German hotel walloped by huge avalanche

Heavy snows causing deaths and disruption across Europe – More than 1,100 people in just one town are stranded after several days of intense snowfall. Roads in and out of the town are at risk of being buried by an avalanche.

A hotel in southern Germany has been buried by an enormous avalanche.

Hotel Hubertus reportedly sustained damage after the wall of snow battered the building in the village of Balderschwang, close to the Austrian border, on Monday.

The hotel was evacuated and 100 guests were taken to other buildings in the area.

Authorities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are warning that further snow and rainfall is raising the risk of avalanches even further, and is also increasing the weight on snow-laden roofs.

See photo of eleven people shoveling the snow off of a single roof:

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14 thoughts on “German hotel walloped by huge avalanche”

  1. I remember reading where, back in the little ice age, the town folk were so concerned about the approaching snow, & glaciers, etc. that they asked the Priests to go up and sprinkle “holy water” on the Ice so that it wouldn’t bury the town………….

    I think it is time for Obama, Gore, and the Pope to go up the Alps and sprinkle “holy water” on this snow………………

  2. So what? Do you mean this avalance is evidence for a new ice age?
    Yes, we have had lots of snow in and near the Alps in the past week. But this is what comes from warm Oceans and cold polar regions in Winter. Under the snow the ground is still warm and soaking wet.

  3. I suspect that snowfall is a rather normal occurrence at the Austrian border BUT look at the pitch of the roof…not very steep so even without an avalanche they are woefully unprepared for this much precipitation.

  4. Since August Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell Analytics has been forecasting severe cold for Europe and the US to start mid January. Looks like he was “right on the money.”

  5. Washington Post headline: “Ice loss from Antarctica has sextupled since the 1970s, new research finds.” How come I can’t find a 2019 satellite photo of Antarctica showing the entire Continent to compare to older photos?

    • The ice of Antarctica is mainly lost from that north-western finger peninsula near South America. I read that snow and ice was building and getting deeper over MOST of Antarctica. What is the TRUTH?
      Sextupled from WHERE, PRECISELY??

  6. I recall a few decades back being at the Bodensee on the German – Austria border. In July the lake was over its banks with sandbags deployed in places. Boat jetties were underwater and a road down to a peninsula had the water lapping over the edges. When I asked, this was down to the snowmelt as the river Rhein flows through the lake which drains the Austrian and Swiss alps.

    • There could be huge FLOODS on the RHINE and RHONE in late March/April when all this snow melts. We were thinking of a Rhone cruise in April,but I changed my mind when I saw the huge snow VOLUMES in Switzerland and Eastern France.
      The RHONE and SAONE are bound to be in flood in April.

      BE WARNED !

  7. Forecasts show that there is very likely a hell of a lot more snow/freezing weather coming for Europe before winter is done.

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