Georgia peaches clobbered by cold – 2nd year in a row

20 July 2018 – Cold weather has taken a jumbo bite out of the Peach State’s peach crop for the second year in a row.

A similar hardship appears to have eliminated half of Georgia’s more lucrative blueberry yield.

Last year’s freezes and other ill-timed cool weather destroyed all but about 15 percent of the state’s peach crop.

Georgia peach farmers were hoping for a better harvest this year, but late freezes in March ravaged many orchards, destroying more than half of this years crop.

See entire article by Matt Kempner – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

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10 thoughts on “Georgia peaches clobbered by cold – 2nd year in a row”

  1. According to in N Georgia average temperatures in May and June were 1-2F lower then long term average with 175% rain. July was more then 3F cooler then average. MSM reports the hot weather in SW USA but keeps quiet about the East half of the country. BIG news about the hot weather in W Europe but thy did not report the cold they had in June.

  2. Do they still call a southern belle a “Georgia peach”?
    Either way, I love ’em both. The person who can invest a technology to protect large areas of fruiting crops during the blossom stage will be a rich person indeed.

  3. Who would want to clobber a Georgia Peach?
    I knew a few Georgia Peaches when I was stationed at Ft. Benning outside of Columbus.
    Clobbering them never entered my mind.

  4. I think Iceage farmer on YOutube showed that peach production there has been down for the last five years now. Crop loses worldwide are mounting significantly. Prices are rising and food shortages are expected by farmers.

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