Geologist exposes climate change hoax – Video

“Climates have always changed,” says Professor Ian Plimer.


“Climate changes in the past have been greater and faster than anything we have experienced in our lifetime,” says Professor Plimer.

“And sea levels have always changed. Not by the modest couple of millimeters that people are having conniptions about … we’ve had sea level changes in the past of  1500 meters.”

That’s 4900 feet – almost a mile!

24 thoughts on “Geologist exposes climate change hoax – Video

  1. Thank you for sharing! That was a well presented summary of so many articles I have read over the years.

  2. Prof Plimers book
    Heaven and earth is a Brilliant and detailed but easy to read book I thoroughly recommend to all.
    thanks for this clip Robert:-)

  3. Yes, by more than a more. More like a mile and a half. From the ocean surface down to the ‘no O2’ transition zone and believe it or not, there is O2 at the ocean bottom.
    So why the ‘transition zone?”
    Because the H2O above it was in the atmosphere as a water veil.
    I suggest it was held there by a strong magnetic elevation. Miles Mathis says quantum spin is magnetism.

  4. WHERE HAS HE BEEN!!!!!!!
    Obama and his evil minions have been lying to us for decades. They are within a breath of socializing the whole world and Mr. Plimer finally speaks up.
    The truth has always been know yet he and his ilk have sat back and allowed the left to obfuscate and brainwash us with lies.

    • Actually the question is “Where have YOU been ??”

      Ian Plimer has been debunking AGW for as long and as publicly as any of the sceptics !

      In 2011 he wrote a book entitled “How to get Expelled from School” asking students to question climate indoctrination.

      He had been campaigning long before this.

      He has been so effective in his crusade against this BS he is given the honour of classification as “Denier” – a title that will one day truly be a badge of merit – unlike the discredit awaiting the climate cabal !

      Seriously – you have never heard of this guy’s long crusade against man made global warming ??

      He was campaigning against it long before it became known as climate change due to the Inconvenient Truth that even alarmists had to acknowledge that GLOBAL warming had ceased with the 1997/98 El-Nino.

      I can’t remember the year Global Warming disappeared from the headlines and climate change took its place but I’m guessing it must be approaching a decade soon !

  5. I just measured 15″ of snow on a 4″-wide wooden fence on my property, which is on the sheltered side of the house. I live in Bend, OR. The snowstorm began yesterday at 7:30 a.m. and ended sometime overnight.

  6. Give the man a medal, preferably a Nobel Prize for speaking the truth about the climate change industry, frankly I would have called them fraudsters, but that is just me.
    Every point made on this site has been touched, brilliant!
    In comparison, I listened to the biased BBC climate reporter this morning on Radio 4 To-day program interrogating, frankly castigating the Indian Government Representatives who are choosing not to toe to the IPCC fraud on AGW and choosing to create energy from coal sufficient to lift 100 million people out of subsistence farming poverty into at least the 19th century, and capping their emissions to be sufficient to produce a 6% rise in Indian GDP.
    I for one am fed up of the biased climate reporting from the BBC, I don’t pay my TV license TAX to be fed this PAP by politically biased reporters who have forgotten what journalistic objectivity is about.
    Bluntly, shut the lying BBC, they are just as bad as the Red Top lying papers like the defunct News of the World, and give the Public Service obligation to Channel Four.

  7. We geologists all know that (maybe not some American ones). That’s what makes geology a relevant discipline in the climate debate. We know AGW is B.S.

    • That’s exactly why the Democratic Party’s Propaganda Machine, sometimes called the Mainstream Media, rarely ask Geologists here any questions. They know their answers won’t fit well with their propaganda.

  8. Makes me proud to be Australian – despite our brief period of delusional insanity that we can control the weather by a carbon tax.

    Also Robert can take a bow !!

    Millions of undersea volcanoes heating the oceans – perhaps even the prime cause of El-Nino – ENSO cycles ?

    Ian Plimer offers real evidence about natural climate change contained in the Earth’s crust.

    He should have mentioned there is reasonable evidence that during the previous warmer interglacials sea level may have only been 2 metres higher than today – not the levels alarmists ridiculously propose will occur in a few decades.

    The 2 scientists he quotes over the shattering of the consensus over the cause of ulcers are Australian.

    And despite the medical establishment not only classing 2 pioneers as “deniers” of the existing consensus they tried to silence them by almost destroying their careers.

    History seems to have been “cleansed” of the fact that the idea that a bacteria caused ulcers was not only against all the current medical “consensus” opinion that stomach acid reflux was the cause but the idea was lampooned by all the medical establishment experts.

    It could be an episode of a trilogy – The Consensus Fights Back !

    I await the certainty that “climate science’s” man-made enhanced greenhouse effect will be totally discredited with hope for humanity.

    Sooner than later please but not as a result of the obvious coming of the next period of glaciation which will cause disruption even though we are sufficiently technologically advanced to cope.

    • The prime mover of the El-Nino is the Inter-Tropical Convergent Zone. It pulses in size, and as it as it grows it it produces greater cloud cover, and rainfall, in the western pacific. This cools the area stalling and even reversing the trade winds. Two years later you have an El-Nino.

      • There you have it then – we all understand everything about El-Nino ENSO cycles.

        I guess it is “settled” then ?

        But how can anyone claim to know if the observed phenomena are “cause” or “effect” ? They can’t.

        In reality no-one knows the explanation for ocean cycles and it is a shame that so much money has been wasted on CO2 when truly significant weather influencing systems/cycles are not understood.

        Besides – why is it so improbable that ocean heating which occurs initially in the eastern Pacific on the west coast of the Americas and spreads westerly as an El-Nino period cannot be due to undersea volcanic activity along the well described “ring of fire” – right where the ocean warming begins.

        Pressure builds in magma chambers, burst through and the released heat warms the eastern Pacific – El-Nino begins.

        The pressure is relieved and the underwater activity ceases. Meanwhile the heat released to the atmosphere escapes to space as the satellites clearly show.

        Why is such a cycle so improbable as to be totally dismissed in favour of the improbable heat transfer from atmosphere to ocean when the mass imbalance is 1000 to one against it and temperature differences between the 2 are slight compared to the mass imbalance ?

        Most of the heat transfer between the 2 is from ocean to air – there is far more thermal energy in the ocean than the atmosphere !

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