Geologist – The sun, not CO2, drives Earth’s climate

Devastating news for human-caused global warming proponents.

“The sun, not CO2, drives Earth’s climate,” says Dr Roger Higgs, long-time consultant geologist and sedimentologist.

Higgs bases his statement on four vital points:

  • Global warming and cooling are driven by the sun, specifically by the solar-sourced Interplanetary Magnetic Field, which regulates incoming cosmic rays, which in turn govern cloudiness and thus global temperature (the breathtakingly elegant Svensmark Theory).
  • Global temperature oscillations lag 25 years behind the causative solar magnetic fluctuations. This 25-year lag is due to ocean thermal inertia in remarkable agreement with the 15-20-year time lag by calculated theoretically and independently by Wetherald et al. 2001 and Abdussamatov et al. 2012).
  • The idea that CO2 is the main climate driver, despite its scarcity in Earth’s atmosphere, ie 400 parts per million (that’s just 1/2500th), near plant-starvation level, contrasts starkly with CO2’s 1,000 to 4,000 ppm levels for most of the last 600 million years.
  • Earth is now cooling.  Global warming ended in 2016: proof that the sun, not CO2, drives Earth’s climate. Moreover, from AD500 to 1200, CO2 levels were anti-correlated with Earth’s temperature.

“The reality is that man’s industrialization just happened to occur in a period of solar-driven warming, a mere coincidence, causing governments to needlessly spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on CO2-reduction efforts,” says Dr Higgs.

See entire paper, with several graphs:’s_climate

Here’s some information about Dr. Higgs

Thanks to Dr Roger Higgs for this link

51 thoughts on “Geologist – The sun, not CO2, drives Earth’s climate”

  1. Its time this material got into the mainstream thinking otherwise we will continue to get governments (comprised of non-scientists) contributing to and building on the AGW nonsense / hysteria – as is happening in the UK.

  2. arguments against climate warming won’t help as there is a very strong conviction that a society free from crude oil is a bless for society. Also, all is caused by big industries, capitalisme, and they have to obey the politics of the greens otherwise big fees must be paid. We will undergo a lot more social tensions as it is about the way society must be organized. Remarkable that a lot of CEO’s doesn’t have the guts to go against the greens with based arguments

    • Quote – “Remarkable that a lot of CEO’s doesn’t have the guts to go against the greens with based arguments”

      It would be remarkable if they DID stand up and be counted. They are “selected” by boards who place their products more according to the public choice than according to what is the best they can produce. They are not going to go against what is perceived as public opinion since in the end, it would be believed by the boards that they are jeopardizing profit, and maximizing profit is the purpose of the CEO. Even “big oil” would go with public opinion because they can make far more money out of oil through plastics, manmade fibers, etc., than by “burning” it for energy. If an industry perceives that the public will shun its products because of current opinion, they will bend in that direction and adjust pricing accordingly. The ONLY way industry would change for the betterment of mankind is if they could be assured that through “mind managing advertisement” that the public would follow, and even then, they would prefer to hold back until the advertising campaign was well underway.

  3. How many freezing cold winters will it take to convince the public that they have been conned by the Global Warming scam?

    The trace CO2 gas has nothing to do with atmospheric thermodynamics. How obvious that the sun is controlling weather? What’s the real politic here? To tax us for indebted governments.

    Here is a chart that needs consideration about the upcoming Little Ice Age, it’s called Holocene temperature chart Northern Hemisphere (NH) RECONSTRUCTION and it shows a steady temperature dropoff since the optimum temperatures achieved 8,000 years ago.



  4. Send THIS to UK Daily Mail, Express, Times and Telegraph PLEASE.
    The more that send it, the more likely they will be to report it.
    Daily Mail is read by over 4 million.

  5. I believe the oceans control the climate. Earth energy is run by the oceans a lot more than the sun. The oceans hold there heat and energy. That causes temp changes on land. The sun is cooling but the oceans Temps are very slow to change. With under water heating by volcanoes . Temps are very slow to change.

