Geomagnetic storms have a significant impact our minds and behavior

Important video from the Thunderbolts Project: “Geomagnetic Effects on Earth’s Biology | Electricity of Life”

“Many decades ago, the father of plasma cosmology, the Novel prize winner Hannes Alfen, proposed that stars form electromagnetically long vast networks of filaments like pearls on a string.”

Here are just a few of the highlights of this video:

Mass grey whale strandings increase when dark sunspots cover the sun, showing a “potential for magneto reception in the species.”

….magnetic fields can affect terrestrial if such as migrating animals. Thus, terrestrial life is connected to astronomical interrelationss between different magnetic fields, particle flows and radiation…. strandings thus may be triggered by geomagnetic storms.

“Geomagnetic storms have a significant impact on the human mind and behavior.

Study shows a dramatic connection between geomagnetic storms and blood pressure.

Other studies show a connection between increased sunspot activity (solar electromagnetic storms) and major changes in behavior. Suicide statistics seem to confirm these findings.

Dr Jerry Tennant, MD., proposes a connection between health changes and geomagnetic activity. He thinks many health problems are caused by a disruption in the natural voltage in the body’s muscles and organs.

Thanks to Jimmy Walter for this video

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  2. We have been interfering with all species on the earth since the early 1900s out-cropping of radio towers across the globe. Project Starfish Prime was a game changer, now all we have to deal with is 5G and a depleting magneto-sphere.
    Nothing to see here, move along……..

  3. How is this not an argument to stop
    all wireless communication on earth ?

    Which has a far greater impact on
    earthbound human health than 90
    million mile away nuclear explosions.

  4. I cop headaches before a storms even showing on the barometer
    ok thats more air pressure but its an effect, as are the aching hips or knees;-)
    I always used to watch spaceweather .com for info on solar flares
    and incomings from coronal tell my beekeeper friend to be aware the bees would be cranky at those times

  5. The science is over 100 years old but unheard of these days and instead the majority of humans have been brainwashed to have climate change anxiety over nothing. Fake science.
    When the geo mag storms are quiet, as they are now, the cosmic ray levels go up and also effect human health. You can read about and track this on :
    Suspicious Observers also has info on geo mag storms/cosmic rays and health and how it is magnified by earth’s weakened mag shield.
    Cosmic rays also make more clouds which make people cranky, can’t grow food .
    It’s a cycle 😉

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