know that the original 3 TV networks were formed by the intelligence agencies? In the 50s, there was a Congressional study which showed that the Rockefellers controlled all three. Unfortunately, Nelson Rockefeller was then a Senator & able to restrict the printing of the report to only 44 copies!

  3. The trouble is our parliament contains some of the thickest people in the country and because Ian Plimer used words containing more than one syllable they are incapable of understanding what he was saying.

    The great Brexit shambles proves that they have no idea what our relationship is with the EU and how deep it is embedded into our system of governance. Leaving is great but not by trashing our economy for anything up to a decade due to sheer ignorance.

    Ian’s book is a good if heavy read. Not one to use to try to inform those how minds might be ajar. I am currently loaning out The Deniers to a colleague whose mind was opened over a few beers.

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