    • You are right, but in a long run when this heat inertia from the ocean waters will reduce, there will be significant weather changes over the land that is near the coast. I mean lower temperatures than usual over the land. The arctic temperatures this winter,from my observations, are much lower than last year. There should be some impact, which we can see already. Very unstable weather over Europe this winter, with plenty of snow in the central and eastern Europe, even some parts of Italy and Greece are getting burried under the snow. Ther are also extreme cold tempretaures expected over the Northern half of USA! This is not common, it’s quite unusual, especially when mass media and education in schools has been brainwashing us for the last 3 decades about global warming!
      Anyway, in my opinion the trigger of these effects is the output of energy from the Sun, which is lower during current times.
      Snow is not a thing from the past, it is a predominant thing over many areas in the Northen hemisphere. Just google snow in Algeria (Africa) and you’ll see huge amounts of it. I mean snow in Africa 🙂

    • Earth’s climate is driven by multiple factors, true. The temperature of Earth’s climate, just like the temperature in your house in the winter, is controlled by the central heating system. You can have a huge heated swimming pool in your home, but when the furnace is turned off, that warm water won’t moderate your house for very long. It is the Sun, not volcanism, that keeps that water warm, or it wouldn’t be colder the deeper you go.

  6. And the green mafia tells us that to save the Earth we must starve the Earth of life-giving CO2. How did Western civilization go from Aristotle to asinine?

  7. I wonder if the money behind the “climate change” zealots will even allow peer review studies of his work.

  8. Funny how the Mayans knew about the Earth’s rotational axis and how it moves. Also funny why NO scientist can explain the effect this has on climate, along with the sun.

  9. of course the title is as wrong as the CO2 driven narrative.

    Earth’s climate is driven by multiple inputs. What is the planet’s black body temperature?

  10. Back in the Eighties all the hysteria was about Global Cooling, at least until the hysterics learned that global temps (as near as we could determine) were actually rising slightly. Then the loonies changed the crisis du jour to Global Warming – gotta keep the peasants eternally alarmed to keep those research grants flowing! Hey, without ’em all of us would have to get real jobs, like being trash collectors, sewer workers, or taxi drivers. How dreadful!

  11. “Global Warming” is a lie and a Marxist/Communist strategy to create a Global Tax to finance the Marxist world government they have been working towards for decades.
    Their strategy to accomplish this involves an “end run around the constitution” and the destruction of our God given 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

    • Mark Belk is absolutely correct, and there is a lot of documentation of this agenda. And is it just my imagination, or do these “global warming” conferences or “climate change” confabs or whatever-you-wanna-call ’em get snow dumped on them whenever and wherever they take place? lol. I wonder if anyone has ever checked out what the weather’s been like @ each one of these global warming fear festivals.

    • A couple of thoughts here. First, global warming isn’t a lie, it’s a tool to accomplish an end, and in this case it is world government with a reduced population. You can find data that will support the general statements of global warming.

      Second, There are no “God given rights.” These are capacities that are ours by virtue of His benevolence. Rights are not granted by God, they are granted by human societies, just as restrictive laws are as well. Those “rights” in the US are, therefore, not granted by God, they are granted by The Constitution. To think otherwise is wrong. Thus, if you choose to ignore the Constitution, or elect officials that do so in your name, you are can anticipate that these “rights” will cease to exist. the capacity will remain, but the right to use the capacity won’t.

      • My “rights” don’t come from the GOD Myth, nor the SOCIETY Myth……my rights are mine since I am I.

        You, nor anybody else can “‘own” me, just as I can not own you.

        I live as an individual, and my existence is the only important thing in existence, since if I didn’t exist, there is no existence. Nothing would mean anything. Without my existence there is, to me, absolutely nothing. I must exist FIRST, for there to be any existence for any meaning to me.

        And, YOU are the only important thing, to you ,because if YOU didn’t exist nothing would country, no God, nothing. A GOD only exists, to you, if you exist first. “GOD” needs you. With you “dead”, there is no “GOD”.

        I must exist first
        You must exist first.

        And upon this simple reason, I have the “right” (more of an obligation) to live and defend my life at ANY cost and ANY way.

        Until the stupid masses understand this, they will be the cattle and sheep of the Ultra Families.

