George Carlin on Global Warming (Video)

Caution: He enjoys throwing the “f” word around.



Thanks to Wil Smyth for this video

“This is the late George Carlin. He passed away in 2008,” says reader Ron de Haan. “His act however remains great.”

7 thoughts on “George Carlin on Global Warming (Video)”

  1. The statement in the late George Carlins’ act, “Those folk in Kiawah Hawaii who build their houses right next to an active volcano and then wonder why there is a lava flow in their living room,” is very true.

    Today in the developed world that is if you can call it that, developers spend hundreds of thousands or even millions on draining floodplains so that they can build on it. The only thing is with regularity come autumn (fall) through winter and well into spring sure enough the area will flood at least once. As inhabitants bleat to the news reporters about their plight you can’t help smirking as they wade through chest deep raw sewage and excess rain water, saying to yourself…. “That’s why it’s called a floodplain, excess water collects there.” The problem is further exacerbated when those living higher up decide to pave over their garden to save them maintaining it then wonder why there’s a torrent of water gushing down the street. Gardens are an integral part of drainage. Water will always find the lowest point yet gardens will soak up rainwater to a greater or lesser degree depending on their soil composition then release it gradually thus minimising the likely hood of severe flooding.

    The point is the environmentalists site the aforementioned flooding as a consequence of Anthropologic Global Warming. Yet if we didn’t pave over our gardens and/or build on floodplains would we notice this increase in the frequency of flooding? It is fair to say that there have been changes to weather patterns which has resulted in increases in temperatures as well as rainfall however these have been natural variations.

    As with the Kiawah residents there wouldn’t be lava in their living room if their houses weren’t situated next to an active volcano, the same goes for the floodplain residents. If their homes weren’t situated on a floodplain they wouldn’t be flooded.

  2. I have always loved this routine. I work for a company that started in plastic – buying and selling plastic scrap.

    We are now into many other product lines – but still collect used plastic and melt/mold into reusable plastic food containers.

    So the ending of this skit is esp. funny within our company.

    Carlin was a comic master!

  3. A g-dless Sh^^uck with a potty mouth, and a comic legend…had the CD back in the late 90’s. 🙂

  4. Carbon Dioxide! what goes up must come down!!, newtons thery proven,, the junk just doesnt go up collect up store heat,, otherwise plant would not grow! lack of carbon dioxide,, carbon sinks! LoL very true!!!

  5. thanks for putting it up, seen before but always good:-)
    and JA Brown, yeah, funny how just about every major settlement even knowing about floodplain issues way back..still insisted on using the best land for agriculture for housing, all the best silt soils paved over. Brisbane in Aus was just our latest example of greedy development over sanity.
    all major capitals have done the same, we now have umpteen millions more living there, and they never ever upgade the drainage enough to cope.
    more fools we.

  6. Man-caused global warming is absurd, especially by the mechanism that is proposed. At 375 parts per billion, 0.0325%, there is too little CO2 in the atmosphere to have any appreciable effect on temperature, so having 50% more than before the industrial revolution is irrelevant.

    However, CO2 and methane, the other big bugaboo “greenhouse gas” both increase in production as temperature rises and decomposition and respiration increase. Therefore, the increased CO2 is a result of temperature rising, and not the reverse. The warming alarmists confuse cause and effect.

    Live free, and prosper.


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