        Nobody has any “right” to hurt you. ….Draft you,…… Tax you……..and you have absolutely no “right” to hurt anybody else, draft anybody else or Tax anybody else, and if you attempt any of this, they are obligated and required to kill you.

        • Centurian, who what ” obligated them to kill you”? Jungle logic will restore the earth to a jungle.

          Jefferson stated that government is a necessary evil. So agreed, power over others is a form of evil. Yet ALL cultures have this evil to disparate degrees. If the CAGW proponents were correct they would have a moral reason to control you, as you would be, by your CO2 spewing actions, threatening there life and property.

          So do you advocate zero social structure? Does another man have the right to take your upstream water and leave you little or none? You may be you, but you are not alone, you do not exist in isolation and your choices affect others. I submit that you likely have no idea who you are, what your consciousness is composed of, and if it begins at physical birth and ends in physical death.

          • You comments are irrelevant. I have NO obligation to society and society has no obligation to me…and yes, I am alone, and so are you…and you have the “right” to kill anyone who sets out to hurt you, unless you feel you are inferior to their existence…I don’t care what Jefferson said…..There is no moral reason, or any reason, to control others. Those that say that, you should kill….Your C02 means nothing to me and my C02, (flatulence) means nothing,….irrelevant…..”Social Structure” is a “concept”. I am a reality. Social Structure is secondary, at best, since it is a fictitious “concept” and I owe it nothing. YOU owe it nothing…..If a man takes all the water and leaves me none (from your example), he is attempting to kill me. You should kill him…..No one’s else’s choices effect me, unless I CHOOSE to let it….and I don’t let your comment effect me except to make me laugh and reach for the cold Bud Light here on my desk !!!

  12. “The reality is that man’s industrialization just happened to occur in a period of solar-driven warming, a mere coincidence,….”

    I don’t think its a coincidence. A warmer world is a more prosperous world where more people survive to adulthood. More geniuses, savants, and intuitively gifted people live long enough to invent, and innovate. The industrial revolution is built on invention and innovation and itself made an even more prosperous world allowing more innovators to live to adulthood which in turn makes it for an even more prosperous world etc etc.

    • you are you dumb you don’t realize that the world is falling apart and people like you are the one keeps fossil fuels alive. its common sense. co2 is not healthy go sit in a garage with your car turned on for a few min . really fresh air is created right! no it’s not clearly we are polluting our air and it’s pretty obvious

      • Again no one nor is Robert argureing that humans don’t pollute clearly we do pollute and Robert is very much in faver of finding cleaner ways less polluting.but the fact remains humans can’t control climate and we certainly will not pervent the ice age cycles or any of the cycles.your aginda Jake is not fooling anyone but your self!.

      • jake, I think you have confused carbon dioxide (CO2) with carbon monoxide. Automobile exhaust contains carbon monoxide. That really IS dangerous. Carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant and is absolutely essential for life on Earth.
        Plants have to have CO2 for photosynthesis. Plants give off oxygen. Humans and other animals need oxygen to breathe. We exhale CO2. Kind of symbiotic. It’s common sense. Anyways. Peace man.

    • I agree. The less time we have to struggle, the more time we have to be creative, thus civilization leaps forward every time there is a prolonged warm period.

  13. Unfortunately most people will still continue to believe the lies spouted by politicians (Al Gore, Justin Trudeau, Rachel Notely) and has-been entertainers (Neil Young, Jane Fonda) and Dr. Fruitfly (David Suzuki) instead of believing the experts and the data!

  14. I said this 25 years ago and battled the AGW idiots with it for all those years. Turn the Sun OFF and then do your climate models….

    It (Global Warming) was and is a joke !

  15. there is no based argument. lol are you that brainwashed by oil companys all these reading on how climate change isnt real are fake and have zero credibility!! zero

    • No one here is Saying climate change isnt real.climate change has been happening ever since this earth has been here.the debate and or disagreement is how much if any humans are effecting please get your facts right before hiting the post button.Robert is not fake and has plenty of credibility you jake however are a troll who is looking to start a argurement because this site does not fit your agenda.

    • Hi Jake! I’m a big supporter for a greener world, I mean with less pollution, but I don’t bite the global warming rhetoric of paying more taxes that bring no results whatsoever. It’s a lie. The car manufacterers still build cars that use fuel. If the governments were really concerned about our enviroment why wouldn’t they stop building cars using fuel? Why wouldn’t they strongly promote (subsidize) hybrid or electric cars, that are unfortunatley very expensive and not for everyone’s pocket at the moment. They are being dishonest on a global scale. I can’t take anything they say seriously. I want to see actions, not just talk 🙂

    • You’re confusing CO with CO2, but that doesn’t matter. I think you should go sit in your garage on the coldest night of the year and make sure the heat is turned off. Then you might appreciate what carbon based energy does for you. Until you get it through your head that it is industrialization that keeps you warm in the winter, puts clothes on your back, shoes on your feet, and food on your table, YOU have zero credibility.

    • Jake, you almost got us figured out….BUT, it isn’t the oil companies that are paying us off……………..pssssst..(It’s Trump)………………

    • Jake, you have no facts. You believe in the Evangelium of the New World Order Globalists. Pay the CO2-tax and believe in manmade Global Warming!

  16. Jake- you are so sadly mistaken… and apparently quite gullible. Critical thinking has apparently died with your generation

  17. NOVA has just produced a great documentary titled “The Day the Dinosaurs Died”. I have watched it twice and all here will find it of interest. It still has the bases of “theory” but provides the best answer of how “man” was able to rise from dinosaur demise. It has the best explanation of the KT boundary and the iridium found in that boundary world wide. They are “suggesting” that the impact of the meteor in Mexico resulted in a heat flash and blast that equates to 1000x of a nuclear detonation.
    It offers the answer to the “instantaneous” global wide loss/change of plant material, and global cover of months of ash. The geologic record shows that much of our southwest was a marsh/wetland/deciduous area that just suddenly disappeared in the mid-latitudes. It also gives a reasonable explanation of how we entered a “snowball” period, and “acidified” oceans.
    It also just happen to effect the magnetic field also recorded in that geologic time period and seems to have happened when the solar output was entering a minimum period.
    In all, it points to the fact that “man” has changed the face of the earth, has created some problems for our survival but our overall survival and prosperity depends upon external events we cant hope to control or influence.
    Our magnetic field has been in decline and shifting for the past 30 odd years and our sun is going to “sleep”….our answers to HOW we adapt to this change lies in the geologic record and acceptance by modern techies and greenies that we don’t/cant control the atmosphere or the ground below our feet.

  18. “…causing governments to needlessly spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on CO2-reduction efforts,”

    So, it is good to breathe CO2? Just let’s go out smoking everything around starting by our cars’ exhaust pipe.
    Let’s kill every fckng animal, contaminate every single lake, river or sea we have, think on new and better ways to produce CO2 to finish all kind of life.

    “I don’t know, Rick (Roger), it looks fake”. I do not know how many degrees this guy have, not even how many researches supossed has done, but I can tell by my own studies and researches this is just crap.
    And it is so simple to find it out.
    Here, take a look “…causing governments to needlessly spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on CO2-reduction efforts,”.
    Anyone can clearly see how this guy refers to CO2 battle just as a money battle. As scientist, he should probably mention people’s health, or environment’s health at least.
    But no, Mr. Geologist, who happens to be involved in Petroleum business by the way, makes a paper conveniently speaking about benefits and greatness of, guess what?, his own business. Very neutral, very scientist, very professional.

    So please Mr. Geologist, grab your rocks, grab some books, start studying again, and just if it is possible, grab a little bit of conscience and empathy, maybe love? too much?. Well, whatever, just go back to your fckng hole and stay there ’till you understand basic science.

    By the way, to Mr. WebMaster, your website sucks, it is 2019 right now.
    You should spend a more few bucks and get a better website, because nowadays is your presentation card, and to be honest, right now the only thing I get from your website is that is an untrust site, with no real evidence, maybe even conspirational. Worst yet when you quote some guy who makes science researches and some awful papers about the same crappy business he is enterily involved.


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